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    Im stressing... I have been able to eat alot more these days and dont feel full or restricted im also able to eat most foods which I wasnt able to do before just wondering if this would indicate having a pouch or what ppl refer to as a slip.. I have no reflux and am able to eat most things unlike before. Im keenly waiting for monday morning to make an appointment with my doctor... just wondering if I can request for a barium swallow test to be done.... I was banded by prof paul obrien and I visit the glen iris office does anyone know if they perform the tests there or if they send u somewhere else.... im so worried ive done something to my band....
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    HI guys thank you all so much for responding and all your information. So I went to see my Doctor and she asked me all the questions and said from my answers I have said nothing to suggest a pouch or slip. She did take out all the fluid to see if maybe there might have been a leak however she said it was only a .5 difference which she said wasnt significant of a loss to warrant a leak. She added more fluid and said we will monitor it so I guess I will just have to see how it goes and keep an eye on it. I was so releaved to know it wasnt a slip but now to try and figure why I was able to eat more.. Anyways I will have to keep monitoring and see how it goes thank you once again for everyone responding. I have told anyone about Larry (myband) so there is no one to talk to or whatever about this.. So glad for this group.. thanks again
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    March 2014

    Hi guys its been awhile... hope everyones journey is going well.... Im stressing... I have been able to eat alot more these days and dont feel full or restricted im also able to eat most foods which I wasnt able to do before just wondering if this would indicate having a pouch or what ppl refer to as a slip.. I have no reflux and am able to eat most things unlike before. Im keenly waiting for monday morning to make an appointment with my doctor... just wondering if I can request for a barium swallow test to be done.... I was banded by prof paul obrien and I visit the glen iris office does anyone know if they perform the tests there or if they send u somewhere else.... im so worried ive done something to my band....
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    Wow its been awhile

    Well its been awhile since Ive posted here. Been and done bootcamp it was awesome and I would recommend it to everyone to try however it was getting a bit to expesive for me so I had to give it up and now have a gym membership. In regards to my weightloss I am not losing at much as most all up probably 15kgs in the last 6 months which dont get me wrong Im happy about but I guess we always want more. LARRY the band has been doing well no major stuck moments or anything like that i do have much more in my band than I thought i would i think im up to 6.3 There are moments i still get hungry or I feel on certain days i can eat more which worries me and I hope I havent developed a pouch or something like that. I have started to get pains in my left hand side of my stomach pains like a stitch or a pulled muscle when you work out too much but I havent been working out too much so unsure what this could be. I have been googeling like crazy trying to workit out and now I have got myself into a panic thinking I have made my band slip eeek. Tried to call the nurse today but she was busy so waiting for a call back... arrgh Im prob just stressing but I cant explain the pain on my side and cant explain how i can eat more than i think i should be able to eat at certain times having so much of a fill. Any feedback or information would be welcome from all of you I hope you are all doing well on your journeys.. oxoxox
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    Wow its been awhile

    HI Belsie pain wasnt high felt like the after effects of doing 1000 situps.. but its gone now so im thinking it must have been muscle pain or something i had done when i attempted to exercise at the gym and run hahahhaha... Im hoping all is well wish there was a 6month check up where they can check to ensure the band is ok and everything is going well inside there ....
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    March 2014

    Omg thats amazing light.... This was one of my goals to be able to fit into clothes from this shop. How much weight have you lost now you are doing amazing and should be very proud of yourself Im proding along not losing as much I would hope but I have to stay positive and keep thinking a loss is a loss. 12 kgs so far since being banded on the 24th March... Still very much a secret bandit. glad to see everyone is doing so well its such a positive to be reading everyones achievements.. Well done MARCH bandits!
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    OK so i did it. went to bootcamp

    So I started bootcamp and Im aiming to go a minimum of 3 times a week. My first day of bootcamp was a wake up call omg I nearly died or thought i was going to. As each day went by I feel like im able to do more and the pain has subsided. All in all just checking in to show that I am alive and bootcamp didnt kill me like i thought it would. Another plus note I have reached my 10kg mini goal yay.. doesn't seem like a lot but its a start... Also I have been going through clothes to find all my clothes that were too tight before and i can actually fit into a few double YAY!! I have also come to the conclusion I am a clothes hoarder I have found so many CITY CHIC clothes that still have TAGS on them that i havent worn and well dont fit might have to get on EBAY and sell sell sell for a new wardrobe yay.. hope everyone is ok and doing well
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    2nd fill for Larry

    Soo Larry had his second fill last week. I am now up to 5ml in my band. I have lost around 7kgs since i had surgery on the 24th of March most of my weight came off in the first few weeks of liquid and mushy. Since i have gone to normal food i have been stuck not moving up or down... Its all a bit disheartening when I think about how much less i eat now and the weight is just not moving. I have started to walk and am hopefully going to start bootcamp next week which I am really scared about as i my fitness level is really low and i havent worked out in over a year.. I hope this will be the kick start i need to start seeing the weight coming off. Stil having alot of head hunger esp at night once the kids are in bed. I try to keep myself busy by doing any hobbies or just try and keep my hands busy by knitting or crocheting this seems to work and i dont find myself wandering around the pantry for food. I guess i just have to get myself into gear and im hoping the working out will start showing the scale go down.. will update after a week of bootcamp if im not dead from it.. arrrrgh
  9. determined20

    March 2014

    Newbie band I totally understand where u are coming from its very disheartening knowing your eating so much less than you once did and the scale isnt budging we just have to keep going and trust everything will play out the way it needs to... Good luck with your journey
  10. determined20

    I have the scars to prove it!

    welcome . hope you heal up quick and are well on your journey.
  11. determined20

    March 2014

    yay lillypilly glad to see all if going well. Hope everyone is going well. so happy easter is all over and i can get back on track i have had a bad week but will get back up on the horse and keep prodding along Welcome to the new ppl in the MARCH group
  12. determined20

    Four weeks in...

    You are doing awesome.
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    SO Larry the band had its first FILL, YES i have named my band LARRY!!!! lol Professor advised me that i had 3.5ml when LARRY was put in and he added another 1ml he said i would prob end up going to around 6 to 7 mls but everyone is different and we will go slow and try and work out where my green zone is. Im so glad to get the fill as last week i was starting to get hungry and was eating way more than i should be which was much more than the 1/2cup of food. So Im happy about the meal. The one thing that did surprise me about getting the fill was I asked him how long I should go on liquids for after the fill and he said this information was not in the book and this is not something he practices. He advised to just eat as per what i was eating before which i thought was great but still a bit surprised as i have read in a few places that many ppl after a fill go on liquids and then mushies for a couple of days. I was a bit worried to eat my first meal but as per the professors advise everything was A-OK I just chewed chewed chewed and ate small bitefulls every minute. All together since having the band I have lost just over 5 kgs. Professor wants me to exercise around 60 mins a day which I need to try and do, at the moment just walking. Today I walked 4.45kms so hopefully i will be able to continue walking more and then hopefully try running. LOL i might be getting too far ahead of myself Im thinking of going to bootcamp but not sure if i want to kill myself just yet lol so might just stick to walking everyday and go from there until i feel i am a bit fitter.. dont want to die in the first 10 mins of bootcamp. I have my next app in 2 weeks. Professor also looked at my incision the one I thought was infected. He advised the wound was still very sensitive but it wasn't infected however was taking its time healing due to opening up. THANK GOD its not infected!!! So Ive tried to eat more things now I had a wrap the other day my first attempt of carbs I havent attempted bread or rice or pasta yet as Im scared of getting stuck but i know everyone is different and I have to try all types of food and see what i can deal with and what i cant. for now no stuck moments so long as i chew chew chew... LARRY is making me very aware of the food i am eating and the time I am taking to consume it. I have found myself eating at times too fast and not chewing and then have to stop eating to ensure that mouthful didnt get stuck.. arrrrgh just need to remember to not shovel food in my mouth and to take my time... This is my Journey and its progress so far. PS EASTER is killing me with all this chocolate around!!! hurry up and be over!
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    March 2014

    I thought I better go back and have a look at Professor Paul Obriens Book "The Lap Band Solution" and number 1 of the Golden Rules say that to eat 2 or 3 small meals or less a day with no snacks in between. I guess everyone is using different information from their surgeon. Even when i went for my first fill I was told i didnt have to do the liquid and mushy phase after this and could just continue to eat like normal... I guess everyone is doing it differently. As long as we all get good results Ill be happy. Thank you Audacious for your information
  15. determined20

    March 2014

    Thanks Audacious. I will try and start this.. Just still a bit confused on the whole when to eat thing. do i eat when I am hungry or do I force myself to eat 3 meals a day.. oh well i know in time it will all work it self out
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    Easter Eggs...why are you so tempting?

    Omg i have all these small cadbury eggs from the easter egg hunt my kids went for and they keep calling my name. I have had a couple and i need to stop.. arrrgh i just pop one in my mouth and let it melt away.. DAMN eggs i have been so good to stay away from chocolate but these eggs are driving me CRAZY
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    March 2014

    HI March Bandits Glad to hear everyone is doing ok and getting all their apps done. So I had my first fill put in. I had 3.5mls in when the band was put in and Professor put another 1ml in to make it 4.5 I wanted to ask you all a question. With the band I find my day as per the following: Wake up have a coffee. I dont have anything to eat until around 12 or 1. Then after that I dont have dinner until around 7.30 /8pm as im not very hungry till then. Do you think this is too late to be eating??? as in 8pm? I was told not to eat unless im hungry so does this matter how late at night it is?? thanks in advance
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    Day 5 post op- first entry

    Congratulations on the decision to be banded. Look forward to reading about your journey :)
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    Young Newbie - Melbourne

    I was banded by the Professor 3 weeks ago and am going in for my first fill tomorrow CBS are awesome and are very helpful with any questions. I was concerned with one of my incisions beleiving it to be infected but they saw me ASAP and put away my fears of infection. I don't think age will be a problem he will discuss with you what you have tried etc and you can ask him all your questions then which he was very happy to answer for me too when i had my consultation. Good luck and all the best on your Journey
  20. determined20

    Damn scales

    AWESOME progress you are obviously on the right path and are doing all the right things well done. cant wait to see a difference in clothing being bigger arrrghh cant wait for that day
  21. determined20

    March 2014

    YAY so glad to see your getting better LillyPilly.
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    SO went to the GP on the weekend and confirmed that my incision where my port is was infected so was given some antibiotics and was told to see the nurse so she can clean out the incision. Since then I have been trying to regularly clean my incision which is now half opened and all white yellowy colour. I can put in an cotton bud inside and clean it without hurting at all but obviously dont want to cause any more problems so have just cleaned it with antispectic and put a waterproof band over it. Unsure what else I should be doing. I am taking the tablets prescribed and am hoping this will get better. Might have to call Prof's Nurse tomorrow to find out if I should come in or if i should just continue on. The joys of this procedure. Anyone else have infected incisions what did u do to keep it clean and help it dry up??
  23. determined20

    March 2014

    Will be thinking of you today LillyPilly hope they find out whats wrong and get you feeling better... oxoxoxox
  24. determined20

    March 2014

    All the best lillypilly keep us posted. Hope everything will be ok and you will be feeling better soon.
  25. determined20

    Under 100kg

    WOOHOOO congratulations double digits thats awesome.. well done on your great accomplishment.