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  1. Want2bfree

    August Challenge!

    Its been such a busy month. Happy to report a loss of 1.2 kgs I've been going to te gym a lot and started lifting weights and although the scale doesn't show much improvement I've lost he's of cm's. Happy Days! Contragts to everyone that tried last month. Measuring oneself is a much better indication than the scales .
  2. Want2bfree

    August Challenge!

    Sign me up too. Starting weight as of this morning 70.2 Aiming for a loss of 2 kgs. Happy Days!
  3. Want2bfree

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I'm able to run for 10 km non-stop.
  4. Want2bfree


    Dear Determined, I think you are doing really well with your food choices and yes your probably hungrier because all the swelling is coming down. It's takes a lot of strength to make the right choices and you are doing that. I certainly don't believe that chicken is would be harmful if our hungry. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine. But I know he wants me to succeed because he has seen the struggle. I'm sure his advice comes from the heart and its hard to accept that they just mean the best. Sometimes they just don't understand. I sometimes feel judged when he never does. By the sounds of it you are doing great and having kids running around, a house to clean, a husband can be overwhelming. Once you get your fill I suppose the hunger will back off a little. I'm almost at the end of my 1st week. Still on liquids and I can feel I could stomach more but it's hard to differentiate if I'm really hungry or I think I'm hungry because my soup/shake was so small. I'm still trying to figure it out. Hang in there. I'm sure he loves you but sometimes they don't know when to step back. Have a great weekend your doing great!
  5. Want2bfree

    March 2014

    Hi girls, It's great to hear some good results and to those who scales haven't moved, hang in there, they will. I was thinking about the dressings. Mine are still one and tomorrow will be day 5 so I might remove the top ones? (So confused about this part). I over did it a bit today. Cleaning and stuff. Had to jump to bed again. I'm eating more but haven't craved food at all. It's weird I keep thinking I should be starving what's going on?? For breakfast ill have 1/2 optifast, later some prune juice. For lunch soup which is about 100ml. Have to remind my self not to drink water when I eat. Later in the afternoon I have some runny yoghurt in a ramekin which is half full and have enjoyed it very much. I'll try to drink some free tea during the day and keep drinking the rest of my water. I'm having soup for dinner again as I've run out of Optifast. I've bought this http://www.greatideas.net.au/pp-bariatrics-porcelain-pack.html which hopefully will help me a bit more during my journey. My bowel movements are getting better I think, still taking the fiber and degas tablet. Sorry TMI . Not sure if the rumbling is gas or my insides are screaming for food . Either or so far so good. Hang in there it will get better.
  6. Want2bfree

    53 Kgs Gone!

    Amazing results. Well done.
  7. I got banded by Dr Dolan. He's great. It didn't take long at all. It all depends on how many they have already. My insurance covered most I'm with MDP. the out of pocket cost was $1500 + $170 initial consultation, $200 for the anesthetist, and another $130 for the dietitian I think. Which was very helpful. Glengarry hospital was were I got it done. The staff was great. My surgery went great. Was expecting more pain. I'm on day 3 post op and I feel fairly well but have been sleeping a lot. Trying to get my energy back. I'm own liquid clear diet and so far so old. Best decision I took. There's no going back. All the best.
  8. Want2bfree

    The very beginning

    Hi Jen Jen, my stats are very similar to yours. I' m not morbidly obese but I am OBESE my BMI was 32 and after years of yo yo dieting finally took the courage to get my life under control again. I've go about 26 -30 kgs to be on the healthy range which I was able to do if I follow a diet and a very intense gym routine but fell off the wagon every time. Which pushed my weight higher and higher each time. I even go 90 kilos without being pregnant when my average weight has always been around 55, 65. I'm so glad I haven't felt discriminated against because I'm not morbidly obese on the contrary from the doctor, the nurses, my husband, people in this forum have been of great help. This is the time for us. No more excuses. To a lifelong of healthy living. Good luck. I'm on day 3 and haven't had any major setbacks. Just being really tired. Lillypilly hopefully liquid stage will get better. Mind over matter. You can do this.
  9. Want2bfree

    March 2014

    Hello everyone, Just got up from bed. I have to say I was expecting to be worse. Day 1 went very quickly, after surgery I just slept the entire time. Didn't feel much pain but discomfort. The staff at Glengarry hospital were amazing, had a private room and they were so nice to me, encouraging and not judgmental at all. It was great. I had no shoulder pain nor felt bloated or nauseous. Nothing. I can't believe how lucky I am so far. Yesterday I only had sips of water, didn't feel hungry at all. Today I tried a bit of soup but I had about a teaspoon very slowly but didn't feel like having anymore. Still drinking about 1 1 /2 of water a day and started drinking tea maybe I'll give soup another try for dinner. So far I haven't felt hungry at all which it's good I suppose. Being taking my vitamins, the fibre and a degas oil which I thought might get stock but because its so small it was fine. I haven't jumped on the scales yet but I'll try to do it tomorrow. I walk so sloooowww. It's funny. Dr Dolan came to see before I left the hospital and said everything went great. Completely forgot to ask if my band had any fill. Maybe I'll call the office and find out. Lillypilly I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum being there for you. It's to be hard. Glad to hear your band is working. You'll be a success I'm sure. Katjack what a good feeling to try those jeans agains and being able to fit. Well done! Colleen 3 Kms? Awesome my walking pace is snail at the moment maybe in a few days I'll walk normal . Audacious you are so right this is our time and I don't have any regrets. Good luck to everyone and keep updating this group it's been a great way to get encouragement and advice. Keep strong we'll get there
  10. Want2bfree

    March 2014

    Morning all, I have to say you girls have been fantastic and have made the start of this journey a very pleasant one. My surgery has Ben moved for tomorrow. Sooooo quick. Anyways, I think I'm ready, got my vitamins, degas, soluble panadol, fibre, Chapstick, optifast, am I missing anything? Just got off the phone. The hospital nurse was nice and went through what to expect in the morning. It's exciting times for me. Thank you for contributing your stories, they have been the highlight of my day
  11. Want2bfree

    10 Kilos down

    Michellin tyre haha, thats how i feel. You made me laugh. I'm booked for tomorrow. Finally it's happening. It was so quick. No time to chicken out. As well as you my problem has always been portions size. You are doing really well with the weight loss. The nutritionist said I should try to loose the weight slowly rather than quickly because I'll be loosing muscle weight as well. She has recommended to start exercising as soon as Dr Dolan approves but to take walks 3 or 4 times a week. Once I feel up to I think I'll try crossfit. Why not right?
  12. Want2bfree

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    Hi girls, Got my appointment today with Dr. Dolan. My BMI is 32 not extremely but high enough to put me on the Obese category. I'm booked for the 4th of April. I can't wait. To be in control again would make my life soo much better. I'll let you all know how I go.
  13. Want2bfree

    March 2014

    Newbie_band: You sound a lot like me . I'm so glad to hear he's understanding. Really looking forward to Thursday. Best of luck for your life changing moment. I'm sure looking forward to that. Take care.
  14. Want2bfree

    March 2014

    Hi, newbie_band, I'm seeing Dr. Dolan on Thursday. I hope he can help my food addiction, it's just out of control! Did you have to wait long to get a date for the surgery? Is he nice? I'm so scared. Fingers crossed for Thursday. I'm a secret bander. Haven't told a soul. Being reading the treads on this site and has helped a lot. I can't believe the similarities between some people's experiences and me when it comes to food. Good luck on your op.