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    used to enjoy lots of things, but back injury and arthritis in my knee is limiting, so hopefully losing weight will help this....love to travel, enjoy reading, used to like gardening...maybe I will again...meanwhile will walk..
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  1. gypsyk7


    thank you to all the people who replied to this. I had another band on the 2nd November, only lost 4kg so far. But I guess slow and steady wins the race. Obviously haven't been very active yet, although I am back at work. Waiting a little while and hope to get back on the treadmill, not too fast though.
  2. gypsyk7

    band coming out

    AJS78 good luck with your new journey.
  3. gypsyk7

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    Gerri glad to hear everything is now back on track. Good luck with it.
  4. gypsyk7


    Hi Denzel, congratulations on your weight loss and your subsequent surgeries. I did have my tummy tuck and was so happy with the result. Just so disappointed that now my weight is going up again and need to address it before I undo all the previous good work.
  5. gypsyk7


    thank you Jellybelly89, I was so happy to have reached my target weight and am now feeling mortified that the weight is coming back. Will definitely do some research on all the options suggested and discuss further with the doctor. Congratulations on your weight loss.
  6. gypsyk7


    Denzel thank you for the information. Obviously my BMI might be the biggest drawback at the moment, although I don't know what the recommendation is for second surgery. As obviously the goal is not to regain all the weight that I had lost. Fingers crossed some-one will know the criteria. kind regards gypsyk7
  7. gypsyk7


    Hi, I was banded a few years ago, last year it slipped and I had it removed in December last year. Well now the weight is coming back, I am finding it hard to stick to smaller portions but I do try to do 10,000+ steps most days. My BMI is only 26 but this still puts me in the overweight category. I did get down to approx. 60kg, doctor said 65 was ideal, but already I am back to 72kg. This worries me as I know how easy it is to regain the weight and don't wish to go back up to 90kg. Has anyone had a band removed and been rebanded in similar situations. I doubt that the doctor would consider a sleeve based on my BMI. Any feedback would be appreciated Sorry don't know how to change my status...eg just starting, current weight loss etc.
  8. gypsyk7

    tummy tuck by Dr Dolan

    Had my tummy tuck with muscle repair on 26th April. 1st day was the worst with improvement everyday. Unfortunately I react to most of the dressings, especially the waterproof ones. Hope to be able to upload some photos later.
  9. gypsyk7

    tummy tuck by Dr Dolan

    Well I booked my tummy tuck, going with Dr Dolan, I trust him, all scheduled for April 26th, got my compression garments already. Wait for an appointment with the anaesthetist, wonder what the costs will be there.
  10. gypsyk7

    Hi there (just had a lap band)

    I am older, 61, and my surgeon prefers me to be closer to the top end, at 23, I prefer about 21. But will sit around his goal so he wil,do my tummy tuck. Heart foundation BMI would have that weight for you as underweight BMI would be 18. I think you will know when you reach your ideal weight. Good luck with your new lifestyle, loving mine.
  11. gypsyk7

    After Hours fills etc

    wow does she do 'unfills'' my band suddenly started to tighten and I suffered for several days, was actually scared that the reflux may cause some oesophageal damage, but all good. always good to know of out of hours help esp south of the river
  12. gypsyk7

    tummy tuck by Dr Dolan

    lol, blame the anaesthetic it can do funny things to you. Looking good though, well done
  13. gypsyk7

    tummy tuck by Dr Dolan

    wow, congratulations Denzel. So looking forward to my tummy tuck, probably not until autumn though. What was the out of pocket expenses for all your surgery, if you don't mind sharing? Mish, Dr Dolan quoted $5768 with refund of $1268 plus I guess there will be anaesthetist fees and body garment costs.
  14. gypsyk7

    Have to reset my password

    this is still happening, every time I try to log in.....so frustrating
  15. gypsyk7

    tummy tuck by Dr Dolan

    Thank you for the positive feedback tiger21. I am so keen for this and not sure that I can/will wait until winter next year lol