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  1. Jojoivory

    New Member - Hello

    Hi Candice, How are you going? I am contemplating sleeve surgery and have an initial appointment on Wednesday. Very excited! Who did your surgery and would you recommend him/her? Jo
  2. Jojoivory

    Dr Clement Tsang

    Yesno123, How did yr op go and how is life different for you?
  3. Jojoivory

    Dr Clement Tsang

    Hi guys, I am a newbie contemplating a sleeve and have an appt with Dr Tsang next week. I have so many questions to ask but most importantly, how do I tell hubbie? I have underlying PCOS and expect to become diabetic in the future. We went through IVF last year ending 2013 with a miscarriage. I have decided I want to take control of my body/mind/hormones once and for all before we start trying again for children although time is ticking....