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  1. amyy11

    Has any one had band by Dr Nottle

    Just got out of hospital from being done by dr nottle. Was a good choice, every person raves about him. I've had no problems thus far
  2. amyy11

    2 more sleeps!!!

    Definitely! I've even taken 2 weeks off work! Sort of person to never take my leave and never call in sick haha!! Need to spend my time getting myself on the perfect track!
  3. amyy11

    2 more sleeps!!!

    SOO EXCITED!!! Only two more sleeps until my op!! I've waited over a year for this day and it's finally here! Everything's paid in full, and I feel I've done well on the pre op diet!! Will hit 3 weeks on Thursday, and currently sitting at a 10.7kgs loss! Worried about the gaining post op, but I'll get there! I'm determined!! This year has given me A LOT of time to prepare myself mentally! Does anyone know if you're allowed someone to stay with you overnight in the hospital? That freaks me out.. Being awkward and bored haha.
  4. amyy11

    I start Optifast Tomorrow and am FREAKING OUT

    Oh really?? I haven't really been told anything!! I've now lost 7.3 in 12 days, want at least another kilo.. Worst case scenario to be cancelled! Haha especially since my best friend is flying from interstate!! Thanks for the reassurance
  5. amyy11

    I start Optifast Tomorrow and am FREAKING OUT

    Everyone's certainly been given different requirements. I was told to have 3 optifast a day.. Allowed 2 cups of certain veggies and certain fruits.. That's it.. I'm so extremely paranoid of my liver not shrinking, I'm struggling to have anything.. I know there's so many more people having more food than what I've even been given, but I'm stressing bad!! I'm having about 300calories a day, my fear is getting the better of me that my surgeon will cancel.. On the plus side I've lost nearly 6kgs in 9days
  6. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    Ended up buying from the optifast website.. Could find any yesterday!!! Hopefully it comes soon'! Stil have a box full though! Starting today!!!!!!! Yay!!! I have to make sure I remember not to eat stuff, I'm in such a habit of picking at food.
  7. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    So my surgeons office said I can use any VLCD brand.. I bought some optislim, tried the latte one today and OMG that is revolting lol ! Had about two mouth fulls and bined the rest!! Will try the strawberry one tomorrow, but all up I do think I may end up buying the optifast ones, if the other flavours taste as bad as the latte!! One day to go!!!!! Yayayay!!! Then 3weeks!
  8. amyy11


    I live in point cook, I'm going through dr nottle, his main office is in williamstown but also has an office in werribee! I can't remember exact costs but I'm pretty sure the surgeon fee is $3600 with PHI
  9. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    I'm down the other way but have chemist warehouse, went there today but they only had choc and vanilla in optifast and a whole heap in optislim! I think I may wait until my surgeon contacts me, don't wanna get optislim if that's a no go in his opinion.. But if it's fine I may buy a couple sachets to compare the tastes. I've tried the optifast before and I don't mind that one.. But never optislim! Suppose I will find out!! Thanks!
  10. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    Oh gee! I just went out all day to buy some optifast.. I couldn't find any of the good flavours!! I was just trying to contact my surgeon to ask if I could use optislim as an alternative because their range is HUGE! And also half the price! I've just been online to compare the two products, optislim has less calories, carbohydrates and sodium than optifast.. So wouldnt optislim be better? Does anyone else have any recommendations on which chemists sell a good range of optifast besides chocolate and vanilla??
  11. amyy11

    Where to buy optifast products

    I'm having so much trouble finding optifast anywhere!! The chemists close to home only hVe the chocolate and vanilla.. And I don't like either! What was the online site called? Does anyone know if you can replace it with the optislim range? Their flavours and prices are so much better!
  12. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    I'm just grabbing all my info sheets now from my mums house, so I'll go through everything again tonight to see what I can/can't have. That way I can go shopping next week and be ready! It's only 3 weeks at the end of the day, so it's not going to kill me! This is definitely much, much more important to me than any food item!!! Plus, the money isn't pocket change haha!! So determined!
  13. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    At the start I thought we were only just allowed the shakes, 3 times a day.. Haha!!! Then I was rereading all the papers/info and realised some fruit and veg was allowed? I really don't want to eat too much solids, even if it's allowed, I'm having some real paranoia (because I'm SO unlucky when it comes to health stuff) that he won't do my op, or my organs haven't shrunk enough! Just hope I can keep motivated through it! OMG really? I've always used benefibre on every diet, so definitely will be getting some more! I've heard about possible constipation, not the diarrhea part though haha! That is horrible!!! I'm certainly going to stock up on fibres then
  14. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    Yeah, definitely. I'm very paranoid about the struggle. Though, I feel very motivated. I think the thought of telling myself if I don't do it properly they could cancel my op is enough to keep me on track. That would be more devastating to me. Thanks for your input, I'll go through the pre op recipes to get some more ideas!
  15. amyy11

    One week to go!!

    Hey! I'm new, I have been loitering around the website gaining as much info and experiences for the passed year. My PHI waiting gap has now ended! My optifast starts in one week, for 3 weeks! And then my surgery is booked for the 30th! I am so extremely motivated, pumped, excited and just ready! The year wait went extremely fast, but gave me so much more time to mentally prepare myself, and to educate myself on almost everything possible! However, I feel there's no better information than others own personal experiences. So, first thing.. First stage.. In general how did people cope with the optifast diet? Negatives, positives, easy, struggled etc.. I'd love to hear from everyone!