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  1. nerms

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Band just stopped working. I stopped feeling full and was able to eat literally anything. Red meat and all. Slowly crept on over the last two years after finding a partner haha too comfy maybe.. still disappointed. I started seeing my mums surgeon for fills because my old doc wasn’t listening to me. I just got my band emptied all but 1ml. I think I had 8ml in there. I had a camera down to check on the band and everything is fine so not sure what happened. This surgeon wants to go a gastric bypass but I can’t afford it and I’m hoping by emptying my band maybe I’ll have some luck with slowly refilling it
  2. nerms

    Being banded JULY 2014

    I am 10kgs away from gaining back all my weight. What a roller coaster. I was so happy and comfortable and now I’m back to the start. Depressed and desperate... honestly so disappointed in myself.
  3. nerms

    A bit over a year!

    Ok, so.. I was banded in July 2014! I was 104kgs when I started my journey and now I've finally reached my first goal of 60kgs! I had a photo taken on the weekend and was just in shock.. I couldn't believe it was me! So I've put the photos side by side I've always hated photos with a passion but now I'm happy to be in them. The band was definitely the best decision I have ever made. I know as a fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without it. This is me in the middle, finally looking and feeling normal. I've always felt so uncomfortable around people and never wanted to go anywhere because I always felt disgusting. Now I'm feeling confident and happy! Such a good feeling Now that I have this newfound happiness and confidence I'm making friends and enjoying life. I was in a really shitty relationship for a few years and just accepted it because I pretty much thought "who else would want me". Now I've found someone that actually respects me and treats me right! Anyone out there that is thinking about getting the band, I cannot push hard enough for you to get it! It's changed my life in so many ways. We're all capable of so many amazing things but the weight just holds us back and stops us from experiencing how beautiful and fun the world really is. Once the weight is off you just feel so much better about life. If I can do it you can do it
  4. nerms

    Weigh In Wednesday

    65.5kg today for some reason I can't get it out of my head. Someone will ask me how much I weigh and I always say 80... Oh wait it's 60... Really can't believe how far I've come! Never gonna see triple digits again!!!
  5. nerms

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Been quite a while since I've posted a weigh in! Down to 66.5
  6. 6.5kgs to goal weight, one month from bandiversary! Not bad at all!

  7. nerms

    2 Months today

    Wow!! So good you must be feeling great!
  8. nerms

    Tripping out!!

    Thanks everyone No new ink yet Angel, saving up for a big one
  9. nerms

    Tripping out!!

    I've been slacking off for a couple months and hovering at the same weight between 68 and 69kgs. I found this photo of myself from last year and I still had the tshirt so I thought I would do a comparison! So that's me down 36kgs from 104 to 68 hopefully get to my goal of 60 in a few months, by summer would be great! I definitely, definitely encourage people starting out their journeys to just take a photo of yourself no matter how gross you might feel, because later down the track you're going to be like wow!! I can't believe that was me.
  10. nerms

    Being banded JULY 2014

    The single life is great! Life is great! Never felt better :D
  11. nerms

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I went overseas for a month, no scales, no full body length mirrors.. My stomach was so huge and I was scared that I had undone all the effort I've put into this journey. I come home and weigh myself, no damage done. Go me! What a relief.. I was bloated from the horrible tap water there, nasty stuff. I actually dropped a kg while over there, last time I gained 10!
  12. nerms

    Being banded JULY 2014

    I've been away for a while so I thought I would upload a progress picture I'm also happy to announce that I've gone from a getting tight size 16 to a now loose size 12
  13. nerms

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Welcome Tamara, great effort I was banded on the same date and have also lost just over 30kgs I'm with you hoping that people come back, its been quiet on this thread!
  14. Lots of info online too, regarding mash consistency and food ideas But with liquids and mashies it's always easy to go overboard so maybe that's why the dietician said that. Just be mindful of what you're eating of course calories creep up quickly with liquids/mash
  15. i'm assuming she told you to stay on liquids until you saw her because you were supposed to see earlier? I'm not telling you to go against directions of a professional, in fact I do believe you should listen to their advice. Maybe give her office a call and let them know you won't be able to see them for however amount of time. Let them know what you are doing, I was on clear liquids for the first week, all liquids on second and mashy consistency on third. So you sound about right with that. I agree with nb79. I only saw my dietcian preop, the advice my surgeon gave me was better than the dieticians. They're a team and all make money so surgeon encourages you to see them.