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    Sleeve surgery

  2. Raven

    Sleeve surgery

    Dr Girish Pande in Launceston does Sleeve. That is who I will be getting it done by later this year. He also did my band but due to complications (unforseen) i'm having it removed and getting a sleeve.
  3. Mine is by Dr Girish Pande in Launceston he did my band and will do the sleeve as well He is so lovely!
  4. Hello, i just found out today I need to have my band removed, it has slipped majorly (like 90 degrees could see the full circle in the Xray), which explains why i've been vomitting 2-3 times a day. So the band is coming out in May, then my doctor said i have to wait 4 months for the stomach to heal before I could consider getting a sleeve done. I'd like to hear peoples experiences about going from band to sleeve, both successes and drawbacks. I'm quite nervous about the decision... my hubby doesn't want me to get it done at all. Was it worth it for you? did you have to wait between your removal and your sleeving? Do you still do the shake period for sleeve? I guess i'm just looking for some realism to help me make my decision.. and maybe some hope? I've lost 28kg with my band in 2 years... i want to loose another 30kg to get down to 100kg goal weight...
  5. Thank you so much! Both of you. Well i've tentatively booked in a sleeve date with my doctor for September 18th which gives me enough time for my stomach to heal from band removal on May 29th, but will be early enough i can be recovered from sleeve before my dog sports competitions start up in October. Because there is only one surgeon who does it in my city i wanted to get a day saved so i dont miss out. Talked to my insurance because my removal and sleeve would be in the same year i only have to pay excess once yay! I am feeling better about this more and more!
  6. Thank you for the response this gives me some hope. It turns out I've had a badly slipped band since late November or so so unfortunately my doctor wants my stomach to have a chance to heal a bit before the sleeve which is annoying to have to have two surgeries but understandable I guess. Better safe than sorry. I'll probably take you up on that offer to PM. My hubby seems a bit more relaxed after hearing what you've said. He's had to listen to me choking in my sleep as well and it worries him dreadfully. Thank you again!
  7. Raven

    just moved to Tassie

    Dr Pande in launceston does. He is lovely. http://www.launcestonweightloss.com.au/
  8. Hey everyone, I've just completed my first day of the Opti-Fast diet (with my loving partner who is going to do the 3 weeks of dinners with me, he will eat what he wants while i'm at work though but our dinner will be the same). I had my 3 shakes today, and snack veggies at lunch, and he made an awesome big stirfry for dinner. But I'm worried that 3 weeks of the same might become very wearing. Problem i'm having is that I was never told to see a dietician. I was basically told do opti-fast + 2 serves vegg and tbsp of oil per day. But I have no idea where that leaves me for hot drinks, can i have some skim milk and natural (stevia) sweetner in it? I've stolen a few reciepies from this forum and plan on making them. I guess the biggest struggle for me will be "sweets", not that I want chocolate or anything, but are there any sweet tasting things that wouldn't effect the shrinking of the liver? and is it okay to have like 1 apple a day or seomthing (something i feel i need to get through my work day at times). Feeling a bit stressed because I don't want to be miserable at work as it could impact on the work I do , but i also don't want to mess up my progress and not be able to get surgery done. Just any advice or support would be appreciated!! Cheers!!
  9. Just a yay post as i'm 22kg down since getting banded in late February. It has been up and down ride, but i'm so stoked that this past weekend at an event a lot of people who hadn't seen me fora while complimented how i was looking, and i was able to wear a top and skirt i've never been able to wear since buying them!! its the small things but they make the hard times so worth it! And makes my goal of 100kg seem less scary and more achievable!
  10. I was 157 when i was banded earlier this year, i'm now 135, it has been slow but steady, and there have been up and downs, but i'd do it again without hesitation. The difficult times are normally caused by my own silliness, and are usually easily rectified and I just behave better after that. I'm only 28 and I have no other health issues (no diabetes or heart issues etc) yet, but wanted to nip it in the bud. And a recent gathering i went to and people noticed the change in me and commenting on how i look, and the fact i wore a top and skirt i never fit into when i first bought them (yes internet purchases lol) its all been worth it I know i still have a long way to go, but i figure i'm young and i just need to keep going forward!
  11. Raven

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I'm going good had someone today tell me it looks like im loosing weight, and they didnt know about the surgery so that was nice
  12. Raven

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Liquid diet and mush are harsh, i had to do 4 weeks liquid and 2 weeks mush, but just keep yourself thinking about how it is time limited, and after that time you will be back on solids able to chew again
  13. Raven

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I didn't notice the band until my first fill. At surgery they put 3ml in , but when i got 2 more ml in last week i started to notice i can't eat nearly as much (i'm still on mushie food until next wednesday) Its good and i've started to accept going to sleep with hunger and tummy growling lol. But energy has been fine.
  14. Raven

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Its a great site I don't think you'll regret it if you go for it, I'm new only been at it for a month, but I'm loving it.
  15. Raven

    Weigh In Wednesday

    First post op doctor's appointment today with first fill, i'm down from 157kg down to 147.4kg after just about 4 weeks.
  16. Raven

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Started at 157kg and down to 149.8kg since my op 2 weeks ago. I seem to be losing about 2-300 grams a day, does that sound about right while i'm in my liquid recovery phase? (Monday was 150.5, yesterday 150.1 and today 149.8)
  17. Raven

    What do the Losers Eat?

    This has been helpful thank you!
  18. Raven

    Finally taking the plunge

    Awesome grats!!
  19. I was banded last monday (Feb 23rd). Before surgery was really chill, i was at St Vincint's hospital in Launceston Tassie they were great, i was first surgery of the day. They got me prepped, rolled me out, i remember the anesthetic room where they put all my IV's in. Then they rolled me into operation theater. Got me onto the operation table. Last then last thing i remember is hearing a nurse giggle about the amount of medical tape my anesthetist uses, i was staring at the lights waiting for someone to start a countdown or something, but then all of the sudden i was awake and surgery was over. They didn't use gas because he said that has more chance of nausea afterwards, they used purely IV meds to knock me out, hence i didn't notice it happening. When i woke i remember being in the recovery area for about 10 mins till i came too a bit, they told me everything went great, i was rolled out of the recovery ward and back to my room. I remember telling my nurse in jumbled words to call my fiance and let him know its all good. Then i fell back asleep. Then i woke again and heard the nurse talking to my fiance on the phone,then slept more. I slept for about 3 hours, so by that point it was about noon. I was told they had given me medication to stop me feeling nauseous from the anesthetic (my doc said i'm not allowed to vomit until i'm recovered). I remember when i finally did sleep the meds off at about noon, i was wide awake and fine, not really in pain, just some tightness and feeling like i need to burp but can't. I watched TV until 1pm, then i got my nurse to unhook me from my leg pumpy things, and the IV and heart monitor and oxygen (they gave me that because anesthetic cna cause your blood oxygen to drop). I got up, went pee, and got into my own comfy clothing. My nurse was surprised i was up and walking around okay so soon after. I tried to make sure i got up every 2 hours or so and walked around, they said that is the best you can do if you can because it will avoid clots forming. I found the bed was comfy but with the uncomfortable need to burp feeling, my lower back was quite sore so i didn't like laying in the bed for too long. Though i did sleep easily through the night. Nurses at my hospital were super great and talking alot with me and supportive. My nurses were Leanne, Michael, and Steve, so awesome. I really didn't experience much pain in hospital, i think that was partially due to my nurses awesome care and keeping my IV panadol going, and then some other low pain meds. They also said my lack of pain could have been due to my young age as well, i'm only 27 so i think i processed all the anesthetic quickly and my body seemed to bounce back quick. I had no issues toileting, i had first BM right before leaving hospital the next day which was great. I was told my iron was a bit low so the morning after my surgery the doctor specializing in iron infusion stuff talked to me. He is doing a study about a new type of iron infusion that only takes 15 mins, (instead of 5 hours), but normally costs $500, but because i offered to be part of his research study i got it for free. I just need to go back and get two free blood tests in 4 weeks, and 3 months to show how it worked. So they did that quick infusion which i didn't have any side effects from (that is apparently one of the good parts of it). Then my surgeon wanted me to have a barium swallow xray to make sure everything was in properly. Got that done about 11am next morning. The barium stuff tastes like liquorice x 1000 bit nasty but it wasn't too bad. Then i was told all was well and i left at about 1pm . So just over 24 hours in hospital for me but there was no issues with it for me. After getting home i used some of the oxycodone medication for a first two days to keep comfortable (wasn't in pain but it more dulled my back aches),but i didn't' like how it made me so groggy, so i only took it before bed to sleep the next few days and just stuck with panadol. I slept two nights in my recliner but regretted that, hurt my back more. So night 3 i started sleeping in bed kinda on my side/stomach. On discharge from hospital they have me taking Clexane once a day (anti-clotting meds) which they give you a sharps container and you do a needle into your stomach rolls once a day. I dont' find it hurts, so i am doing it myself for the 14 days, but they did offer a nurse to come by each day if i wanted. I havn't heard of anyone else having to do this though so maybe i am just lucky lol. Doctor said not to drive for a week, but i stopped taking the oxycodone after the 4 days so i drove first time after 6 days because i was fine. After about a week my wounds were healed, the worse one is the top one under my boobs where the port is meant to be, he warned me it would take longer to heal as it is bigger and near the port, the other 4 wounds healed quite quick with no issues. Its about 10 days after my surgery now and i feel basically fine, i have some tightness in my stomach muscles if i bend too much stretch too much,but otherwise i'm okay. My stamina hasn't fully returned, i can only go for like short walks/outings at a time, two hour outings are enough to knacker me but its getting better each day. I'm not allowed to do any lifting over 15kg for about another 4 weeks which is annoying but ok. And i'm still got another 2 and half weeks of liquid diet before puree's, but i've kinda already started having the odd more puree thing, or sucking on something till it dissolves and I've had no issue. But overall i really can't eat much, 1 cup of soup and i'm good for about 3 hours. I have sustegens int he morning and still some optifast to make sure i have enough nutrients. So basically I hope you don't worry about pain too much, i think each person is different. I really have zero pain threshold and was stressing about would i be in pain, but really i've not had much pain at all these past 10 days. I barely take panadol now only before bed now. The only really annoying /bad feeling i had this whole time is that feeling of needing to burp but not being able to, but that went away after about 4-5 days so it was a small price to pay. I hope that helps.
  20. Raven

    Being banded today!

    Glad to hear it went well! I've heard good stuff about your surgeon as well
  21. Raven

    February 2015

    So been banded just over a week now. I feel basically fully recovered, don't feel any body pain, soreness, or trouble swallowing or anything. So I guess all that is good, and i'm still on liquid for 3 more weeks (though i feel like i could start puree but i'll just wait). Question I have, is that I can seem to find or feel my port. Doctor said it is around the top wound i have kinda just below between my breasts, at the bottom of my ribs in the middle, but for the life of me i can't feel it. Just curious if this is normal to not be able to feel/see it for a while. I'd love to hear what others experienced. Also i can burp again already huzzah!
  22. Raven

    I think it's not working for me?

    Would definitly be worth checking with your surgeon too to make sure band hasn't lost its fill or that it hasn't moved or something isn't wrong.
  23. Have you been checked out medically bloodwork wise for other illnesses? like diabetes? just seems like a very extreme reaction for just in the first two days. Makes me think there is something else going on possibly. I just had my surgery on monday 23rd. i've had no shoulder pain. I have had some lower back pain but i think that is due to trying to sleep in my recliner armchair. There will be a feeling of needing to burp but not being able to for the first few days which sucks. I found Yawning hurt a bit but doing my deep breathing exercises with my tri-flow helped with that. And after surgery you can feel hungry but not actually able to eat /drink much, it can be frustrating for the first few days. You will be very gassy the first 3-4 days as the air from the cavity empties out. They gave me Oxycodone pain killers which i try only to take at night before bed (they knock me out, plus can be addictive so i'm trying not to rely on them). But mainly taking panadol has been enough. They have me on self given Clexane anti-clotting needles for 14 days but i havnt heard of anyone else doing this so it might just have been a me thing. Good luck with it though, the surgery wasn't nearly as bad as i expected, though i was hoping to be up and about sooner than I am. But its getting there.
  24. Raven

    February 2015

    From what i heard Dr. Pande is kinda like that, very precautionary, with the swallow, They also got me doing an iron infusion in hospital as they wanted me tip top shape when i left. And then having to do these self injections of anti-clotting meds for the next 14 days. A full 4 weeks of liquid diet. And i have to practice deep breathing at least 10 times a day with a tri-flow device. I thought these all sounded quite extreme from what i've heard about other people's experiences, but I guess it is good hes making sure everything is covered. I just wish this back ache would give up a little. I think its part of the "sticky lungs" which is why i have to do the breathing exercises. but its probably the thing making me feel worst at the moment.
  25. Raven

    February 2015

    I think he said he put 3-4 ml in mine right away, i can't remember exactly as i was still abit out of it. But i did the barium swallow so stuff is going through. It'll all settle down soon i home tho.