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  1. kas-rock

    anyone out there getting sleeved dr baxter october

    Hi soul sister. Hope all is going well with your sleeve. I'm being sleeved by Dr Baxter in January and I live in your area. Will let you know how I on so we can compare notes!
  2. kas-rock

    November 2013 Bandits

    Fantastic effort not putting on any weight while waiting for your fill. This will put you in a great place for managing the next stage. Best of luck.
  3. kas-rock

    February Bandits 2012

    Oops. IPad mistake. Meant to say also that you have achieved lots already! And wishing you every success.
  4. kas-rock

    February Bandits 2012

    All the best Columbine. Don't be too hard on yourself! You have taken a big step by setting a great goal
  5. kas-rock

    Green apples yes or no?

    Hi. I think we all react to certain foods differently with the band. I love green apples but I can only eat 1/2 an apple, peeled and cut really really thin - almost shaved and chew it up really well, and eat it slowly! Seems like a lot of bother but I'm used to it now and it works. Hope you go ok with it. K
  6. kas-rock

    Back to old habits

    Hi Sweetjules, I think you may be a bit too hard on yourself. 22 kg is a great weight loss and you have been through a traumatic event, losing your brother so recently. Are you getting some counselling support for this sad time? Cambray's suggestion of getting back to basics is a good one but maybe after you get some support. Maybe take some time to read the basics again to get back to eating slowly, planning your meals out, talking to gp about a fill and focus on you and your health for a while! All the best and hang in there.
  7. kas-rock

    Then and now...made it!

    Holy smoke. You look fantastic. Well done. (but you looked pretty nice before as well). Very encouraging. I've had a few setbacks but on the right track again so your story gives me inspiration! K
  8. kas-rock

    From band to Sleve

    Good for you volunteering! Gives you some power back! It's such a head game isn't it. You are a real inspiration. Very best of luck with it all.
  9. kas-rock

    Round 1 2014 Michelle Bridges 12WBT

    Thanks heaps. This looks fantastic and the right timing for a new year. I have such an aversion to any form of physical activity, so bad in fact I've gone to a psychiatrist about it. She suggests people (me) can have pathological aversion but can be overcome. She also suggested trying all kinds of different activities til one doesn't seem as awful as the others. Still searching so will follow up this website in hope!!
  10. kas-rock

    Newbie. Probably a food addict. Too many questions

    Hi Amanda. So pleased you posted. You are not alone in this battle so take heart from reading other posts, knowing that many of us share your situation. I too was so low about the continual weight gain. It really messes with your head! I had a lap band fitted 7 yrs ago. Lost a lot of my excess weight over 3 years, had some problems and put some back on, but now sorted and back to managing again. Still have a way to go to my goal. Very pleased to have my band. But it is only a tool not the whole answer. Read all you can and keep asking questions and very best wishes. Don't give up!
  11. kas-rock

    Round 1 2014 Michelle Bridges 12WBT

    Would love to know more about the program. Especially the move feature. I can't get out of my own way at the moment. Stuck in a rut.
  12. kas-rock

    From band to Sleve

    Good luck Jules for the next phase. I've had a few long chats with my surgeon who does bands and sleeves but decided to stay with my band. My Dr was so good about spending time and talking about his other cases and answering all my questions. Hoosieroz's advice is good! Kazbo - holy cow! You have done sooooo well. You will have such good success with your sleeve because of your commitment and attitude. March is getting closer!