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  1. Foodaholic

    Band access point

    I recently had an xray which showed my port has tilted or flipped. I have an appointment to see the specialist, however wondering what is done to fix it or how it could have happened. Thanks in advance for any comments
  2. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi, I haven't been on here for quite a while as been on holidays. How is everyone doing?
  3. Foodaholic

    3 months post-op, 50% to goal

    WOW, what an amazing transformation in such a short period of time. Your monthly weight losses are fantasic. Congratulations
  4. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi Nermbat thanks for being real and honest. I can relate to how you are feeling as also thought I would have lost a lot of weight by now. It is discouraging and must be extremley hard for you with your family members banded and judging you. My dietician tells me it isn't about the weight loss at this early stage and more about eating slowly and mostly healthy foods. I have had 3mls of fill last week and for the first two days after I thought this is good as not bingeing. I now realize my stomach was swollen after the fill for a few days. Now I can eat large amounts of food and want to binge on sweets again. So as my dietician says I am too hard on myself and you probably are as well. It is not the same for everyone and it can take up to twelve months to tweek it. At this early stage we all need encouragement and support. To the people who are losing we are happy for you and want to hear about your success so please don't hide.
  5. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    What has happened to everyone? It is a shame to see everyone disappear once banded. I am still interested in seeing how everyone is doing.
  6. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi everyone It was 5 weeks banded for me yesterday and I had my first fill. I have been able to eat huge amounts of food before then so hoping this will help. I think he had some problems giving me a fill as jabbed me once and then that didn't work. He then jabbed me again and I yelled out "hell". I t really hurt but apparently the first is the worst. i had 3 ml put into a 9 ml band. Today I am really nauscious so thinking that must have something to do with the fill. Has anyone who has had a fill felt this way? Still on light foods today and I noticed my stomach looked very swollen today as well. take care
  7. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    it is good to read these positive results and congratulations to all that are having them. As for me I am far from happy at the moment. I haven't been to see my dietician for two weeks now and the first week even though I tried very hard lost no weight. I felt quite down about it and started eating rubbish as I found it so easy to do so. Every time I eat meat (always tender and small pieces) I bring it all back up. This has happened three times now so reluctant to have it anymore. I have an appointment tomorrow with the dietician and was looking forward to having my first fill. As I can't eat anything but soft food and rubbish I don't know if this will happen now. I am really disappointed so far and am hoping this is going to work for me and I can lose weight.
  8. Foodaholic

    8 Weeks Post -Op

    Congratulations, that is a great amount of weight loss
  9. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    That is awesome Mum of Three. It is a great feeling when people start to notice the change. Good on you Nermbat on getting a new hair do. It's on my list when I loose some more weight. I feel quite disappointed today as my weight isn't moving. Unfortunately I did what I always do and ate chocolate.
  10. Foodaholic

    March 2014

    Sorry to hear that Bella and best wishes for a speedy recovery
  11. Foodaholic

    40% there... but still feeling frumpy

    Congratulations 40% is great
  12. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Well it's a week today since I was weighed and I haven't lost any weight this week. I am eating more than I was previously and have had an occasional little treat so I know why. However it is disappointing so hopefully when I go back next week I will get my first fill. It is 3 weeks today since I was banded. How is everyone else?
  13. Foodaholic

    March 2014

    All the best Bella
  14. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi everyone How did your visit go Mum of three? Good luck today Macca with your visit to the doctor Nermbat I am like you now as eating far too much. Perhaps I need some restriction now as all foods are going down far too easily
  15. Foodaholic

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Nermbat don't beat yourself up. This is not always going to go well or be easy. My surgeon also prefers to wait until 6 weeks for the first fill as well. I feel good that we don't have to restrict ourselves to half a cup now and that has made a difference to me. We are only learning as this is very new for us and we are certainly going to overeat at times, I did this myself last night after dinner as I had a fresh white bread roll sitting on the cupboard. I ended up putting margarine and vegemite on it and eat it and I had already eaten my dinner. I really wanted chocolate but went for the bread roll. So as you can see I am still craving chocolate and at times have no will power. If you don't have good scales at home why don't you find a good chemist scale etc and weigh in on the same day each week or fortnight? Just keep a record so you know how you are going. Hang in there and if you need support get it here on this website. I think it is a shame that once everyone is banded that most disappear. I know this site helps me.