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  1. Celtic

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Izzy & Marion, I am in the US for 3.5 weeks and will be in: LA; New York; Washington DC; Florida; Vegas; Denver; San Fran; & Santa Monica.... Can't wait....
  2. Celtic

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Apologies that I have not been around the place for so long. I have just been incredibly busy with work... As well as that I have been struggling significantly with pain in my thoracic spine where I have compressed discs between 2x2 Vertabrae (sp?) and also have a spur and osteo-arthritis.... Ouch, so I have been going to bed early and trying (in vain) to sleep. I am having various forms of treatment - still hoping... when last i posted I had been struggling with an overfill of my band - not nice Had 1.5ml removed and could finally eat again... Anyway, I have been back to the clinic today and they were pleased with me (a nice change ) as my weight is steadily decreasing... albeit slowly - but better than increasing. I will do my best to read and reply to posts and pop in more regularly. But will continue to be incredibly busy from now until Christmas - then off to the US on Boxing Day, this time for holidays Wishing you guys all the best Helen
  3. Celtic


    Hi Bec, I was amazed just now, I Googled your email address and the word Facebook and your first post on this thread came up and I was able to read it.... scary.... so, just in case you don't want the world to know, I just thought I would tell you. I was relieved that when I Googled my name + Facebood, I did not come up. This is such a personal journey for me. Anyway, I am frtiends with Marion and others on FB and am glad for you to look at their friends lists and add me if you want to - I know you won't mention banding
  4. Celtic

    The Future of BandingTogether - Your Thoughts?

    Hi Dave, Firstly, thanks for a wonderful site and all the work you put in to keep it running so well for us. I LOVE the new chat room and would be open to other changes. For me THE most important thing (other than the support we share) is Privacy. I am always scared that clients may be able to log on and find me in here, or even friends and family who don't know I have been banded (only my hubby, my 2 sons. and 1 friend knows) this is the reason I don't (& won't) have photo's up, but I'd like to....
  5. Celtic


    Yes, I cheated on Opti too - on the last night! I was perfect the whole way thru, but on the last night I thought 'I'm not going to be able to eat fast food for a long time" so I had an O Porto Meal, and boy did I enhjoy it!!! I think one of the hardest things about the Opti stage is that it makes us focus on what we are not allowed to eat - where we used to just eat it - and the huge adjustment to cutting out foods that are not healthy is difficult. Anyway girls, just do the best you can, nobody can expect more than that. Good luck with the journey Helen
  6. Celtic

    November Goals

    HI Guys, Great thread, and I like the idea of getting pandora beads to mark milestones... I have a pandora bracelet, so, when I achieve my goal weight I might get myself a bead with a diamond in it. Meanwhile for my Nov Goal - like Tash said, I want to continue to get my head around banding; find my sweetspot & lost about 1kg per week. I would LOVE to be under 100kg for Christmas, but hey, Christmas is only a day on the calendar and I am off to the US on Boxing Day for a 3.5week holiday.... So, I will just make it a goal to do my best and to exercise at least three times per week. Good Luck everybody
  7. Celtic

    99KG Double Digits finally

    Well done Rochelle Keep on dancing and you will lose even more
  8. Celtic


    Happy Birthday guys, Hope you have a great weekend :mrgreen:
  9. Celtic

    Pre Banding Holiday!

    Have a great time Carmen, NZ is such a beautiful country. Was there twice earlier this year. Good luck with your shakes when you return
  10. Celtic

    My Weight loss ticker

    Thanks for that guys, Just didn't want to cheat. I actually lost 10kg before optifast (earlier this year), so in the end I will add that 10kg too
  11. Celtic

    15 KG baby!!!!

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is FANTASTIC
  12. Celtic

    1st fill and flying

    That's great news Izzy... hope it all goes well. Good that you will still have support in Europe - Lucky you going to Europe
  13. Celtic

    Our new Chatroom

    I love the chat too.... Thanks again Dave I just have to remember to come in here and post too
  14. Celtic

    Single again

    Hi Suzie, Sorry to hear you are going through this. And even though you know that you will probably look back and think this was all for the best, right now it's REALLY TOUGH... hang in there sweetie, and pour your heart out in here... You WILL get there, be kind to yourself.... x x
  15. Celtic

    What birthday cake should I get?

    I find it gets stuck, or at least it did the one time I tried it.... probably a good thing for me