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  1. This is a great thread ... its asking things I have been wondering lately. I am 1 year post op - I havent lost much weight at all but i havent put any back on either, I know (Thx Carmen) that I should have gone in for fills and revision more often. When I got a letter stating I need the one year check up I paniced ... then when I called they said oh its routine, but from 2 years on you need blood tests etc I started thinking ... why? WHat are they looking for? what are the risk factors post 2 years? How long will this last? Will it ever work? (or will I ever have the ability to make it work) so thanks for the thread.
  2. IzzyBelle

    Catch up time again?

    Hi, let me know when details have been finalised, I will try to come along
  3. IzzyBelle

    THREE great things I heard today!!!

    great news
  4. IzzyBelle

    Why are thin people not fat?

    I just watched this and it was amazing - really enjoyed it but now I am terrified my band will fail ... I was a thin kid but according to this the body now thinks its much bigger and 'remembers' that. I have a question ... would liposuction remove some of the body's fat cells? In part of that they said once fat cells are formed you have them forever .. well liposuction takes them away doesnt it? I have never thought aboiut getting Lipo but this makes sense to me .....
  5. IzzyBelle

    Stripey 12 months on - some pix

    you look AMAZING
  6. good grief Im doing well for a 99 year old

  7. good grief Im doing well for a 99 year old

  8. Happy birthday Izzy hope you have a lovely day and may the coming year bring you joy and happiness xx

    Love Suzie

  9. IzzyBelle

    Lost my oomph

    Thanks guys - yeah the sausagerolls seem to have some sort of power when they want to exisit .. its supernatural - not my fault .. they will me into making them ... but they have been quiet this week I dont even go for the bad stuff just normal food ! Oh except those cravings I had for hot chips ....
  10. IzzyBelle

    Please work Please work Please Work

    WHat you said here shows you that it wont be for nothing .... hang in there, Im struggling right now too but I think its all working as I have restriction, just not as much as Id like ... i want to know what that illusive 'sweet spot' feels like good luck
  11. IzzyBelle

    Lost my oomph

    OK I wont be having oopmpa loompas for breakie for a while ... had another fill yesterday, only 1/4 ml but after you have a half full band that is mathematically a fair bit. I can feel it, I am still feeling like crap but it was easy to have a few cups of slim soup yesterday and feel full, this morning I struggled with my one very sloppy weetbix fibre and I have only had a latter since. Heres hoping this will help. My doc pointed out that when we have an adjustment it can irritate the area and it needs to be looked after ... thats why its liquids the rest of the day and mushies the next ... I dont always follow the rules but I can feel it this time, I need to be careful and I have been thinking it may be important down the track to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  12. IzzyBelle

    Stomach really sore..

    Hi a certain amount of pain would be expected but if its really bad and frequent it wouldnt hurt to see your GP or the clinic if you can getin - is there heat around the area? This would indicate an infection - I would err on the side of caution and have it looked at - good luck, let us know how it goes
  13. IzzyBelle

    MAY Days of Our Lives....aka D.O.O.L.S

    KRISTY!!!!!! Hello you are doing so bloody well with yoru weight loss you have left me behind for miles. As for the gaffa tape boobs I cant see why not ... my hubby taped daughter into a dress for melbourne Cup once ... she looked amazing (yes at 20something still has perky ones anyway ... but the gaffa worked well as a bra/support) When you get those holidays I expect a long long report about how its all going for you and your beautiful tribe Hugs
  14. IzzyBelle

    Happy Birthday Rosmay!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day xxxx
  15. IzzyBelle

    MAY Days of Our Lives....aka D.O.O.L.S

    Happy Birthday!!!!