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  1. sammy1491

    Band to sleeve conversion

    Hey all, Jumping the gun a bit here and I will be seeing my surgeon asking the same questions, but I have had endless problems with the band and just wanna see what I can find out first. After having severe reflux for about 4 months last year, they replaced my band with a new one and discovered I'd had a hiatus hernia. I suppose since getting the new one put in, I've had reservations about getting any fills so I didn't go back and put on about 25kgs all up. I decided about 4 weeks ago to bite the bullet and get the ball rolling again, my first adjustment was fine, the next one I had a week ago and I have been able to eat still but have had so much reflux again that I don't want to. And to top it off, today i had a drink of water which wouldn't settle(more reflux related than it not going down). When it became unbearable and I brought it up, it was black mucus and red tinged, so I decided I'm going to explore the option of converting to the sleeve (as offered by my surgeon May last year when I had the first problem). My question is, when they do the conversion, do they have to operate twice (ie band out, wait then do the sleeve) or can they do it all at once? Also does anyone know what kind of costs are involved with private health insurance? And has anyone got any particular advice or been through something similar and can help a girl out!
  2. sammy1491

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Hi everyone, I'm going to try and make this one and meet everyone Looking forward to meeting you all! Sammy
  3. Hey all, I've had the same amount of fill for the last few months and all has been good but the last couple of weeks I've been gradually getting worse and worse. Right now, I've come home from night shift and am vomiting all my liquids...yes, including water. Only problem is, my clinic is 2 hours away, and I am unable to get there today due to work and I think I desperately need to have some fill removed asap til it settles down. I don't know if you can go to the ED to have this done, does anyone know? Or is there any quick fix? I have some fairly painful reflux at the moment and think I may have just got something stuck and its swollen but not drinking is too extreme for me. Any suggestions???
  4. sammy1491

    Christmas Banders

    I never even saw your last comment, which is shattering cos I'd have loved to have met everyone! Let me know when you have a catchup again and I'll try attend Merry Christmas to you too!
  5. sammy1491

    Can you Vomit? (not PB)

    I had something slipped into my drink a few months ago, and have been told I was trying so hard to vomit between losing consciousness and i physically couldn't which I found slightly strange. Apparently I was just dry reaching for a good hour. Besides that I have never been able to, even with a tummy bug but I didn't realise it was a thing until I read this.
  6. sammy1491

    Restaurant fear

    I still enjoy going out but find my choices are much different based on the likelihood of me needing to excuse myself if I find myself in an emergency PB situation. It can be a little hard to explain for those not in the know, but I'm quite open with my friends about it so I tend to get quite excited for a night out. The part I hate most though is constantly being asked if there was something wrong with the meal and how dumbfounded they look when I say I just don't eat a huge amount.
  7. sammy1491

    Self image

    Anyone else ever feel like they don't actually look that much different despite knowing better? I'm assuming this is my self esteem, I get compliments all the time and I have become less receptive to them now, sort of thinking people are just saying it and not really feeling like it's the truth. The scales don't lie and I have lost 33kgs since December, I notice a couple of differences, my arms are thinner, I have collar bones, my clothes are smaller. But when I look at me as a whole, I feel as big as I did at 147kgs. How has anyone overcome this awful negative feeling during such a positive experience?
  8. sammy1491

    Christmas Banders

    I'm in Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne
  9. sammy1491

    Christmas Banders

    31 down, with a few struggles and have been taken 5 steps back this week after having a barium swallow showing too much restriction and lots of reflux. But I'm very happy with how I feel, just hit a speed hump. How have you been going?
  10. STRESS STRESS STRESS! It's a killer for me. If I'm nervous, I aint eating. If I'm rushing, I aint eating. If I'm upset, I aint eating. I haven't worked out whether the time of the month makes a difference, and I haven't noticed the cold. But I read somewhere a hot drink can always loosen it up a little. Tried it out and it's my saviour. About 20-30 minutes before it's time to eat, I make myself a hot cup of tea and this relaxes me, and I swear something to do with the heat and smoothness just makes it so much easier. So maybe give this a try if you're feeling like a certain period of time is having any effect
  11. sammy1491

    Hungry or not?

    I was banded in December last year and the best advice I can give is don't be in too much of a rush for them to fill you. It's so touchy and you may feel like it's not curing hunger yet but if they fill you quickly without gauging what's best for you, you'll pay for it. I spent a while concerned that I wasn't past the average 5mls and I kept going back til I was at 5ml...it resulted in me not being able to drink water without the pain and vomiting. It's all a slow process because everyone is so different and that's why after even 2 months, you still probably won't be at the perfect amount and until they find the sweet spot (which can literally be within 0.1ml), just let it happen slowly. You'll get there!
  12. sammy1491

    What factors influence you day to day?

    I posted this worried about a slipped band but went back, and they removed fluid as I said above but again I'm really struggling and it just doesn't seem in line with how fine I was before on the same amount of fluid. Maybe it's time to go back and reassess exactly how I'm eating and hopefully I can fix it.
  13. sammy1491

    What factors influence you day to day?

    I went back to the surgeon last week and explained my symptoms. She removed 0.3mls and I have been better but still not perfect. I find it so strange that I would need to go backwards to less than an amount that worked for me previously. But at least it's better I guess!
  14. sammy1491

    has my band slipped... or something else?

    I'm worried mines slipped too. Symptoms are a really tight strange feeling in my chest, like not painful but pressure. Very rarely are solids passing through, liquids are fine though. I'm not sure what heartburn feels like but I have a constant stuck feeling and quite often am burping up food/drink, and lying down is worse. I've had the same fill for about 6-7 weeks and didn't have a problem til about a week ago. What do you guys think?
  15. Hi all, I've been having days really on and off, the last couple really off but no idea why. I'm just wondering what everyone notices influences their ability to eat normally? Stress I know is a big one for me, and I'm thinking maybe I'm subconsciously a little stressed at the moment but even then, it's so all over the place and unexplainable. I'm just trying to work out whether something's wrong or if it's normal to feel as frustrated at the random on and off days.