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  1. I cooked a batch of this tonight and it is amazing, hopefully it's ok to post the link to the recipe here. http://randomthoughtsandthrills.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/recipe-tomato-basil-parmesan-soup.html It does say to cook in the slow cooker, I just cooked mine on the stove. Half and half is hilo milk. I've been missing cheese so this was a great way to satisfy the cheese craving I'd been having. Oh and pureed it of course.
  2. t_elle

    Dr Kathi's Diet BMI

    I see Dr Kathi but haven't followed her diet. It does work quite well though another friend followed it and did well.
  3. I switched and have had a great experience at BMI and never had to wait too long to see the Dr. Unfortunately my band has not behaved and is coming out next month.
  4. t_elle


    Hiya, I have an amazing gym quality treadmill, it's push button incline and everything else and has cushioning so reduces the impact on your joints. It is fully programmable and has preset programs - it goes up and down at random in some of the programs and the speed increases decreases you name it. Unfortunately it's just too big for my new place and I have no cartilage in my right knee and my knee just doesn't like me walking on treadmills - the Dr tells me it's probably twisting my knee ever so slightly but enough to annoy the sore bits. So, if you'd like a treadmill - you'll need a trailer to pick it up and someone to help you load it (ramps are good it does have some small wheels to help you move it) let me know. I have tried to sell it on Gumtree but no luck so about now I would just like to get it out of my garage to someone who would really appreciate it!
  5. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    Well I've had a bit of a bad time with my band in the last year, reflux and excessive PBing you name it. To top it off I also stopped losing weight and have actually gained weight. I now seem to have my band in the zone I occasionally get stuck moments but the band is doing it's thing. About now I've realised the only factor not doing it's thing is me! So time to get back to basics. Having been overweight most of my life I know what works for me without the band to get back on track so I'm going to use some of these basics to help get my mind back in the game as well as my body. I think the mind game is probably about 80% of the battle for me. First of all I've worked out my BMI, I'm not huge on the BMI scale but to see something tell you that you're back in the Obese zone not just overweight any more seems to give you a kick in the butt. So I've done this, at the heaviest I've weight in over 2 years - 88kgs I am now obese. My favourite clothes I absolutely loved wearing no longer fit and I feel unhealthy, tired and pretty much crappy all round. The kitchen scales and measuring cups have been brought out and there is a total chocolate ban! Chocolate is my Achilles heel, I have no limit to how much I can eat.... No more giving in to the temptation (watch out world this may not be pretty for a few days!) But, I need some help! What other tip can you give me to kick my butt into shape? I am going to be regularly updating this post because I need to be accountable for my weight, I have to own up to you all and tell you how I'm going. If anyone wants to join me feel free!
  6. t_elle

    2 days post-op and starving!!!

    I was banded but I used to get weird twitches in my stomach for a few weeks.
  7. t_elle

    2 days post-op and starving!!!

    Hiya, Make sure you're drinking enough water and you can have pretty much anything you can suck through a straw so keep up the Optifast and some pureed soups. Remember to sip slowly.
  8. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    The app on my iphone measures steps but doesn't tell me distance. My have to download My Fitness Pal I think that did both and I can track what I eat then as well. Actually just looked again and it does have distance
  9. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    Stick with us Jo we're with you for moral support to budge those last 3!! Maybe we can have a walking goal, I once did a team challenge at a workplace to climb Mt Kosciuszko we had to climb the stairs in the fire stairwell until we had essentially climbed the mountain. We could do something similar with our combined walks, any suggestions of where we can walk to? Perhaps we can start a new thread and get a few others to join us.
  10. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    How is it going everyone? I just did my one week weigh in and I'm 1.6kgs down. I've added walking to my calendar and that has really kicked things off. Portion control is the biggest thing I'm constantly checking how much I'm eating and self control too I caved in to chocolate but have to make the block last as long as possible it's a little challenge for myself. So far it's lasted nearly a week and only just half gone.
  11. t_elle

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Last night I discovered the fat jeans I brought to because I'd gained weight are now quite a bit looser. How? I stood up in front of my friends and they informed me I had plumbers crack. I can also pull them down without undoing them.
  12. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    Ok I was sneaky and jumped on the scales this morning, I felt pretty confident that I'd been doing the right things. It's amazing how fast my appetite has decreased and no more than a cupful of food is all I can manage now. Anyway, I've lost a kilo!! I started at 88.6 on Sunday and am down to 87.6 I know it won't keep falling off this fast but it definitely gave me the boost to keep going.
  13. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    I seemed to get right into cooking when I couldn't eat post surgery. My son still talks about it!
  14. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    Head up, make plans to attack this gain and move forward! There's a crowd of us forming now so you're not alone!
  15. t_elle

    Back to Basics!

    Well if you haven't worked it out already here is a link to a BMI Calculator, http://www.healthdirect.gov.au/bmi-calculator you'll may be like me and hate the answer you get but use that as motivation. Have a play with it and see what weight number you need to get to decrease your status. I know people say the BMI Calculator is bad and blah blah but if it's what you can use for motivation then I say go for it. As we know the tools are limited and the motivation can be somewhat lacking. Another thing I've done is tried on a dress that I love and can't wear at the moment, as I lose weight I'll keep trying it on and see the progress in real time via this dress. We could do before and afters in the dresses we choose maybe.
  16. Are there any cafe's nearby that have soup on the menu? Might not be quite as healthy as home made but can give you a bit of a boost.
  17. t_elle

    Surgeon Recommendations for Perth

    Hi, I was out of pocket about $2,500 from memory. When I originally had enquired about 5 years earlier it was around $7k.
  18. t_elle

    Barium Swallow.

    Bloody reflux! Nexium makes it worse for me, I've found good old Mylanta and chewy QuickEze work the best. I have a gulp of Mylanta in the morning before anything and then have no issues. The few times I've forgotten my flat white curdles and I have heartburn until I remember the antacids.
  19. t_elle

    Barium Swallow.

    The first time I had any issues was after a trip to Sydney from Perth. Apparently the air pressure in the plane can affect your band and boy did it affect me! I went from being in a good place losing weight to not being able to keep anything down and eventually choking on reflux at night. It generally starts with me just not being able to keep anything down (even coffee will bounce right back up) then ends up with the more full on acid reflux stage. At it's worst I can't have anything dairy as it instantly curdles and it's really gross...
  20. t_elle

    Post op Pain

    I was sore for the first week and had a total lack of energy. Be careful walking the dog if they pull too hard you may cause some damage, I have a small black Pomeranian and tried to walk him in the first week and made it around a small block and had to go sit down.
  21. t_elle

    1st fill

    It took me until the 3rd fill to feel any restriction and then I had my first stuck moment!
  22. t_elle


    The reflux at night has stopped thank goodness. I had a really bad stuck moment a couple of weeks back and didn't do the fluids and soft food for a few days so made it worse. I stuck to optifast and soup for 4 days and it seems to have done the trick. With Nexium I get the same reaction as you've had to Zantac! I think I will just avoid the Nexium and stick to the Mylanta.
  23. t_elle


    Has anyone had any luck taking Nexium? I started getting a little bit of reflux/heartburn so started on the Nexium. I kept finding it made things worse not better, I can't have anything dairy if I'm taking it as it curdles as soon as I eat it (cheese, yoghurt, milky coffee.) I stopped taking it and am taking Mylanta and this is working so much better, no more waking up at midnight choking and it's almost instant relief when I take it. Is it just me that hasn't had any luck with it? Has anyone taken anything else that's worked better for them?
  24. t_elle

    Gurgling throat?

    I was just about to ask if you'd had reflux then read the next sentence. The only time I've noticed gurgling throat was when I had reflux bad, I usually noticed that first then knew the reflux was about to happen. Go visit your surgeon ASAP about the reflux, they will probably give you a prescription for Nexium or similar and suggest removing some fluid to let things settle down. The reflux will only get worse and there can be other issues caused by not attending to the reflux issue so go soon! The unfills are always disappointing, I tend to feel a bit deflated (pardon the pun) when it happens, the last time it happened I ramped up the food diary big time to keep myself accountable, this worked in the short term until I "forgot" to fill it in and then the cheating and overeating happened. So be vigilant with yourself and keep moving! Exercise does help with stress even if it's just a quiet walk, leave the phone at home enjoy some peace and quiet.
  25. t_elle

    Weight limit for hospital

    Hey first of all, well done to you for taking control of your weight and not letting it control you any more. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, try some more walking and maybe a bit of fibre. Is it that time of the month? My weight goes up no matter what I do at this time! Even if they won't book the surgery now, you are on your way to getting there so don't be disheartened this is just a speed bump. You're still headed in the right direction and should be so proud of yourself.