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  1. Gemini1359

    Then and now...made it!

    Thanks all! Hit the 69kg mark mid February - decided I needed some fill out and feel much better for it. Not to mention being told off by the specialist for being so tight for so long (7.5ml for 12 months - tight for me!). Had 1ml out to have a break, going back next week for hopefully 1/2 ml back. Thanks for the lovely comments, think I'll stay blonde lol... For any newbies or considering banding, totally individual decision, but it is the best thing I have done. Hard at times, getting food stuck (most of the time my own fault), missing out on good food - but in the end, totally worth it and sacrifices I chose to make. I tried everything before this. If you decide to have it done, it could be the thing to change your life. I have so much more confidence, my knees are no longer in pain and I love clothes shopping! I'm sure like everyone on these forums, I wish you all the best and if you have any questions we are all here to support you! For those just had it done, good,luck and you will get there! It can be frustrating at times but keep plugging away and it will happen!
  2. Gemini1359

    Then and now...made it!

    Hi all, New to this group (don't know why I hadn't joined four years ago) but wanted to share and maybe give some hope to the new banders (like every other inspirational member on here ) It's taken me nearly four years, few ups and downs with the right fill and learning to change eating habits, but I have got there, finally! First pic 5 months before banding, 127kg. I was 125kg at time of op, now, 71kg. Well done to everyone on your own journeys!
  3. Gemini1359

    New to the ACT

    Hi everyone I moved to the ACT about six months ago and was banded in 2010. My previous surgeon has referred me to Dr Gananadha for adjustments. As I haven't seen him before just curious to know what he's like, what the wait time and costs for adjustments are like? Thanks everyone, hoping to be a regular and maybe make some new banded friends!
  4. Gemini1359

    Newbie Darwin 32 trying for bub too

    Hi Darwin lady John Treacy did my band in 2010...even though it is a long process, it is worth it. John is fantastic, caring and listens. I tossed up the idea of using a surgeon from Adelaide that visits Darwin but decided against it - if something was to happen I didn't want my surgeon being 3000 k's away. After trying to find the right level of fill and having some out for a bit, I'm now down 54kg and nearly at 'my' goal of 70kg. There has been ups and downs but mostly my own fault - chew chew chew and eat slowly - still I make mistakes! Adjustment is quick and painless, I went ok with the surgery but everyone is different. His practice manager Eila is great too. John is a busy man as he works both RDH and DPH but he is well worth the wait. He said no issues with pregnancy just have fill out to ensure you get enough nutrients for you and the baby, but the band can stay there. I moved down south about six months ago but he referred me to one of his colleagues here who I am hoping to see in a few months for some fill out. But I can't recommend John highly enough for having it done up there. Feel free to message me if you have any questions at all!