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  1. Well done Lee for getting back on the horse and for acknowledging where you took a wrong turn.  But you're back on track now so keep heading in that direction, let go of the "detour" and move onwards and upwards!


    Think about ways you can be active without planning activity, e.g. today I'm going to visit a gf - the old me would have gone somewhere to have lunch and drinks and totally over indulge, the new me is taking her dog, my gf has 2 dogs, and we are taking them for a long walk stopping for a coffee at a cafe (no treats) and then walking home again.  I still get to enjoy her company and have a chat and my pooch Bronx and I get a good walk in that and it's a beautiful day here in Perth so a good dose of Vit. D to boot. 

  2. I love this forum, I've been experiencing the same and secretly been worrying about the same things!!  Thank you for sharing and I am going to pop along to the BMI clinic in Joondalup hopefully this week and get a small top up fill to see if that makes a difference.  


    Thanks for all your answers and also for sharing determined!