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  1. tess

    New & feeling nervous!

    hi Em, We'll it's been 4 days since procedure and today is definitely my best day. I was in overnight and the San were amazing. I could not have gotten better care. Dr Taylor is an excellent surgeon & comes to visit you that evening bringing pictures for you of the procedure. Part of the pre care is you must see dietician & psych prior to surgery. All the help you with coping post procedure. Good luck!
  2. tess

    Meal Replacements and what is best

    Hi KLM, I am now 1 week in to the Optifast phase! I believe Kickstart or Optislim are the options as the rest have too many carbs. I only lasted 1.5 days on the shakes and had to switch to the food based version as the Optifast upset my gut too much. When is your surgery date? I'm Nov 14 Tess
  3. tess

    November 2013 Bandits

    Hi my Dr Clinic gave me Nutrichew a chewable multi vitamin designed especially for Bandits. They call them Band Buddies. If you google them you can get them online with the Portion Perfection stuff. Yes I bought everything!
  4. tess

    November 2013 Bandits

    I'm with you MooMoo! I'm booked for Nov 14 OMG
  5. tess

    New & feeling nervous!

    Thanks everyone for responding, I really appreciate it. Em I had my first appt with Dr Taylor on Oct 15 and am having surgery Nov 14. The psychologist did mention he books people in quite quickly. I think the main reason is it's obvious he runs an excellent clinic and knows what he's talking about, definitely not pushy, actually his staring position was I could turn it around myself ( my BMI is a bit over 33). He's very personable and chatty.Bit of a cool dude for a Dr! His whole team has been awesome, very linked in to the whole approach each asking about your goals etc and how you think you might handle situations. The girls on reception are even lovely! I was a little apprehensive first going in but they make you feel welcome. I'm hoping the SAN is too, previous experience there has been good and the clinic say they're great. BTW Leanne love your tag line
  6. tess

    November 2013 Bandits

    Hi All, My first day on the site and I'm booked in for my band on the 14th at the SAN
  7. tess

    New & feeling nervous!

    Hi All, Well it's my first post and I am 1 week pre surgery for my band ( with Dr Taylor at the SAN). Unfortunately the first forum i clicked on was banders having them removed and I panicked - eek! Now extra nervous, now especially about reflux and choking etc.I understand the band isn't for everyone though, originally I wanted a sleeve but Dr said no as I have had a fundoplacation in the past. I am excited about being banded but definitely looking for some advice on getting through the first few weeks. Just to make it even easier on myself I'm a secret bander with only my husband and best friend in he know. Any advice is appreciated.