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  1. mindset

    Comparison Photo...bloody hell!

    Weird, isn't it? That the same body can be so many shapes and sizes, depending on the coating we give it?! You were always pretty... but reckon you probably feel better, inside and out now and will probably have added a much easier healthier old age to your life!! Give yourself a pat on the back, you clever, motivated young thing, you!! Aloha !! Hawaii approaches! xxxx xxxxxx Well done.
  2. mindset

    With a Yoga Mat Slung Over My Shoulder

    Love it! So pleased for you - and for your daughter who will have her amazing mum around for longer! Lovely to find things that are mutually beneficial and that you can both enjoy xxxxx Wish I lived nearer you guys! LOL xxxxx
  3. mindset

    Judgement Over Portion Sizes

    ** Gone quietly with Angel Butterfly.....** LOL.......
  4. mindset

    Suggestions Please

    Go back and talk to your surgeon..... you need this sorted out. I feel for you
  5. mindset

    Alcohol post banding

    Can't really see any logical reasons why it should...... (but then, I also can't see any logical reason why I should be able to eat something one day and eat the same thing the next day and it gets stuck!!) Hope you are managing to enjoy your holiday!!
  6. mindset

    Judgement Over Portion Sizes

    You can't win, don't you know that yet!? As you say - I think you have worked out what works for you - don't know why people have to comment!! My other half will comment when I eat "careful!" or "ummm, that mouthful looked a bit big, wasn't it?" or "slowly..." He says he is trying to be helpful, as he knows I am frequently getting stuck (Surgeon thinks I might be a bit tight - gastroscopy tomorrow!) but it is REALLY annoying!!! Continue to smile sweetly and , as you say, think nasty thoughts! Maybe suggest they worry about their own intake instead of yours!! But - do remember - you can't win! lol.
  7. mindset

    Fluttering by..........

    Fly, little butterfly! LOL! Enjoy your break....and I want pics of that bungee jump!! xxx
  8. mindset

    Alcohol post banding

    I too thought that i wasn't to have any bubbles or fizz- so re-clarified it with my surgeon... he said that "low bubbles" were better... like spring water drinks and tonic / soda water rather than the pepsi max / coke type - (which you can drink fast to make you pb apparently!) If others are drunk, it was suggested to me not too many, too often and stir them around to let them go flatter, then drink in sips not gulps!! Ahhhhh- the first G &T was lovely!! and now I can have white wine and soda... or a lemon, lime and bitters if driving
  9. mindset

    March 2014

    Hi guys! Like everyone else, I have been busy at work and hit the 6 month blues (as it seems everyone also has!) Again, like y'all - my weight loss seems to have slowed to a crawl- but not surprised, as i still cant eat more than 3 mouthfuls of anything without getting stuck, (until around 10 pm... I can eat more then if i am really careful!) but, of course, cheese singles, cup a soup or chips or chocolate will go down - when i would REALLY rather eat a small steak and salad!!! Yumm .... So, i am a little fed up still at pres! My surgeon feels I am probably a little too tight... but won't take any out until after a gastroscopy to check things out and make sure that there is no Halicobactor Pylori bug or anything there making the rest of the stomach swell whilst the band is restricting it... hence pb ing... When I asked why he would even suspect that, he said why not? he has had it a couple of times and it settles with antibiotics....! (The suspicious part of me wonders if it has anything to do with private health insurance.......!??!!) Had to delay the first one as work was crazy... so it's now planned for this Friday...... Really looking forward to the prospect of eating healthy food again. Like Jelly, (but for different reasons!) I nearly just put myself back on Optifast, as if i can't eat - why keep trying?? I do keep trying- then it hurts everytime cause it gets stuck..... grrrrr......... Anyway - I am looking forward to a fix up!! Riar - glad your port fixer upper went well - and look at you!! Half way there on your counter - well done, keep plodding!! Jelly Belly - the mind is an insidious thing! That's partly how we all got here in the first place!! If going back onto the Optifast helps you get your Mojo back - I would do it (even though that's prob not the recommended use!) as long as when you come off it, you don't worry when a little weight goes back on. I mean, we all know that a small, balanced healthy diet and exercise is the key (but if we could all force our bodies and minds into that in the first place we would all be" perfect! and if our bodies reacted in the way we want them to, they would be perfect!!") Good luck! Find that Mojo! May Lace- love your mindset! that's probably the way to go! We have all lost between 10 and 37 kgs or so - not insignificant - just the initial flush has worn off now and now i think we want to "be there!!" (like the wonderful TishTish)- well i know I do... Haven't been here for a while - but now reading your updates - I realise I have missed seeing how you Guys are faring and seeing that this journey isn't only mine - so thanks once again! Life gets a bit hectic and carries you away! Go well, March buddies. Glad you are all there and relatively healthy in body and mind!
  10. mindset

    March 2014

    Oh, no....sucks. hope it clears up quickly xxxx
  11. ha!! you can go off some people you know!!! lol.
  12. mindset

    March 2014

    It never rains but it pours. Glad you are out and recovering. Sounds like a good job they found all this - I don't think I would worry about the weight at the moment - just concentrate on getting well again. Sucks that you still have another op to "look forward to". Hope the pain gets under control......it can get soooo wearing (Mind you.... smarties...... ummmmmm ) Keep getting well, Bella. xxx
  13. I think there are pros and cons to all procedures and you will always find people who have wonderful success stories and those who have known or heard of horror stories too. Making your choice is not easy - but bear in mind that each person is different and that someone elses experience will not necessarily (obviously) be yours. You might well have a great experience with either - or you might have every complication known to man. All I can say is, maybe work out the best case scenario and then the worst case.... (you will probably be somewhere in the middle)... but decide - if you were the worst case-( not death, but e.g. tube feeding forever) could you live with that? Is it worth that risk to you? If not.. and it is not a risk that you are willing to take - then don't go for it!! If it is worth the risk and it is something that would be a huge improvement to your life - then go ahead. Just make sure you are as informed as possible and willing to take the possible rough with the smooth. All the best.
  14. mindset

    March 2014

    Good grief! Hope all goes well, Bella. All the very best.
  15. think I need a little out..... sick of being able to eat nothing but sliders....... fed up with trying and then pbing...........

    1. Little_Birdie


      Definitely do it! I had the same experience last week. It was horrible trying to get by for a week PBing every single bit of food. I was scared to get any taken out, thinking I'd just go nuts again being too loose, but it was the best thing. Only had 0.2ml taken out, but hallelujah! Food only getting stuck now if I forget to chew enough... Good luck.

    2. kazbo


      have you tried having a warm drink around 30 mins before eating? It can help.

    3. mindset


      Thanks, lovely peeples! I have tried the warm drink and changing my sitting position etc... but no real luck! I see my surgeon again this week... so I will run it past him. I certainly lose more weight when i can eat more and more healthily. I am finding I can't have anything at breakfast, and then maybe soup / yoghurt at lunch.... nothing remotely solid til evening... then I can manage slop (if I am lucky and exceedingly careful). Just want to be able to feel a little "norm...