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  1. JenJen

    Week 12

    Well I weighed in this morning after 12 weeks and I have now lost 10 KGs! So I am halfway to my goal weight of 68Kgs. My last band fill was another half ml so have somewhere between 5 and 6 mls in the band. Not too much restriction so I can eat fairly normally, and still lose around 900 grams a week which is great! Slow and steady wins the race. I am going on a sailing trip to the Whitsundays in 7 weeks - so let's hope I can lose another 7Kgs before then! The band is certainly turning out to be my friend Jen
  2. JenJen

    Food coming up when laying down

    I was talking to our dietician about "pouches", how they form and what the symptoms would be. Sounds to me like you just described the same symptoms. Best you go back to your surgeon for their opinion on whether that could be the issue.
  3. JenJen

    Unbearable Lightness

    Hi everyone I read Portia de Rossi's book "unbearable lightness" over the weekend. It really is all about her eating disorder that she has been living with for most of her life, and is incredibly fascinating. Fascinating to read how food, and the insatiable want to be thin, absolutely takes over someone's life. Also how she finally gets through it. Heart wrenching to read how desperate she gets, and what she does on her quest to be thin. Very thin. Have a read - highly recommended.
  4. JenJen

    Hungry or not?

    It takes a few fills before you notice your hunger pangs leaving you. I have had 3 fills am at 5.5 ml - I still am hungry in the morning and reckon I could eat normal sized meals - but my willpower tells me not to. Also I don't have to eat slowly at this point. I am going back again next week for another adjustment - and like you, can't wait for that "no thanks, I don't feel like eating that" feeling.
  5. JenJen

    Green zone?

    Thanks for that all. I am hungry alot of the time even after I have eaten - so I reckon I am a way off yet ...hence my weight loss has been minimal, and I am relying on my will power - and we all know how great that is! Cheers! Jen
  6. JenJen

    Green zone?

    Hi all I have a 10ml band - what is the general consensus of the amount of fill that should get you into the green zone? Mine is 5.5ml right now but I still don't think I am there......
  7. JenJen

    8 weeks in

    Hi there everyone Well I have had a number of adjustments now and am up to 5.5 mls. The thing is that I don;t feel much different really, and can still eat with relative speed and do have hunger. So I think I am not quite there yet. I do feel that I don't eat as much as I was used to - but not sure whether that's my "will power" or the band - I certainly don;t have that feeling of "I don't feel like it, thanks you". So will be back to the surgeon on 18th June to see what he says! I have a 10ml band - what is the general consensus of the amount of fill that should get you into the green zone? Jen
  8. JenJen

    It's not looking good...

    Don't beat yourself up! Life is for living and you now have a tool that will be by your side forever to help you stay on track! That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't "live a little" - even skinny people do it At the end of the day it's the 80/20 rule - so make sure you have those days so you never feel like you are missing out on anything!
  9. JenJen

    Day 35

    Well it has been a while since I blogged! I had my first fill last week (1ml - now up to 3 mls) - and I must say it has made no difference. I lost 7Kgs during Optifast and the first 2 weeks after surgery, but now starting to gain a little as it is like there is no band in there! Hungry most of the time (you know, like normal) Can eat anything can eat as fast as I like No repercussions! I know I am supposed to be following the guidelines - its just way too hard when it is 100% willpower. So I asked the surgeon, who advised that the slow fills will make not much of a difference until it suddenly "takes off" when you hit the green zone. Hope it doesn't take too long to get there - I feel like it will never happen! Anyway - I'll keep y'all posted!
  10. JenJen

    Not such a great week

    I know - I am now getting hungrier every day! I see the surgeon on 14th May - so another 2 weeks. Hope I don;t eat too much before then! Am trying to stay focused!
  11. JenJen

    Back to gym

    Thanks - and yup have a call into the surgeon to get his opinion Of course thats the way to go!
  12. JenJen

    Back to gym

    Hi all I am now over 2 weeks past my op and feeling fine! Question is, when is it ok to go back to gym to do some classes (not any weights of course), and also would keep well away from crunches....
  13. JenJen

    Day 13

    Well - back at work now, and delighted to be eating Mushy food as of today! I am so over soup and yoghurt drinks! So since tomorrow is Anzac day it will be red wine (the first drink in 3 weeks) and Shepherds Pie for lunch whilst we watch the footy in the arvo! From a health perspective, still having "stitch" pains and the port is quite delicate - although not infected or anything. Still heaps of gas I reckon, and it's impossible to burp! When I try, i just sort of hiccup and that sends a shooting pain to my left shoulder. How very weird. I went to the Clinic and had my checkup, and the nurse tells me that this is all normal type pain whilst you are still healing. Can't wait for the pain to be gone! Of course by then I will be dealing with a more restricted band - so I spose I should be careful what i wish for! Starting to get a bit hungrier now as the days roll on. First fill is 14th May - another exciting chapter in the book of the band
  14. JenJen

    Need more mushie ideas

    Can of El Paso Mexican Refried beans, mixed with some light sour cream and medium salsa - all heated up in the microwave - delish!
  15. JenJen

    Day 6

    Correct! I was definitely crazy!