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  1. t_elle

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Ok I fell off the wagon a few months back, work got to me big time and I had a month off on stress leave. As I am totally an emotional eater chocolate became my best friend again and I gained 2.5kgs so it's back on the wagon and I've just started reading through this thread. Thanks for the motivation girls I'm now armed with a bunch of recipes and good sites and will be making some drastic adjustments to my diet. Watch this butt er space!
  2. t_elle

    Advice for loved ones

    Yep they were bringing the food around way too fast. It was also mostly pork and I don't eat pork, the only thing I could eat were the prawn dishes and the first one I ate was tough and chewy so instant stuck moment and no more eating for me. I did have a mango coconut pudding thing at the end, I was so hungry by that point... I have requested we not go back to that restaurant.
  3. t_elle

    Who did you tell?

    I told everyone, what other people think of me is none of my business One person tried to shame me but I quickly turned it back on them and told them "damned if you do damned if you don't with you isn't it, you commented before surgery that I was too fat and should do something, now I have done something about it you feel the need to provide negative comments as well? Somehow I don't think the issue is with me so if you have nothing nice or productive to say then say nothing thanks" it was actually one of my bosses she didn't quite know what to say. I did approach her later and said sorry if you took offense to what I was saying but you were commenting on my personal situation not work so I'm sorry but you got what you deserved. She told me she hadn't even realised she was being so negative and was ashamed of herself. Since then she's been quite encouraging, so don't be afraid to put the naysayers back in their boxes!
  4. t_elle


    I didn't have a catheter, are you having Dr Dolan? I think I had paper knickers I really can't remember but got up and went to the loo when I needed to. I would have asked not to have a catheter if it was going to happen I don't like them!
  5. t_elle

    Advice for loved ones

    I'm quite honest with friends and family they know I can only eat a small amount and if I politely excuse myself from the table they don't ask why and there's no awkwardness. (stuck moments) I have discovered recently avoid Dim Sum/Yum Cha you have to eat too fast it didn't end well...
  6. t_elle

    Dietician BMI Joondalup Perth

    I haven't seen the dietitian yet, I know you can't claim them on Medicare so that's why you would pay but I think you can claim some of it back from your PHI. I've slipped recently too much stress with work but am getting back on track and will be paying them a visit in the very near future.
  7. t_elle

    Dietician BMI Joondalup Perth

    Hi Dawn, Dr Dolan banded me in Feb 2014 and I did find I didn't get a lot of motivation from his clinic afterwards. As far as the surgery went though I can't fault him and would recommend him to anyond. I have since attended the BMI clinic and been very impressed. I need to go back and visit soon and get some more motivation. Their advice is really good and very thorough they weigh you on some fancy scales that give you your muscle mass, fat content etc. Then they give you the information relating to these that you need to eat. For me it's avoid carbs after lunch, and they are so right! Best of all they bulk bill for any fills! Tina
  8. t_elle

    Slightly cheesed off.

    You could also be carrying quite a bit of fluid so you may find a bit more weight loss coming your way still. I get really puffy and swollen with strong painkillers (bloated) so you never know!
  9. t_elle

    constant stitch

    Definitely tell your surgeon just in case, I know mine took ages to settle. I'd taken up kayaking just before my surgery which apparently made the muscles quite a bit firmer (I had some abs under the flubber apparently!) but it made it take longer for the port to settle. Every now and then I do something and get that familiar stitch feeling back again.
  10. t_elle

    constant stitch

    Hi, How long since your surgery? I had a stitch feeling for the first 6 weeks and it settled. Mine was between my left boob and my port site (left side)
  11. t_elle

    Explaining how the band works

    I send them to the website of my surgeon it explains everything for them. Makes them do some research and understand.
  12. t_elle

    Stuck moments and PB'ing

    I can't drink and eat at all, I have to wait probably 10 - 15 minutes after a meal before I can have a drink.
  13. t_elle

    banded 3 weeks ago

    I got hungry about that stage as well, make sure your water intake is good as well - your body can't tell hunger from thirst so sometimes you think your hungry but a big drink of water will help (or more small sips in this case!) You won't have a lot of restriction at this stage so the hunger is a mind over matter battle, remember to eat slowly and chew. Also contact your dietitian for some advice as well. Chewing gum can help with the hunger too.
  14. t_elle


    I have an app on my phone to track my periods because my cycle isn't that predictable, it's called p tracker and it just installs a little pink flower icon on your phone you can put a pin number in to stop anyone accidentally opening it. I like it because I can also make notes like at different stages of my cycle to keep track, I've had some issues lately and my Dr was pretty impressed I had a few months of notes to go back on and helped work out what might be going on. I've also started to record my weight when it suddenly goes up just before my period and discovered it takes about 3 - 4 days to go back to normal.
  15. t_elle


    If it's around that time of the month expect all sorts of fluctuation it drives me nuts for about a week. I also found Jenny Craig has no margin of error, you have one meal off and it throws it all out, I also gained back any weight I ever lost on JC and then some every time. So yep stick with your plan to be banded and watch your sugar intake (even the fake sugars!)
  16. t_elle

    Trying to find a surgeon in Perth

    That does sound high, my overall out of pocket expenses including anaesthetist were $2500 I honestly can't remember who my knock out Dr was, I went through Dr Dolan though if that helps. Maybe call his office and ask who it is?
  17. t_elle

    Flying and surgery - removing fill

    I flew to Sydney from Perth in late Feb and I had issues once I landed in Sydney and ended up recently having fill removed. In my opinion if you have your band fairly tight then I would have some taken out if you're going on longish flight. Per - Syd is only 5 hours but it was enough to cause me some issues.
  18. t_elle

    BMI surgeons

    I saw both of them too What time were you there? 12:30 I was there. It's great to walk out feeling really reassured and encouraged.
  19. t_elle

    Metabolic age

    They're pretty snazzy scales aren't they! They didn't tell me my biological age I must ask next time I go
  20. t_elle

    Metabolic age

    Your weight, metabolism, muscle mass etc all play a part in this. Losing weight, improving your metabolism and increasing your muscle mass will all help bring this down so good on you for doing something positive for your body! Wait till you start seeing this improve!
  21. t_elle

    BMI surgeons

    I was there yesterday for a fill, I didn't have my surgery with them but have been going there for an unfill and a fill recently. I always come out feeling good and confident, their aftercare is really encouraging!
  22. t_elle

    How to get over someone insulting your weight.

    Perhaps his aggressive, angry demeanor is to compensate for his own little body issues.... hehe
  23. Why do I ask you this? Well it's not to see who has had the biggest issues or to pry into the deep dark corners of peoples lives, it's something I do when life seems like a challenge and a problem I just can't see myself getting around looms in front of me. I ask myself what are the hardest things I've overcome so far? Once I think about it I realise what I'm facing now is not the hardest thing I've overcome and remind myself I'm stronger, smarter and tougher than I think so just keep going and this too shall pass! So tell me some of these things: What have you overcome and how did you do it? How has it changed the way you face things now? What did you learn about yourself? What would you do differently if faced with a similar situation now?
  24. t_elle

    Consult date

    For my first appointment the surgeon discussed the different options i.e. band, sleeve etc. He weighed and measured me and worked out my BMI to make sure I was in the range which I was only just. Then he discussed how it works, demonstrated the band and went through the after diet. I didn't have to have an ultrasound so can't help with that. Sometimes they recommend a visit with a psych just to discuss the journey ahead etc.
  25. t_elle


    Hi Granny, are you at the mushy stage or proper food stage? I would imagine the chunky setting would have the meat pretty tender so should be easy to chew and digest. Slow cooked meats are pretty easy to consume just remember small bites and chew chew chew!