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  1. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Update for me after being banded in March 2014. Got down to 78kg. Ideal weight is 73 so not too far of it. Was doing gym 4 times a week which included a PT session as well. Had so much loose skin around the tummy which gym just wouldn't fix. Had a tunmy tuck on 24th August and removed 3kg of loose skin. Feeling just fabulous now. Best thing I have ever done. Being banded and then tummy tuck. I hover around the 74kg mark now and are quite happy just to maintain for the time being... Hope everyone else is doing great too.
  2. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Hi Jellybelly89, Well where has the last 18 months gone. I have lost about 22kgs now. I started at 106 and now hover around 83-84. I joined gym back in February as my weight plateu. I now am participating in the 12 week challenge at my gym (week 4). I am doing PT once a week and do 3 classes of cardio as well. I am feeling so good and look back and think there would have been no way that I would have been able to do this prior to banding. I would still like to lose another 15kgs but my doctor has always had the motto that slow and steady wins the race. I have only really had 3 fills since banding and I am going back to see my doctor in the next few weeks after not seeing him for over 3 months. How are you doing now? How is everyone else from this group doing and are you all happy with your band.
  3. Cruize12

    top up in berwick vic

    Dr Zeiv Duieb is at Berwick every alternative Thursday at the professional consulting suites on Kangan drive. He also is at St John of God Hospital in Berwick. Great doctor. I highly recommend him.
  4. Cruize12

    Gall Bladder

    Hi there. Just wondering if anyone else has had there Gall Bladder removed within in a year or so of being banded. I was banded in March this year and have been doing quite well with my weight loss. I've lost 15kilos and had no problems with the banding operation. The last month or so I started experiencing quite abit of pain on my right side. After a few tests it was established I had gall stones and polyps and last week I had my gall bladder removed. I did find this operation alot more painful in the recovery period. My doctor did say that you are more likely to have this problem if you have recently lost a signicant amount of weight, are female and over forty. So was just wondering if this has happened to any other fellow banders and how did they get through it and did you change your diet afterwards ...
  5. Cruize12

    Dr Zeev Duieb

    Hi Nermbat. Dr Zeev Duieb did my surgery on 11th march at Knox. Ive found him really good, he is patient and understanding if you have any queries or questions. He does like to take things slow which suits me. I only got 1.5 ml fill after 8 weeks of surgery and I'm just about to go get another 1.5 ml today and its been 3 and half months since my op. I've lost a total of 10.3 kilos in this time... slow and steady wins the race. I'm sure it will all go well as your in great hands. He is a lovely Doctor.. Keep us updated on your progress
  6. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Hi Katjack and other fellow March banders, Sorry I haven't been online this week. Well I am now 9 days post op and I have to say I am loving it. I feel really good and I'm 4.3 kilos lighter I had my post op check up with my surgeon on Wednesday and everything is really good and I can feel the port now. It's a weird feeling. I am not due back now to see my surgeon until 15th May for my first adjustment, this will make it 8 weeks from now but unfortunately my surgeon is off on leave for 3 weeks in April. I am feeling positive though that I can wait until then. You sound like you are doing really well Katjack and getting on with it, hope your wounds start healing soon. How is everyone else doing? How about you Jellybelly, Miss Lil, Mindset and Lillypily? I see we have a few more newbies join us.... Welcome and hope it all goes well for you. The girls that are on mashies now, what kind of things have you been trying and is everything going down OK?
  7. Cruize12

    March 2014

    **Oops that's suppose to say its a GREAT feeling with the weight loss
  8. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Hi Girls, How is everyone doing with their weightloss? I was banded on Tuesday and weighed myself this morning (Saturday) and I'm down 2.8 kilos. That's pretty amazing. I'm sure alot of it is fluud but it's certainly a feeling. I am feeling really good after the op. No pain except for the odd tummy pull and that's only if I happen to move a certain way. Welcome to all the newbies. Hope we can all support each other through our banding journey.
  9. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Foodaholic which state are you in? I'm in Victoria and with private health insurance - Medibank Private my out of pocket was only $500 for the anesthesist. Yours seems very excessive. Do you have private insurance?
  10. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Wow Miss Lil, your day is here already. Hope it all goes well for you. Well I'm 2 days post op now and I'm feeling better with each day. I can't beleive that I just don't feel any hunger at all. Gee hope it stays like this....lol. I've been told I have to wear the TED support stockings for the next week. Did any one else have to do that? I'm due to go back and see my surgeon next Wednesday so looks like I have to wear them until I go back and see him....
  11. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Hi Guys, I've come through the other side.. lol. Everything went well. I was at hospital at midday and was on schedule and had my op at 1.30pm. I've been really drowsy for most of the evening and I had a really dry and raspy throat along with a pearler of a head ache. I must say I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Both sore throat and head ache have gone and hardly no pain in my tummy. I have only been given water so far to drink and am not really feeling hungry. Hoping that feeling sticks around.....lol. Thanks for all you well wishes and so pleased everything went well for you too Jellybelly.
  12. Cruize12

    I want it to be a secret

    I'm a semi secret bander. I'm getting banded today... yipee!. I've only told a few of my friends as unfortunately some of my friends can be quite judgemental and I don't need the negativity. My bf and my adult kids know and have been very supportive but I think its a personal decision for each and every one of us.
  13. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Glad to hear your doing so well Katjack. Hope Mskk is doing well too. She hasn't updated for a few days. Well I'm all organised for my turn tomorrow. I have to be at the hospital at midday for a 1.30pm operation. I'm feeling both excited and nervous. Goodluck for tomorrow Jellybelly and hope all goes well... I look forward to reading your updates.
  14. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Wow Mskk and Katjack, You both sound like you are doing remarkably well. I can only hope I do that well next week. Me and Jellybelly are next Tuesday. I'm quite excited but a touch of the nerves are settling in. It's a public holiday down here in Victoria on Monday so me and my partner are going away for a few days. That way I get back late on Monday and my time will almost be here. Mskk are you feeling hungry at all?
  15. Cruize12

    March 2014

    Good luck today Mskk. Hope you have a speedy recovery and all goes well.