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  1. Erin C

    Vomiting 2 days after banding

    I had the same thing. I ended up back in Joondalup ER twice in the few days after banding. They think maybe it was the anaestetic. It was awful. I hope you get can get and sort it out soon.
  2. Erin C

    Hi everyone

    Congratulations on making the decision! I've had heaps of ups and downs since last feb when I was banded but I don't regret it at all. I have always slept on my tummy and the only time I've had an issue was when I was pregnant. I have never had problems feeling it. Good luck!
  3. Would love to but already part of another team!
  4. Erin C


    That's interesting because I never had heartburn until after I was banded, not even when I was pregnant. Now I always get it after take certain painkillers. Nerofene Plus always does it...
  5. Erin C

    continious vomiting

    Yes I had the same thing, ended back in the ER twice after my surgery because of vomiting non stop and they think it was the anaesthetic. Hope you sort it out soon because it is really awful...
  6. Erin C

    Newbie :)

    Hi Lou Thats fantastic ! I got banded by Dr Dolan in Feb this year. I have had lots of ups and downs but overall have been very happy about my decision. Overall I've lost over 23kg. I really like Dr Dolan, he has a very dry sense of humour bit he is passionate about his job and good at it. I hope it gies well and I'll look forward to hearing how you progress
  7. Erin C

    Newbie :)

  8. Erin C

    Me Minus 20kg

    Thanks so much everyone
  9. Erin C

    Before and after Pics

    You look stunning!
  10. Erin C

    Me Minus 20kg

    Me at 100kg....
  11. Erin C


    I went to the zoo and took cous cous
  12. Erin C

    big chunck of meat stuck

    How awful for you ! I am going to be really careful with meat after hearing that. Mind you I haven't had steak yet
  13. Erin C

    Ist fill and feeling sick

    Thanks Beck that makes me feel a bit better.today I am 3 weeks and 4 days since my op. It didn't hurt much for me, I was surprised. I'm still feeling dodgy but now hungry too! It's really weird...
  14. Had my first fill this morning and managed to drink the water at his office but now I feel really dodgy and have vomited a bit,.. I hope it settles down. I haven't had good luck so far cause I had a bad reaction to the anestetic and was sick and back in hospital for 3 days after the surgery. Anyone had a similar experience after fills?
  15. Erin C


    Im the same with my wine Mel and was glad when I read the bit in Professor O'Briens book about it. I think its like everything, in moderation is fine We always have a sunday family dinner so I'm going to have a couple of glasses a week there and try and limit it to that or that and a glass mid week...