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  1. Mumma Kate

    Calling October babies!

    Good morning all, I'm 6 weeks post op now, I've lost a total of 10.4kg and 46.5cms. Loving my new self more every day! Old jeans are falling off me and people are commenting all the time how good I'm looking!! I got called "a hot blonde" at a chrissy party the other night!!!!!!! All I could do was giggle like a school girl!!!! Finally got back in the saddle last weekend and went for a little ride on my horse (who after 6 weeks off needs his own lap band!!!) was a bit sore after, but so excited to be up in the saddle!!! Had my second fill on Monday, so have a total of 4.5ml in band now, really noticed the difference in hungry and eating (not hungry at all) Hope everyone is travelling well and has a safe and happy Christmas :-)
  2. Mumma Kate

    8 Weeks Post Op & Feeling A Little Down

    I like to think of my "extra food" as the angels share, I'm leaving some for the angels and as a reward they take some weight too (Its a mind game, but it works for me!)
  3. Mumma Kate

    port site pain... ouch!

    Phew!!! I'm still tender after 3 weeks post op as well Maggiemoo, with same firm feeling under skin. Hoping it eases cause at this point I can't see myself ever riding my horse again!! I'll continue to be patient and see how I go, poor horsey gets some more time off (i'm sure he doesn't mind though!!)
  4. Mumma Kate

    Calling October babies!

    Hi all, So glad to read everyone seems to be doing well I'm 3 weeks post op now and 9kg and 40cms down since starting opti slim!!! Called in to see a girlfriend I haven't seen since surgery date and she was amazed at how good I was looking (I don't SEE a big difference, but I see myself everyday) I do feel different thou, clothes that were tight are not so anymore!!!! I've had a few stuck moments (must be a really slow learner!!!!) Not big stucks, just "chest pain" eating too fast. Also found out I can't eat sundried tomatoes or corn no matter how much I chew them!!!! Was ssssssooooooo excited to have a small piece of steak the other night and all was ok. First fill on Monday, so we'll see how that goes! Keep on keeping on everyone, catch ya all soon
  5. Mumma Kate

    Calling October babies!

    Hi Jay, Sorry, been flat out getting back into the swing of things! My surgery was done by Andrew Smith at CBS in Glen Iris (Melb) Its two weeks old today!!!!! :-)
  6. Mumma Kate

    Calling October babies!

    Thanks Serija, (ps hope you don't mind, I borrowed your signature idea!!) Its nice to have the support of other 'like banded' people!! I've had mixed reactions from my family and friends, which at times made me question my decision to have the surgery I think this is a great idea, for support and encouragement along the way.
  7. Mumma Kate

    Calling October babies!

    Hi all, I'm brand new to here, 2 weeks opti fast, 8 days post op and 8kgs down..... Just wanted to say hi!!