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  1. Just logged in quickly to wish those few good people a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, you know who you are, cheers :-)

  2. Happy Easter everyone hope the bunny is kind to you all :-)

    1. Happyfrog


      same to you dominic my easter bunny has already been in the shape of my surgeon who gaveme some more fill on thursday :) lol

    2. Karin


      I'd like to SHOOT the little bugger. All he brings me is FAT and unwanted kilos - I can resist anything except temptation

    3. Happyfrog


      lol temptation sucks lol

  3. A volte la vita ti riserva delle sorprese;bisogna avere coraggio affrontarle :-))

  4. Hello hope all is well with everyone :-)))

    1. Karin


      and you too Dominic - I see you've nearly reached your 2nd bandiversary, hows it going?

  5. Sending out all my best wishes to those due to have surgury you will not regret it, :-)))))

  6. Wishing all the Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day have a great day and a Schooner of Beer on Me,Cheers :-)))

    1. BackinBlack


      Same to you, Dom. Beer is chilling in the fridge for my hubby :)

  7. Good morning everyone Happy Monday to you all :-)))))

    1. Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Hope you have had a great day too!

  8. Well thats my 2minutes visit on here now l'm out of here,Bye :-)

  9. Take me as I am or watch me as I walk away,cheers :-)

  10. **Via Italia** Go You Good Things :-)

  11. Hello everyone whats happening in here? Been a while since I said Hello :-)

    1. Caughtbetween


      Hello Dom......

      new bandits/old bandits/sleevers and weight loss. It's all been happening here...

    2. dafleece


      Hi Dom, hope you are well x

  12. Just spreading the word around come on all you NSW people lets get behind our state tomorrow night and beat those QLDER'S,go the MIGHTY NSW BLUE'S :-) :-)

  13. I am loving this Block feature on here :-) :-)

    1. MissA


      I love The Block too! Go Sophie and Dale!

  14. Mmmmmmm am loving this cold weather so beautiful going for a 4am walk :-)

  15. Would just like to say go the *MIGHTY NSW BLUE'S* lets smash those Qlder's :-))

  16. Sitting back watching Karma doing its magic :-) :-)

  17. *Yawns* at how childish certain people are grow up this is an adult forum if I wanted childish people l'd go play with my 5yo neice :-)

    1. buckets3eyedfish



    2. buckets3eyedfish


      oops sorry about the caps.. i wasn't really yelling : )

  18. Hello Everyone,Happy Monday hope you all have a great Week :-)

    1. Caughtbetween


      Thanks Dom. Feeling good this Monday!

    2. JosieW


      Ditto Dominic.

  19. Just wanna wish the CITY boys all the best today playing against COUNTRY, come on CITY go you good things :-)

  20. I am so proud of myself with how far I have come and I'm not ashamed to admitt where I started at 230kgs and I'm currently sitting in the 160s so damn proud of myself and l can walk with my head held high,thankyou lapband you were my lifesaver and my everything l love you :-)

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    2. JosieW


      Fantastic Dominic!

    3. Belsie


      Wooowhoooo Dominic, awesome work I can see why you are proud :)

    4. dafleece


      Congratulations Dom, you are such an inspiration!

  21. I'm losing weight for myself...but I also want it to be a big SCREW you to all the people who never gave me a chance because I was FAT :)

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    2. Shorty
    3. sandy


      Good on u Dom keep up the good work

    4. ladyanni


      I understand EXACTLY where you are coming from!! Great attitude Dom!

  22. WooHoo only 2more sleeps to go till the 2012 NRL Season starts am getting so excited :)

  23. Sitting here at work and thinking how much I love my Band, its been my life saver. Thankyou Band l love you so much you are my everything :-)

  24. Sitting here at work and thinking how much I love my Band, its been my life saver. Thankyou Band l love you so much you are my everything :-)

    1. -kirsty-


      Happy Valentines Day to you and your band ;) Can't say I'm at that point with mine just yet lol but I'm getting there :)

    2. Tamara


      Great attitude dom