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  1. apostrophe

    Food Porn :)

    Haha, yeah, goat's cheese is da bomb!!!
  2. apostrophe

    Food Porn :)

    I've been quietly following this thread and thought I'd add some porn of my own! Had this five-bean bake in a cafe a few weeks ago and wanted to re-create it. It's a delicious winter comfort food and good for banders as it's high in protein and doesn't require loads of chewing! The recipe is here - I substituted godlen syrup for molasses and used a tin of baked bean & ham instead of pork & beans which we can't get here. Also, you can used virtually any five tinned beans - I used cannelini, chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans. The recipe gives a slow-cooker option, so I popped in on last night at 10pm and it was ready this morning. Enjoyed it for lunch with a sprinkle of goat's cheese. Yummo. http://www.bhg.com/recipe/five-bean-bake/
  3. apostrophe

    Feeling completely over it

    I'm sorry to hear you are so frustrated, although the eating limitations you describe sound (mostly) pretty normal to me. Personally, I can't process rice, pasta, hot chips - I just can't chew them down enough to get past the band. Exceptions are risotto, where the rice is very soft (not al dente). Likewise, bolognese is fine, just no spag. To me, these are just things you have to give up post-band. When you say "after a couple of mouthfuls", I wonder if your mouthfuls are tiny and you're chewing reallly slowly. Speaking for myself, I struggle with this at every meal. Supposedly, we should stick to eating tiny mouthfuls with an oyster fork, and chew it for a full minute. I think this is really hard to achieve - especially when you are eating with other people, and especially when you want to wolf something down! But, again, it is a fact of the band. If I didn't stick with this regime (roughly), I would bring up the food too after a few mouthfuls. I'll admit that eating out is not as fun as it used to be - forget all-you-can-eat places or degustation menus!!! But I find it all small price to pay for the weight loss.
  4. apostrophe

    Learning to love the weight you are

    This is such a useful/interesting discussion. I've read about a hundred times on this forum about how te band is not a magic wand. It absolutely IS my magic wand. I'm still a morbidly obese overeater, just one who now weighs 64.5kg and is in the 'normal' weight range for my height. My brain is still screwed up in exactly the same ways around food and eating as I was pre-band at a BMI of 42, but the band keeps my eating and hunger in check so that my body and health no longer pay the price of my abnormal relationship to food. But I do feel healthier both physically and psychologically. I can do a strenuous gym class without even getting terribly out of breath. Just running around without that extra 45kg makes a HUGE difference. And a lot of the psychological baggage is gone regarding how embarrassed I was to walk down the street, how I had trouble negotiating physical things (eg getting out of the car, carrying my kids). Knowing I can walk to the closet and just pick from a range of outfits without an ounce of anxiety is mindblowingly liberating. Just not having to think about how little I have that fits me (like before). And not stressing about how much willpower it will take to resist eating what I want at the next meal... So I have a fat "brain", just not the body to match - that gets me 95% of the way towards contentment. It's funny how everyone's body types must differ though - I'm a size 14 at 64.5kg and 5ft3. I've just slipped into the top of the normal BMI for my height. So the Dr who says to aim for size 10-12, I'd be borderline underweight. I do think I'm a bit gaunt and bony at this weight too and am getting a small unfill on Thursday so I can put on a kilo or so. I genuinely look and feel better in the lower overweight BMI range. I think it's interesting that Prof Paul O'Brien at CBS sets their goal BMI for patients at 27, which is in the overweight range. He says that ALL obesity-related health issues are eradicated once you get down to that BMI. So any weight loss below 27 is not health-related, but purely cosmetic.
  5. apostrophe

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Now that I'm at goal weight, I'm loving wearing beigey/fawny/tonal colours. I used to LIVE in black. Now I've got white capris and white skinny jeans. Whoa.
  6. apostrophe

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Skeeter, I hear you! My boobs are so a non-starter now! I used to think I had a decent rack before...now I realise it was just because I was fat. Still, I'd rather be a 14A than an 18B... Also means I can wear singlet tops without a second thought. Love that.
  7. It's funny; I feel the opposite. Now that I'm down to 85kg, I feel (and think I look) a million bucks...even though I thought I was fat and horrible when I was this weight years ago. With the photo thing, I was disappointed with earlier weightloss photos as well...give it a few more kilos and take some more pics - better yet, compare it to your presurgery pics and you will see what a difference you've made.
  8. apostrophe

    3 months post-op, 50% to goal

    Band, eggzy82
  9. apostrophe

    3 months post-op, 50% to goal

    Thanks, Idoneit. Actually, it's a maternity nightie! Wanted to pick something I could wear throughout the 'photo shoots' - haha!
  10. I felt sure I would never do this - post before/after photos online - but I'm feeling great about what I've achieved so far and how much better I already look! I was very sceptical when Prof O'Brien's clinic told me I would lose 1/3 of my excess weight in the first three months. As it turned out, I lost 50% instead of 33%! The photos on the left were taken the morning of surgery on 2 June 2014, weighing 110.5kg. The photos on the right were taken yesterday (8 Sept 2014), weighing 86.1kg. Still another 20-odd kg to go, but I couldn't be happier.
  11. apostrophe

    Australian Idol has the sleeve - Kate D'Aurugo

    I love how they say she got a gastric sleeve "fitted". LOL
  12. apostrophe

    Band not working???

    Hi Jwelcome90, I'm 10.5 weeks post-band and now have 7ml in a 10ml band. That is not to say you need that much fill, but I'm just letting you know that this is how much fill puts me in the green zone. As HotelLobbyMusic says, 4ml works for her. I had 4ml put in at surgery and I was starving all the time. Then I had another 1ml put in, then another 1ml two weeks later. 6ml still didn't cut it. After my earlier fills, I felt fuller in the days after but that wore off/settled down by the end of two weeks. So I had small fills after that - just 0.25ml at a time until I got to 7ml. Now I'm in a good place. The way I judged that I needed more fill was that I was hungry early in the morning, hungry between meals. I might be full after a meal but I'd still be looking around for snacks. So, personally I think you sound like you need more fill - even if it's just a 0.5ml or 0.25ml at a time. If you tell your medical team how you're feeling, I'm sure they will come to the same conclusion! I know the band is 'just a tool', but frankly I think it's more than that. It's a physical barrier to my overeating. Sure, I can fill up on sliders but I don't do that. Because the band makes it so much easier to feel full and avoid hunger, it gives me the strength to resist chocolate and icecream, my former binge foods. I will say that although I feel I'm in the red zone, I can still eat red meat and bread and soft drinks (diet) too. Just verrrry slowly!
  13. I asked my dietician what she thought about the sleeve and told me it is inevitable that the sleeve will gradually stretch to accommodate larger and larger portions so weight gain is quite likely. She said sleevers who do regain the weight often end up getting a band as well. I know that lots of people have great success with the sleeve and it works for them for a number of lifestyle reasons. Personally, any weight loss surgery seemed like a big deal to me, but I was more comfortable with the band than the permanent excision of most of my stomach if I opted for the sleeve. Like Bridgey, I have had a wonderful experience with the band so far. No reflux, no side-effects to speak of except a few stuck moments (preventable) and great weight loss! I can eat almost anything if I chew it really well. I'm also aware that other people haven't had such an easy run of it as I had. At the end of the day, you're augmenting the body with something artificial so it's not going to go seamlessly for everybody. It took a few fills to get to the green zone, but this adjustability is what I consider to be its greatest strength. I'm now in the green zone and have no more appointments booked with the Dr until my 6mo checkup, but know that I can go in for a fill any time if I feel I need to.
  14. apostrophe

    June 2014

    So just an update from me... I've been banded 10.5 weeks and have lost 18kg, which is 40% to goal. Feeling pretty spesh...
  15. apostrophe

    Weighing in, scales etc

    Knew I had to buy a new set of bathroom scales as the set we've had for over a decade is temperamental and tends to weigh you at the low end (so it's a disappointment when you weigh in at fill appointments!). Purchased the FitBit Aria mentioned above and it's great! It syncs over your home Wi-Fi to your free FitBit online dashboard so it tracks your weight loss, BMI and body fat percentage over time. Data is also accessible from the free FitBit phone app. It automatically recognises the different members of your household (up to 8 people) and sends the info to their own account. Wow! The FitBit account also allows you to track calories in and calories burned - it syncs with your FitBit wristband, if you have one too. Might have more bells and whistles than some people want, but it appealed to the geek in me It's around $170+ at most places, but Officeworks and Dick Smith currently sell it for under $150. http://www.dicksmith.com.au/health-fitness/fitbit-aria-wi-fi-smart-scale-dsau-a8323