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  1. think I need a little out..... sick of being able to eat nothing but sliders....... fed up with trying and then pbing...........

    1. Little_Birdie


      Definitely do it! I had the same experience last week. It was horrible trying to get by for a week PBing every single bit of food. I was scared to get any taken out, thinking I'd just go nuts again being too loose, but it was the best thing. Only had 0.2ml taken out, but hallelujah! Food only getting stuck now if I forget to chew enough... Good luck.

    2. kazbo


      have you tried having a warm drink around 30 mins before eating? It can help.

    3. mindset


      Thanks, lovely peeples! I have tried the warm drink and changing my sitting position etc... but no real luck! I see my surgeon again this week... so I will run it past him. I certainly lose more weight when i can eat more and more healthily. I am finding I can't have anything at breakfast, and then maybe soup / yoghurt at lunch.... nothing remotely solid til evening... then I can manage slop (if I am lucky and exceedingly careful). Just want to be able to feel a little "norm...