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    Foods that your mind will not let you eat.

    Similar to Ozchick sometimes the sheer size of the meals I see people eating makes me feel full already and I actually find I eat less when I go out than I do at home. I can't believe I used to be able to eat meals that size and then still try to cram more in.
  2. t_elle

    food suggestions

    I've lost 1kg in the last week by seriously monitoring how much sugar I've been consuming. There's a great app for your phone by BUPA called Foodswitch - you scan the barcode of a product and it tells you how much fat, sugar etc is in a product. If the sugar is orange or red don't eat it! I went to the BMI clinic and they put me onto the app I've really only started using it this week but have been quite shocked at how much sugar I was consuming. They did tell me to ignore the fat section of the app, the new findings coming out are that sugar is the big evil and fats are not so bad.
  3. t_elle

    Advice needed

    They took 1ml of fluid out and the bad reflux I had (was waking me up choking at night time) disappeared straight away along with the mouthfuls of food I was constantly bringing up. I do think I need to go back and get .5ml of fluid back in but for the moment I'm just enjoying feeling "normal" for a little bit. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to go back and see them. BMI Clinic is the one in Perth I'm not sure if they have any offices anywhere else. Perhaps a NSW person can help you out with that?
  4. t_elle

    Advice needed

    It actually sounds like your band is too tight, I had this recently and lost little to no weight whilst struggling with it. Which state are you in? Financially I was struggling to afford to go back and see my surgeon and found a clinic here in Perth that bulk bills. They also give really good nutritional advice and monitor you, I felt a bit awkward asking questions of my surgeon too and the dietitian was expensive the clinic Dr does all that too. Perhaps see if you can find something similar near you?
  5. My favourite food (other than chocolate) before banding was bread, it was my goto food. I can still eat bread but it takes so long and I just don't crave it any more, now it's fresh food with vibrant flavours you savour every mouthful enjoying the bursts of flavour coming from what you're eating. Slow cooked beef cheeks from Toledo in Vic Pk are heaven in my mouth and I eat a small amount of it but just enjoying every mouthful is a pleasure.
  6. Yeah I threw her plan out a bit... I'm highly allergic to eggs....
  7. t_elle

    10 weeks post op blues

    Hey Kikiyep, I was having issues last year and came across the 8 Golden Rules of Lap Banding post in the FAQ section of the forum. The videos really answered a few questions and helped me with a few things I wasn't doing quite right or had just forgotten. They are YouTube videos and I really recommend watching them, you may still go ahead with the sleeve but work with what you have for the moment. Here's the link to the videos: (part 1 of 4) (part 2 of 4) There's links to the side of the videos with the remaining parts to watch. I hope you find them useful and they answer any questions you have, if not - use the forum that's what we're all here for!
  8. I would definitely recommend 2 weeks particularly if your job is physical. I had 2 weeks off and it was a good 10 days before I felt "normal" again. I took my dog for a walk 6 days after surgery and had to call my son to come pick me up as I was too sore. Usually I bounce back pretty quickly from things but I was definitely more delicate after this surgery.
  9. t_elle

    Foods not suggested.

    Watermelon and mushrooms are two things bound to get stuck. If I'm cooking with mushys I dice them up as much as possible. Watermelon juice is fine and fantastic if you have heartburn I recently discovered!
  10. t_elle

    Multi vitamins after the band

    I think the first ones I had to take were Nature's Way Mini Multi Vitamins no trouble swallowing those!
  11. t_elle

    Drinking and the band

    The lowest calorie alcoholic beverage is vodka lime and soda (or gin) which is my drink of choice. I haven't had an issue with the fizzy side of things but am definitely much more of a lightweight than I ever was.
  12. I went to Sydney for work at the end of February and from the day after I landed I couldn't eat a thing, everything was getting stuck even fluids. I put it down to flying and tried to just sip fluids slowly and eat if I could - which was really nothing. The flight home I was really uncomfortable and barely managed a few sips of water, had to visit the teeny tiny bathrooms a couple of times after trying to eat. It took a good day and a half before I started feeling better when I got home and I'd put myself onto Optifast and soups by that stage, sipped/eaten slowly. But it seemed to work. Then I started getting a lot more stuck moments, I made sure I chewed everything really well, ate slowly, avoided my known "sticky" foods but weird things would get stuck. A couple of weeks later driving to work drinking my morning coffee I burped and ended up with a (this is gross) a mouthful of curdled milk. Very weird, it also was combined with my morning multi vitamin which had fish oil in it so even worse... I had just started taking a new multi so put it down to that and started taking my multi at lunch time not breakfast time. Fast forward a few weeks and many many more stuck moments and now drinking black coffee or coffee with lactose free milk to avoid the curdled milk stage I start to get a bit of reflux after my evening dinner. Nothing too drastic but I probably should have gone to the surgeon then. I didn't... A couple of weeks later I'm about to go to sleep and next minute I'm violently coughing and choking with reflux, this happened a few times over a week so yesterday I took myself to the BMI Clinic in Joondalup. I was banded by Dr Dolan but have been wanting to go to BMI for a while. The nurse that saw me first did a weigh and measure and had a chat to me she was really lovely and down to earth, then I went in to see the Dr who was great. She explained a lot to me and went through my weight, muscle, metabolism etc that the fancy scales had given a reading of and explained it all to me in a way that made so much sense. Up till now I really had no clue how many mls I had in my band, I thought may 5ml possibly 5.5ml, turns out I had 6.5mls and it was way too tight. The flight over to Sydney had no doubt affected me in someway and all the things I'd been going through could have been alleviated very easily by removing a bit of fluid. So she's taken 1ml of fluid out reducing it to 5.5 ml, given me some very good advice and a great app to help me monitor the foods I'm eating to make sure I'm getting the right balance of fats, fibres and avoiding the dreaded sugars. Anyway, my message to you all is don't wait too long if you get any of the above symptoms I had (a grape seed got stuck the other day, these things are tiny!) and if you want to try a really good clinic the BMI clinic is great, and my appointment was bulk billed all that great advice, monitoring and an unfill cost me nothing but a swipe of my medicare card.
  13. t_elle

    Well that wasn't pleasant!

    I think for xrays and ultrasounds you would have to go external for these so yeah would have to pay, but the consult may be bulk billed. Give them a call to check and see what they say. I have to say I loved Dr Dolan as a surgeon but have been disappointed with aftercare and advice given I sort of felt a bit cast out into the wild. The Dr at the BMI clinic was so different and gave me so much good advice and the unfill didn't hurt a bit!
  14. t_elle

    Well that wasn't pleasant!

    Hi NB, The app is actually made by BUPA it's called Food Switch. You can scan whatever it is you're looking at and it instantly gives you the nutritional value. As the Dr explained to me and it's something I've been told before, fat isn't the evil we've all been told it was for so long, the bad one is actually sugar. Unfortunately the app is a bit behind in this stakes so often will show the fats in red but ignore that it's the sugars you want to keep and eye on. It eliminates the need to try and translate the teeny tiny panel on the back of food products by giving you all you need to know on your phone screen and offers healthier alternatives. Basically go for higher fats, higher proteins and less sugars.
  15. t_elle

    Injuries caused from being a Bandit.

    Mine isn't visible but I strained my inner thigh over stretching at air yoga oh and seem to have developed tendinitis in my right thumb possibly from air yoga again... Something I wouldn't have done when bigger!
  16. t_elle

    Foods not suggested.

    I've found thin sliced multigrain bread that's toasted is fine, the thicker doughier ones get stuck though. And I avoid the crusts.
  17. t_elle

    Dr Dolan tummy tuck

    Thanks for that info NB, as far as a surgeon goes he was great with my band and I'd recommend him to anyone but I don't know anyone that's had a TT with him. My stomach is a train wreck with stretch marks etc so the scar wouldn't be a big issue for me.
  18. t_elle

    Site Back Up

    Hey Dave, is your house ok? Was there any flood damage?
  19. t_elle

    My progress

    That's great Granny! I found the hunger was often just a habit, a good test of this is going to a buffet style event and you fill your plate only to find you can only eat maybe a small quarter of what's on the plate - just proves the eyes are definitely bigger than the belly in our cases lol
  20. t_elle

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I helped a gf supervise an 18th bday party for her son last night. One of his friends who knows me quite well was talking to me for a while then suddenly went omg... Tina I'm so sorry I just realised it's you, you look fantastic!! He's a really lovely kid so it wasn't meant in a sleazy fashion but definitely an ego boost.
  21. Hey Jazzy, I am conscious of my lap band and sometimes feel a tightness, esp around that time of the month for girls. I don't do kickboxing but do Air Yoga and have found there are a couple of things I can't do mostly because it's a little painful with the silk hammock wrapped around that region. I don't know if the activity would damage the band but the fact that it puts pressure on my band and hurts a bit is enough for me to think maybe not that pose. Yesterday we were hanging upside down and arching our backs so my stomach was quite stretched and I could feel my port area not liking it so eased off a little. I guess it's a case of once again talk to your surgeon and stop if you feel pain.
  22. t_elle


    Not sure if I'm lucky or not but I can still eat Vegemite toast and bread so long as I go slowly... Actually managed steak as well and I have 5.5ml in my band... But yes I can only eat a small amount
  23. t_elle

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Yesterday whilst walking into work I noticed my shadow on the ground, I used to hate seeing that fat old thing following me around, but yesterday I smiled because I like my shadow now. Sounds a bit silly really but now I look for my shadow and feel quite proud of myself
  24. t_elle

    Extremely sore after Lapband

    I totally recommend the pillow trick I did that for a few weeks after my surgery. I have quite a high pain tolerance but do remember it being sore especially at nighttime as I like to sleep on my side. The pillow really helped, and rest was about the only other thing. I did find that the recliner was my comfort zone but I also found that my muscles sort of got used to being in that position so had to get up and get moving as much as it hurt it does help. I did laps of the kitchen and passageway just slowly. Moving also helps get rid of any built up gas which can cause a large amount of the pain.
  25. Thanks for sharing Platy and good on you for speaking up, I too have done the same thing at restaurants and order an entree sized meal to bring out when everyone else has their entree and I eat it slowly and usually wind up finishing when my friends finish their main meal. I've also phoned a restaurant ahead after looking at the menu and realising that the entree's were things like dips and turkish bread or things I just can't eat and knowing a main meal is just too much food for me. I've asked them if it's possible to get a main meal but entree sized and told them why, all restaurants have happily agreed to do so esp when I told them what I would probably order. I think in a way it is definitely a lot easier being up front about your band it helps you to also be honest with yourself. Although my boyfriend has told me he's gained 4kgs in the 3 months we've been together... he keeps eating my leftovers lol