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  1. kc2008

    band removal

    Hi there I too had my band removed around August last year after 5 years of "putting" up with it. I actually had moved interstate, still not losing weight, constant vomiting etc. It really got me down also, hating myself for not even being able to do the 'band' experience successfully! Well the first words from the surgeon was 'well any wonder you've had problems'. Yep, the band was fitted incorrectly and sizing incorrect for me (which hadn't showed up in trays, barium etc). He also told me there were a few lesions on my liver etc, which I had read can be normal. I was peeved right off but relieved at the same time. Anyway, yes, I am heavier now, but feel better in myself. I must say though that I am waiting for an appt wth my GP to ask for a scope ad I have had a visit or 2 to the ED thinking I've got chest pain but find its heart burn and need to be checked for stomach ulcers? Mind you I am an anxious person these days and believe that doesn't help either lol. Sorry have gone off the track but I watched what I ate for a few weeks, softish foods, yes the stomach felt weird, but I think it took about 8 weeks before all felt normal. Anyway you will have yours removed now if you read this, I hope all went well? Best wishes.
  2. kc2008

    Well, It's OUT!!

    Hi Boots, This latest surgeon told me my band was too small, a 14 ml fill? He told me that he had for many years used the larger band ? 20ml (sorry if I'm wrong) that gives such a wider scope to play with to get to that green zone. He also said that it was quite flimsy and not positioned correctly. Can I ask if you notice a difference with it? Are you feeling better? Is it working? I am toying with being rebanded, but this experience has left a sour taste in my mouth. Best wishes :)
  3. Hi Jayne, Definitely mention it next time. I think we're only human to be concerned. I found it was a vicious circle to the point l have had anxiety issues because of it. Although the band is out still have a niggle but at least I know it's the scarring from the band as my surgeon reassured me, saying it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for the stomach to settle. Well done with your progress and best wishes. Thanks for your post :)
  4. I need to add that today have had cardiac stress echo and other tests..... Cardiologists reassured me that all are fine. He actually told me it's quite common for those with lapband to present with such chest pains, shoulder, l) arm pain that mimic cardiac symptoms. Now that it's 2 weeks post r/o of band fingers crossed everything will settle down. Cheers!
  5. kc2008

    Well, It's OUT!!

    Thankyou both for your posts. Yes I suppose I'm trying not to let it get to me so much as I feel what's done is done. I am peeved that as we all know it's a huge step to take in being banded and in my instance the 'successful journey' never happened. I do have a sense of 'gee I couldn't even do that right!!'. I won't be expecting a discount if I'm rebanded as this surgeon I have seen since moving interstate was not the same person that banded me. Mind you in my head l'm thinking not just more surgery but all that expense again!! Best wishes, KC.
  6. kc2008

    Well, It's OUT!!

    Morning, Well, 10 days post op having had my band out after 5 years. I have posted before how I never felt 'it was right', kinked port from day 1 etc, very little weight loss and difficulties getting in the green zone. Yes I think in hindsight I should have visited my surgeon, insisted on something being done more often but distance didn't allow it. Anyway I saw the surgeon who removed it last night, comments were, heaps of adhesions, scarring(I suppose normal), small pouch, port not adhered to any muscle but the concern is/was the band was originally positioned wrongly. i was given a detailed explanation as to why and how this would inhibit weight loss. Oh also told that the band was too small with not much 'give' in adjustments. I know I did not adhere to all 'rules' at times but so cheesed off that I was not aware of this and maybe would have decided to be re banded?? I know the band is such a fantastic tool for weight loss, but all this time I wonder have I had this sitting there just for the 'idea', where it obviously would:could not function efficiently?After becoming so confident and trusting in this surgeon that has looked after me since moving interstate I am contemplating being re banded early in the new year. Best at wishes to you all
  7. Hi Tishtish, Sorry to hear of your plight. I'm just posting to let you know that I was 5 years banded and for the past 6 months or so I had regular stitch like pain in my L) side along with chest pains burning symptoms for quite a while, 2 recent visits to emergency for fear of heart attack showed my ticker touch wood is ok. I'm actually post op having had my band removed on Monday just gone. I was told that X-rays showed no pouch etc but my surgeon told me that I did have a small pouch, the band was sitting in an awkward angle and my port was not attached to any muscle. Are the pains as a result of this?? Still too soon to tell, This surgeon by the way did not put my band in. I was not losing weight, constantly vomited and just felt yuk with little or no energy to the point I think my quality of life was affected. Please just know that we know our own bodies better than anyone and know when things are not right. I can't say so early that all will be fixed, but I'm happy to take that chance, maybe having the band isn't just for me. Best wishes, K.
  8. Hi there, No, no more fill, am definitely keeping my surgery date to have the band removed. I just still have this sore uncomfortable feeling even without any fill. I know banding can be so successful, but have come to the decision it's not for me. I managed to get to a lighter weight before banding, yes put it on, but I think I've just stressed the whole time and realised I'm over it. Mind you I haven't been the ideal 'bander' I know that and accept some of the blame. But I know have never ever really felt well in the 5 years:( I think some bodies are not meant to have these in.
  9. Hi Folks, Well I've had my band of 5 years deflated since last Wednesday. Reasons being: -chest pain/burning episodes with 2 visits to emergency. Thank goodness it wasn't my heart. (Touch wood). -regular vomiting, constant 'burn' -a near non existent weight loss. yes I've still battled with getting through my head proper chewing meal size etc, on my own head! But my surgeon let me make the decision. Booked in in 2 weeks time. I'm however feeling so nauseated, lethargic, burning sensation mid chest with a 'Yukky taste'. I have had xrays that showed the band was still where it should be but wondering whether that would have showed any erosion? Had a heap of bloods taken today also. Can anyone out there identify with my woes? If so would love to hear your thoughts! I do need to add that I am happy with my decision, it wasn't a light one to make Cheers everyone! :)
  10. kc2008

    Still a'round' after 5 years

    Thanks guys, it sure is a roller coaster at the moment. Best wishes to you both, Cheers!
  11. Hi there, I havent posted on on here for over 2 years! Reason? Not sure, still banded, seen a surgeon for check up and 1 fill in that time, tried to live life maybe ignoring the fact I have a lap band. Weight fluctuates, regular vomiting as a result of not 'thinking' when eating and too busy looking out for the rest of the family!When will I learn??!!! I look forward to joining you all on here again, maybe it's time to reconnect here as well with my band?!
  12. kc2008

    Start 149kg - Today 66kg

    Fantastic...you give me so much hope as at 3 years gone, I am far from goal wt, but feel lately that "the mojo" is coming back!1 Thanks so much for sharing, such an inspiration x
  13. kc2008


    Thanks for your replies folks.... Yes he does always seem busy glory45, which is a pain, so far i havent felt rushed when in seeing him, but a great Dr & lovely person, we are so lucky best wishes Teenz
  14. kc2008

    Fabulous at 50 !!!!

    It is my biggest fear that I will still "be fat" when 50 in 3.5 years time!! Thanks so much for this post, life does just get better as I can see with this post. Hope you had a great birthday ! :-))
  15. kc2008


    At the start of the year my family & I moved to this beautiful state Tasmania, from Victoria (also beautiful). Living the dream...is my catch cry.....long story short, was going to "get rid of the band"...but not now. I have had 3 visits with Dr Tony Patonotis.....what a difference a surgeon makes.....What a great bloke!! He helps me believe that yes I can do this.....and guess what? I am!! Slowly but surely the weight is starting to move again...I (and my family) have been through so much angst and loss over the past 3 years (which coincided with being banded too, not good timing)..............but am DOING IT!! I am on here every week or so, reading, taking in everyone's great ideas......but is there anyone out there under Dr Tony?? Anyway I have shown my head again today...LIFE IS GOOD........LIFE IS SHORT!!