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  1. Katjack14

    March 2014

    glad you have had it sorted, I am back on the weight loss track, after having infection cleared out and band replaced, back loving my band
  2. i wish we would talk, I going next monday to see Anna, post op check up and review.
  3. I go to cbs, I see Wendy and go to the northern clinic. I had port issues since January and had my port replaced and got a massive infection, was having to go to cbs 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Had my port replace and infection cleaned up 2 weeks ago and the support from cbs has been amazing. Can not fault the avenue either after I had a three day stay there due to my band being tight post op and u well from the infection,
  4. Katjack14

    March 2014

    yep jellybean this will be my third op, cleaning my house and made a heaps of soups and pick out a few DVD to go and watch tomorrow night in hositpal.
  5. Katjack14

    March 2014

    hi everyone, omg I can not believe I have had my band for a year, well I have some news, I was going great guns at losing weight and got to below 139kg, that day was amazing lots of smiles at clinic and we decide I would get below 120kg this year. Early in the new year I become hungry and put on weight, I went to clinic as i have done fortnightly for the last 12 months, my doctors said he would fill me up thinking I had 6.1mls in my band. Again I was hungry, my doctor agree to check how many mls was in my band and I only had 3mls in my band. I was advise to book in to see my surgeon, thinking it would be a few week but I got in the next day, I lose a few mls overnight but then my surgeon decide that I needed my port replaced, she wanted the port check one last time a week later and then booked me in for a port replacement, Surgury went great till i got up and keep vomiting. I had to have fluid taken out of my band which in turn has my a pocket of fluid. I had to have the fluid drain three times in the past week. A week later I went for my routine check up and wanted a fill, after 40 minutes of trying to found my port my doctor could not found my port, he recommend that a have a fill via ultrasound but thought my port had flipped. Again I was lucky to see my surgeon the next day. She try for over 30 minutes but she stop once she pulled blood out of my band, so on tuesday my band is being replaced and and moved to the other side of my body to try and heal the infection and so I will have a working band again. love this group. Most people know i have the band but I just don't talk about my band.
  6. Katjack14

    March 2014

    Good luck tomorrow food aholic
  7. Katjack14

    March 2014

    Hi guys Sorry life been really busy but all is good. Band wise I have been stick at 144kg for a few weeks. Diabetes wide I got the lowest hb1ac blood test result today from 8.1 pre band to 7.2 today. I had to move house so been busy moving. I have moved 5 minutes from my sister house which is great for food wise. We now understand band meals and I dish up. Work been so busy and the forum been there, I have been reading once a week or so but no time to post 😞. How is everyone else going
  8. Katjack14

    March 2014

    Hi girls, had a appointment today and weighed in at 144.5kg. Which is 20kg loss since seeing the surgeon.
  9. Katjack14

    Helen Bauzon information

    I had to pay for the seminar and 1:1 visit. I go to CBS and had to call her, I think she amazing. Yes she talks down but once she knows you can talk on a high level she will, she worked out I could carb count and know about different foods. I now mail her and see her every 12 weeks. I see her at williamtown too
  10. Katjack14

    March 2014

    I have craves chocolate, fish n chips and had meatballs for dinner
  11. Katjack14

    March 2014

    I have slowed down my eating and having a drink before eating and I have stop pb.
  12. Katjack14

    Social life

    i got out all the time, both for work and social. with work I get a small meal or a soup. the group I work with know I have a band and are great it I need to go to the toilet. Social friends same know and other don't I get fish or a small meal.
  13. Katjack14

    How often can you "fill"?

    i saw the fill doctor weekly from week 3 and now I am going fortnightly for a weigh in and we decide if I am having a fill my last 2 visit as seen no fill.
  14. Katjack14

    Helen Bauzon information

    I did the seminar and found her 1:1 great. You can also email once u see her a few times. She changed a few things for me that worked
  15. Katjack14

    June 2014

    I was mega stress pre lapband. I stayed up most of the night. Once I got to the hosiptal it become so real. Hope it settle and good luck for tomorrow you will be fine I was 162kg on op day and done to 147kg now