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  1. FullofCandy

    New Member - Hello

    Hi Gaynor, Thank you for the response. I must admit, I'm still a little overwhelmed by the whole experience and having the 'food withdrawals' have been difficult, especially as the rest of the family around me continues to eat as they normally would, however I've convinced myself that I'm determined to make this work and I'm going to get through it... How have you progressed towards achieving your weight goal over the past 12 months? I always find so much more motivation in hearing the achievement of others!. Best of wishes to you over in the UK!........ Best regards, Candice
  2. FullofCandy

    New Member - Hello

    Hi, I'm a new member and just wanted to say a big hello to everyone out there... I am 7 weeks post sleeve surgery and am feeling quite good, however have my 'up and down' downs as I'm sure we all do... Just wanted the chance to say hello and would be great to hear from others... I'm located in South Western Sydney - Macarthur/Camden area, however work in Sydney City so would be great to hear from others in the area and your experiences... Would also be fantastic to hear how people have overcome their fearful thoughts so early after surgery and have now progressed successfully further through weight loss... My best wishes to you all on your weight loss journey and please feel free to add me as a friend... Cheers, Candice