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  1. Hi, I had a lap band put in a few years back now. I am looking to have the fluid reduced or removed. I can't get time off work so am looking for somewhere in Hurstville or Liverpool that I can go to on a lunch break, or alternatively somewhere in Canterbury area that is open after hours. I was also wondering how much is usually charged for his service. Regards
  2. Newbie27

    Kids have no filter

    So today a 5 year old asked me why my belly is so fat... in front of my colleague and my client. I don't think he was being cheeky, just a curious kid who was unaware that it's not polite to say that. Damn it hurt me though! It was so embarrassing. I didn't know how to reply, because I didn't want to get into a long conversation about why it's not a nice thing to say, nor did I think it appropriate to tell him off. And the other people there either didn't hear or pretended not to hear (I think the latter). Again, even if his mum had stepped in, I would have had the added humiliation of standing there while he was told not to call people fat and he probably would have just kept asking 'why'. Amazing how easily a little kid can kill my confidence! Have any of you had experience with kids who point out your insecurities, and how did you handle it?
  3. Newbie27

    Barium Swallow- is fasting required?

    I feel fine. My stomach feels sore from where i was pushed and prodded, but that is all. I'm back to solids today and don't feel any different. I'm sticking to small portions and drinking lots of water but am quite hungry... so I may need more fill yet.
  4. Newbie27

    Barium Swallow- is fasting required?

    I think it might be the same for me, still don't feel any change.
  5. Newbie27

    Barium Swallow- is fasting required?

    Update: I was told over the phone that I would be required to do the barium swallow when I went for my clinic appointment, due to the band not 'responding' yet. I called the clinic in the morning to check about fasting times and they said I didn't have to fast at all, but I did just in case the person on the phone was mistaken. When I got to the clinic I was told my appointment was with a surgeon who I hadn't met before. I was worried because I had a bad experience a few months back during a follow up appointment with the surgeon who did my op- he was rude and discouraging and I left feeling disheartened. Thankfully the person I saw this time was far and away better in terms of bed side manner, attitude and communication. The surgeon agreed with comments in this forum that the barium swallow was premature and that the focus should be on regular fill adjustments as required to get the band to do what it's meant to (make smaller meals satisfy). I was in excruciating pain from him pressing to find the port and he had so many attempts I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Eventually he was like "this is really unusual, I'm sure the needle is in correctly but the band's not accepting the fluid, I think I'm going to need to take you to x-ray". This freaked me out, but then he went to empty the contents of the syringe into the sink and it turns out it was a dummy needle that was jammed, phew! He then got a new syringe and added .5 fill to my band. I then had liquids until the evening when I had a scrambled egg for dinner (I was told this was ok to do by my clinic) and felt no difference but it's surely too early to tell? At least I know now if it doesn't work to return to the clinic in a reasonable time frame for more adjustments and not just give up.
  6. Unfortunately, despite being banded in June and having been adjusted once since, my band has not had any impact on my hunger/ satiety levels or weight. I've been asked to return to the clinic tomorrow at midday for a barium swallow. Does anyone know if I need to fast for this? Does it have ant unpleasant after effects?
  7. Newbie27

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    Wow, that's interesting. I always thought it was entirely the other way around... that it was tightest soon after a fill and that is would loosen off over the following days due to swelling subsiding. I certainly hope it takes further effect I'm certainly still not having the extended satiety that the lap band is meant to offer- but I'm finally moving in the right direction.
  8. Newbie27

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    It's been a while since I've posted. I've just been hanging out for a fill while slowly but steadily regaining the weight I lost pre op. It's been 2 months since the lap band surgery and I'm yet to feel any decrease in appetite or any restriction at all. Today I went in to re-attempt a fill and was so scared after the horrible experience I had last time that I thought I was going to have a panic attack in the waiting room (but I didn't). It was the GP that I saw this time and he found the port almost immediately and it was far less painful then last time when I was in agony. I was surprised that there was already 4mls in the band from the operation and 3 mls were added- which sound like a lot to me. I was told that I didn't need to return to fluids unless I was having trouble with solids. I just had a minuscule amount of soft fish for dinner and chewed it extremely well and it went down fine. I'm still a bit hungry, which may mean I need more fill but I should probably give it more then a few hours and a few mouth fulls of fish before making that decision. It's just that I see a lot of people post about being so full after a fill and not being able to handle anything but a few sips of fluid, but I guess we're all different. Anyhow, the great news is that I am capable of getting a successful fill! I had become so worried that there was something wrong and I'd never be able to get a fill and that the band would be entirely redundant. Now I know that even if this fill doesn't do the trick, I'll hopefully get there eventually with further adjustments. And I'll definitely ask to see the GP for all future fills rather then the surgeon who did far more harm then good during our last consultation. Thanks for all the support after the previous fill attempt disaster, without it I would have been reluctant to even bother returning for a second attempt.
  9. Newbie27

    June 2014

    I am flying to NZ in October too!! Still figuring out my itinerary. How exciting!
  10. Newbie27

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    Exactly what I thought when he said 'the lap band is just a tool, you have to do the work', when I'd just explained the lap band isn't even doing the 1 thing it should, which is to make small(er) meals satisfy. I wanted to smack him in his his patronising, unsympathetic face when he continued to dismiss everything I've done right and picked on the 2 minor one-off transgressions I mentioned (eating past on my partners birthday and drinking alcohol on mine). It's not a particularly motivational approach, nor does it inspire me to be honest going forwards. I did try lifting my head and shoulders. Then the surgeon attempted to do the fill with me standing and leaning back slightly. Then he tried again while I held a leg lift. I tried more positions in that consultation then I use in my personal life! I'm still so upset that I have no fill and no restriction and won't even get another attempt for 3 more weeks. I'm just nervous that no one will be able to get a fill in me and I will be in excruciating pain with every attempt. Although I'm greatly reassured to hear that others have experienced pain and still managed to get fills. Thanks everyone for their non-judgemental support. Appreciate it.
  11. Hey people, I was meant to get my first fill this morning. I was really looking forward to it as I was banded almost 6 weeks ago and have felt absolutely no restriction for the last 5 of those weeks. I've started to regain the weight I lost pre-op and saucer sized meals don't even touch my hunger (I'm talking genuine hunger and not just head hunger). The surgeon had trouble finding the port and was really digging around for it, which was excruciatingly painful. By the time he had the needle in me I was in agony (from the finger prodding/ pressure, not the needle) and he wasn't even able to get fill in after all that pain I was put through. He said that I need more healing time, although I thought I'd been healed for the last month. I told him I really didn't want to wait any longer for a fill but he said to come back in 3 weeks as he wasn't going to give me a fill when I was in so much pain. Has anyone ever had significant discomfort from someone pressing down on the stomach to find the port? Any suggestions to overcome this? I'm so scared that the same thing will happen every time I go for a fill. As an aside, I was so annoyed when the surgeon just used the rest of the session to lecture me on food portions (after telling him that I'd made some significant positive dietary changes but have no restriction and no sense of fullness to help with small portions). Also, when he asked about exercise I said I'd gone from being sedentary to walking most evenings and was then told that I won't lose any weight from 'leisurely strolls' and need to be actually exerting myself and that I shouldn't be relying on the lap band to do all the work for me. Geez, I have to start somewhere. I mean way to crap all over everything I've attempted to do in the short time I've been banded. And I don't expect the band to do all the work, but I do expect it to be more then a placebo. I'm so deflated right now (and sadly, so is my band).
  12. Newbie27

    June 2014

    I must be in a minority, because it really hurt when he was prodding around to find the port. He said there was still a lot of swelling. He had a lot of trouble finding the port and ended up refusing to give the fill due to the pain it was causing me and that I could try again in 2 weeks. Though, just to reassure new people reading this, apparently this is not common (but he is also not concerned). I'm so bummed.
  13. I totally decided to grow my own veggies with a container garden (I have a cement unit balcony, not a yard, so it's all grown in pots). In my head I was like "I'm going to save so much money and live off the land". In reality I am able to grow enough lettuce for a salad once every few months and I no doubt spend more on soil and seeds then I would on a few trips to the grocery store. But I find it therapeutic Jgls, it sounds like you're getting into a better routine with your eating, which is good. Hopefully you'll be on your feet soon and it will make things a little easier. There's also some great books out there for people considering or preparing for banding, maybe they could help you with your preparations?
  14. Totally agree HotelLobbyMusic. I live with a dietitian and I was just talking to her about this and she agreed that your body needs certain nutrients, but particularly it needs protein. If you don't get protein, regardless of how much fat you're storing, part of the weight you lose will be muscle mass. And muscle mass increases your metabolism even when you're doing nothing. If you consistently go without things like protein, expect hair loss, pale/ dry skin, weak nails, etc. I developed osteopaenia (decreased bone density) from long term fasting and it's not reversible. Also, once you get to a very low calorie intake, there is little difference in the amount of weight you lose by completely restricting calories- you'll probably be in ketosis whether fasting or on a very low calorie diet, but complete restriction will slow metabolism. If you're truly not hungry, consider just go to the pre-op optifast diet. This is what my clinic dietitian says as well. Skipping a meal or fasting a day here and there (which is I think what some of the people in this forum have actually referred to) might not be problematic, but seek advice before completely fasting on a regular/ ongoing basis.
  15. Newbie27

    June 2014

    I should be getting my first fill tomorrow. I think I'm almost as nervous as I was pre op. I've felt no restriction and ferocious hunger since about a week after my operation. I haven't returned to eating fast food, I no longer eat office cakes or work catering leftovers and I've started doing some walking most evenings- but other then that, my eating is pretty much what you'd expect from someone who has not had WLS. I lost 10kg during the optifast and liquid phase and have already put 4kg of that back on. I've felt pretty disheartened and am really hoping I get a fill and that it gives me the restriction I've been missing. I hope I remember to eat slowly and chew well after, as I haven't been doing that at all (no need). Does the fill itself hurt? My port area is still quite tender, in fact I haven't been able to find the port as it hurts too much to press firmly on the area (although it doesn't look infected) so I hope it isn't too painful. Is restriction immediate or do you need to wait some days before you can notice a difference? Also, I'm going to work straight after the fill, should I stick to liquids so I don't have any eating mishaps in front of colleagues or is that unnecessary?