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  1. Bianca88

    Band revision and getting sleeved

    Thank you for sharing your story kazbo You look fantastic. It definitely wasn't easy to come to terms with my 'failed band'. But going forward, at least my eating habits have changed in the way of my portion sizes. I know that if I didn't have issues with foods getting stuck, my overall diet would be much healthier. I will have to discuss my options with the surgeon regarding the sleeve vs bypass. When I went for my initial consultation to discuss options, the took the bypass option off the table before I'd even sat down because they reserve that option for extremely mobidly obese people and emergency cases. So I will have to really talk things through. First things first is to increase my health fund so it includes the next round of WLS.
  2. Bianca88

    Band revision and getting sleeved

    Thanks Jellybelly89 I will go and up my cover on the weekend so I can start my waiting period asap. At least it will give me time to save for the surgeries. Damn those sneaky health funds
  3. Hi everyone, So after being banded for almost 3 years (3 years in November 2016), and trying to deal with feeling like I've been failing myself with the band, I've decided I'm going to book a consultation with my surgeon to have my band removed and be sleeved. The unpredictable nature of my band when eating is driving me insane. I take two or three bites of food (not all food), and it gets stuck and I end up sitting in agony for the next 20 mins trying to get it down, or bring it up. Even my vitamins/supplements get stuck sometimes. It's getting to the point that it's interfering with my family, social and dating lives because I can't go out an enjoy a meal without wondering if it will happen again. Even my clothes seem to affect how food pass through the band. If I'm wearing jeans or a denim skirt on my waist, food will almost always get stuck, so I have to undo them to eat, which is never a good look if I'm out for a meal. My weight loss hasn't been great with the band. At my heaviest I was 120kg, I down down to 115kg on my surgery date and now I'm sitting at about 108kg, and because I'm only 163cm, I'm still very much obese. I haven't put on any weight since being banded, but due to food constantly getting stuck I find that I go for the easy 'bad' foods like mashed potato, 2 minute noodles and ice cream. I'm just here to get some insight from anyone else that has been in my position and if you have felt like you've 'failed'. My PHI cover no longer includes WLS (thanks for that change Medibank), so I will have to upgrade my cover and find out if any waiting periods will affect me before any more surgery is considered.
  4. Hi everyone. Just wondering if I sounds like I'm doing ok, and that I'm on track so far (I know everyone's different). I was banded in Nov 2013. I was at my heaviest (120kg) when I started my pre-op diet, was 115kg the morning of surgery and now (end of Jan 2014) I am sitting around the 112kg mark. So that's an average loss of 2.5kg per month since starting optifast. I have only had 2 fills and I have 5mls in my 10ml band and am only feeling a little bit of restriction so far. I just want some opinions of other bandits as to if you think I'm making good progress. Some days I think 'oh I've only lost 8kg' then other days I'm like 'well its almost a 10kg loss, that's great!' and in retrospect, it is a decent effort considering is almost 1/5th of what I am hoping to loose (I'd be extremely happy getting down to 70kg). Thanks
  5. Type 2 diabetes is reversible with the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Type 1 diabetes is irreversible, and most people that have it, get it because it's genetic.
  6. Bianca88

    Drinking water

    Try putting some diet cordial in your water. The nurse at the hospital told me that a lot of people find water to heavy to drink by itself and cordial will help
  7. Bianca88

    I Hate muffin tops !!!

    I got mine from Costco in Sydney for about $25
  8. Thanks for all the advice and support everyone! I think I will call my dietitian and see what she says. I'd be able to stick with it 100% if it was just the taste and they didn't make me feel sick. Thanks again guys
  9. The soups with veggies and broth sound like a good idea. I might try thoses. I'm using OptiFast. My dietitian said I could also use Tony Furguson shakes, so I might get a couple of those. At the moment I'm only managing to get one down a day - I have a shake or a bar and make it last from breakfast to lunch time, then just have my vegetables/salad for dinner. My water intake is still good as recommended. I did cave on Friday night and had a small piece of fish, which i baked in the oven with a little spray of olive oil (I am allowed 1tbsp of olive oil per day). Surely that won't be enough to enlarge my liver again?
  10. Hi guys, I am 1 week into my 2 week pre-op diet, but I just can't handle meal replacements anymore. Even the smell is making me nauseous. I'm not having any problems with craving sugar and junk, but I am craving things like meat & fish. I have lost about 3kg already. Is anyone else having these problems? If so, how are you dealing with them? Thanks