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  1. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    I desperately need more fill! I think that now all my infection has cleared and (guessing here) internal swelling and inflammation has all subsided, the 3.5 mL I have simply isn't enough. I can eat pretty much normally and with this cold weather, that is NOT good. My next apt is on 13 May and I'm hanging out. It's been a bit of a shock to realise that if I can eat, I will. I remember the feeling of restriction from the early days before I got sick and I want that back. I need it back. I am pretty sure I've lost nothing since my fill last Tuesday and wouldn't be surprised if I've put on weight by the 13th. I'm a bit ashamed of myself. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    So what's with the tummy rumbling? Since I got home a few hours ago my tummy has been rumbling and grumbling like a volcano getting ready to erupt! Is this normal after a fill?
  3. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Saw Dr Carina this morning. The wound is finally starting to dry up and heal and there's no signs of infection. We discussed how I've found I definitely want to eat less and have even had a few almost stuck moments so shhe wanted to measure if there was nothing in my band and sure enough there was actually 1.5 mL in there! So she added 2 mL and said we'll see how I go. She made sure I had a cup of water before I left the rooms, small sips, so we knew the band was okay. It was. Oddly, I lost 0.8 of the 1 kg I had put on last week but I won't complain. Other than a pain on my left side, a bit like a stitch up under my ribs that sometimes radiates around into my back, which she said might be the tubing or might still be postop pain (unlikely given it was over 4 weeks ago), I feel really good. I feel that I can finally start this damned thing! I would also like to sincerely thank the lovely person who has continuously communicated with me in DM during this awful time - we have shared quite a lot! You know who you are and you are wonderful Also to the others who dropped me messages of support and good wishes. Thank you
  4. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Hi Everyone, it's been a while. Thought I'd recap on what happened to me and how I'm going now. I've cut/paste this from part of a DM with someone as I couldn't be bothered typing it out again! I did very well for the first week and a half then I got really REALLY sick. I got very strong Golden Staph in my largest wound and although they don't actually know what really happened, I think the Staph may have got inside me. I don't think we'll ever really know. I was in severe pain, my blood pressure was dangerously low, certain blood parameters were highly elevated and I was a complete mess. Ironically I was dropping weight every day and they were really worried about me. I had absolutely zero energy. I had blood tests every day and my partner drove me to Prof's rooms every second day. The wound would not close. They were exceptional in there and I know they all felt terribly sorry for me. Prof wanted to admit me twice but I couldn't afford The Avenue so I refused. Luckily they bulk billed my MRI scan. He rang me every evening to see how I was. I had three courses of antibiotics which of course also gave me a dose of thrush. He removed all the fill in my band to "clear the decks" while I fought the infection/inflammation. When I went in last week I had put on 1 kg and they were all very happy. So ironic! The receptionist didn't recognise me - I must have looked truly terrible those other times! The good thing (if there was one) was that the port wasn't infected. If it was, I would have had to have it taken out. So as it stands now, the infection seems to have gone and I feel better but still not 100%. My wound is still open but finally looks like it might close over. I sat in the sun yesterday to let some sun and air get on it and I';m sure this has helped a bit. There is approximately 0.5 cm still open which is much better than the 2-2.5 cm that it has been. I still dress it every day and irrigate it with chlorhexidine. I have another appointment with Dr Carina (one of Prof's offsiders, she's lovely) tomorrow and she will decide if I can have some fill put back in my band after saying last week that she wanted to wait another week to see what the wound would do. For anyone reading who hasn't been banded yet or is considering it, it is important to remember that what happened to me is very rare so I don't want anyone to get scared off. I don't regret having the band, I'm just angry that this happened to me (anger that can be directed absolutely nowhere) and while I thought I'd be well on my way to losing weight by now, I haven't even really started! (I've lost 4 kg but mainly through illness and deconditioning). So I'm hanging to get some fill in my band and start losing weight properly! My partner and I are going to Bali in July and I want at least 5 kg gone by then. Interestingly, even without any fill I'm still finding that I feel the need to eat less and I'm also still very conscious of food going down my throat and have even had some almost stuck moments! So hopefully it won't be too much of a shock to the system when I get some fill. I hope everyone is doing well. I'll let you know tomorrow if I got any fill or not. I can't praise the staff, the nurses and the doctors at CBS highly enough. They have been absolutely fantastic.
  5. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Hello, I am alive. I have had quite a hard time of things but I think I'm on the mend now although not 100% yet. Today is the first day I've felt vaguely human in quite a while though. I'm on super strength antibiotics (time for one now actually) and I got a very hardcore pain med (finally!) I can stomach and last night I actually slept. Good sleep, without pain and crying. What a relief. Although I have no fluid in the band, I've got very little interest in food but I'm drinking. My blood results from the day are finally in the normal range. I still have pain but it's so so SO bearable compared to what I've had. I've had great care from Prof O'Brien, Dr Anna Korin, Dr Caroline Lloyd, and nurse Chris at CBS. And Prof says we may never know what this is/was but I'm trying not to dwell on that. I'm keeping my appointment for the 15th and hopefully I can get some fill back in the band so I can start this thing properly. Thanks everyone for your concern and kind thoughts. I hope you're all doing well. I think I've lost 4.5/5 kg by now but I seriously don't recommend it happen this way. I can't even enjoy it. Each day stronger, hopefully
  6. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    I asked about that Jellybelly and he said the publics with bariatric units really hate having private uninsured patients "dropped on them" which I can sort of understand. Back in bed now. Will try to sleep a bit.
  7. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    I'm home after seeing Prof at 8am. Feeling very faint and breathy. Didn't sleep well. Much pain. My blood pressure was worryingly low at 90/60. He removed all the fill from my band (I had 3.5 mL which I didn't know) as he wants everything clear while they find out what's wrong with me. If I was insured he would have admitted me straight away for IV antibiotics but instead for now he gave me a script for hardcore antibiotics and said he would try to manage me from home. They took more bloods and he'll ring me whe the results are through. If they are still grossly abnormal he wants to admit me. I don't want to think about the cost of that. I'm quite devastated by it all. Thank you all,for your good wishes. It's not over yet unfortunately.
  8. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Hi I spent most of the day at Prof's clinic where they took bloods then back to The Avenue Hospital where I had to have a CT with contrast - drinking 1 L of disgusting aniseed/salty crap. Then Prof and Dr Carina came to see me. He examined me and said my pain was coming from the xiphisternum but he didn't know why. He said he would ring me if there was anything wrong with the blood tests. Came home and went to sleep. Prof rang me at 7 pm and said my bloods were much more abnormal than he had thought they would be. My white cell count is very high and other inflammatory markers are also raised. This is indicative of an infective/inflammatory process and he needs to find out where it is coming from. Plus I have a degree of atelectasis, which means the bottom of my lungs have collapsed and he wants me to try and take as deep breaths as I can. This is hard because deep breaths cause the xiphisternal pain. I have to go back to the clinic tomorrow morning for more bloods. He said he is concerned, which concerns me. My temp is currently 38.1C. Seriously, this is really REALLY suckful
  9. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    going into rooms to be seen by the nurse as soon as partner gets home from work
  10. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Last night after forcing myself to go to the thing for my son, I came home shaking with cold and a temp of 38.2C. Tried to get warm with wheat bag and extra blanket. Freezing. Managed to sleep but still so much pain. i have faxed the letter from the hospital and my pain diary to Prof's rooms and am hanging out for 8 am when I can call. I had a Nutrigrain protein drink so I'd have something in me (haven't eaten any food since Saturday lunch time) and within 10 mins had terrible diarrhoea. I just want this to stop. I ache all over. I also need to work. Jellybelly, I have had my gallbladder out many years ago so it's not that.
  11. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    What an awful 24 hours it's been. I went to hospital last night around 11.30pm after Nurse on Call recommended it as well as someone on McKellar ward at The Avenue Hospital. I was in the most terrible cramping/spasming pain and could hardly move They seemed to be treating me for GORD. Gave me disgusting Mylanta to drink + liquid paracetamol (so foul) then later gave me IV omeprazole and after that, IV Buscopan. Both the nurse and the doctor witnessed me having many spasming attacks during this time. Eventually I settled a bit and they discharged me at 3.30 am with some Buscopan tablets and told me to ring my surgeon ASAP. Thing is, I don't think this is GORD. Came home and slept because I was exhausted but stil unable to lie on either side. This morning, no better. I took my BP pill, the antibiotics I got yesterday, 2 Buscopan and 2 voltaren for my poor sore lower back and a few sips of a cup of tea. No food. Within 10 mins I was horribly nauseous and retching but had nothing in me to come up. Terrible pain retching. Sweating and crying in the loo. Better ways to spend a Sunday. A friend who knows suggested I call Prof O'Brien's rooms to see if they have a a "in case of emergency" weekend number, so I did and to my shock, they didn't. I think they should. So I went back to bed and have slept all day. The spasming and cramping have eased a little bit but are still present. I can't bend properly and a deep breath hurts like hell. I have just now managed to get down one Weetbix with milk and am scared I'll get nauseous. I also have a really important thing at 6pm I have to go to with my son and I will force myself to go to that. I will ring Prof's rooms first thing tomorrow. Losing weight shouldn't be like this. This isn't worth it at all. I'm scared of needing to be operated on again as I can't afford it. I thought they might take an X-ray last night to see if it was in place but they didn't. Not liking all this at all. Thanks everyone for your concern. I will let you know how I go tomorrow.
  12. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    And when I try to lie on my left I can feel things moving like it felt postop. Also lit of internal stinging on left side. Can't describe better than that.
  13. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Hi Jellybelly no it's sternal. Up in the V area in the middle. Below boobs. Rang nurse on call. She said go to local ED for X-ray. Wasn't very helpful as is such a specific thing. I have no fever or chills or anything.
  14. LillyPilly

    March 2014

    Okay. I am in a lot of pain. Worst pain. Since postop. The pain is where I said it was earlier today but worse. I can on,y lie on my back - I'm in bed right now - and I can't lie in my sides. My stomach is gurgling madly. I haven't eaten since lunch. Eaten barely anything today. No nausea or urge to vomit. The pain is coming in sort of waves, peaks (terrible) then subsides. Scared I've done something and I've been so careful last day or so. Thing is, what to do? Presenting to local ED on a Sat night seems fraught (how many hours?) and I don't have PHi or the money to go to a private ED. Should I ring nurse on call? Scared.
  15. LillyPilly


    I have no idea what this is!