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  1. nyla

    Returning to sports activity

    It's so individual its hard to say, i think you will only really know when youre on the other side. i had barely any pain at all but was so so tired for weeks and i had issues with light headedness, my first longish walk was only about 2 - 3 km very easy pace at about 3 or 4 weeks and i ended up fainting.
  2. nyla

    A few pics from Golfer

    great work Golfer!!!
  3. nyla

    "I Lost What?" - Just for Fun!

    180 foam fingers!! lol
  4. nyla

    Sleever's Pre & Post Op Pics

    you look amazing C91 great job!!
  5. nyla

    swallowing issues

    Ive not had this but it seems the issue was there before you got sleeved so doesnt really have anything to do with sleeve. Seems like you may have a really sensitive gag reflex a friend of mine had the same problem, id have another chat with the doctor about it see if they have any ideas or anyone they could refer you to.
  6. nyla

    Canberra Bariatric

    I was just saying today to a friend that i dont even feel like ive had the sleeve...i still only eat about half a cup at a sitting but that just seems normal now...i can eat anything pretty much without any issues like dumping etc not that i really ever had much of that and now im at a size which enables me to make better lifestyle choices about being active etc.... So in short I just feel like a normal person who doesnt eat a lot its a non issue which i assume is a point you never really reach with the band I'd highly recomend it...it will change your life for the better without the issues of the band
  7. nyla

    How much can you eat?

    i guess i cant blame my stall on that then lol
  8. nyla

    How much can you eat?

    Thanks Kazbo
  9. it is so interesting good luck with your venture Kazbo
  10. nyla

    How much can you eat?

    Kazbo i eat about the same as u and my sleeve roomy eats about the same. Do u think canberra bariatrics might make there sleeves a little bigger it amazes me how little some ppl eat also my sleeve roomy has stalled as i have and i recall reading u have too all sleeved similar time same clinic...just a theory i was wondering about
  11. nyla

    Canberra Bariatric

    Hi Gabby. I have had the sleeve but it was with canberra bariatric. I think they have info sessions u could phone them to get more info. But other than that u have an appointment with the dr and a dietitian they assess ur situation give u information so u can make a decision from there if u'd like to go ahead. All of the staff there are so lovely and made me feel so at ease about the whole process i suggest calling the reception staff as they would be more than happy to help and answer any questions u have!
  12. congratulations on reaching goal Tan66!! sorry i know nothing about plastic surgery
  13. nyla

    Does the cravings for "junk" food come back sleevers ?

    I still crave junk food it really never stopped from me i have more control over it now and if i do have it i have just a little bit but unfortunately it never went away for me
  14. nyla

    Hit my goal....

    yay congratulations skeeter such an inspiration what great work you have done!!!
  15. nyla

    Just had my first puree!!!!!

    puree some roast meat and veg with some gravey mmm