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  1. I also had mine when I got banded and it had been less than a month since I'd had female type surgery including getting an IUD installed so I had heavier bleeding. I just wore a tampon and told the nurse, also kept on my own undies but I pretty much have never taken my undies off for surgery unless it was in the area. I also showered right before going to the hospital and took feminine wipes with me to keep fresh.
  2. Secret Bandit

    Thinking about having a band or sleeve done

    I have a lapband and wish I got a sleeve. At the time I got my band my husband didn't want me to get a sleeve as it wasn't reversable and that worried him. But now when we talk about it he says he wishes he let me get the sleeve because it sounds like less hassle and why would you want something that's successful reversed? But it really is up to each indervidual and what will suit you best.
  3. Secret Bandit

    Band pain - 7 months post surgery.

    Does David Scott do the sleeve? I saw him once as an emergency when they thought my port had flipped 6 days after surgery. He did seam nice, at this point I'm just really not sure what the next step is. I really just want to wake up well rested with no pain and be able to sit or lay down or drive pain free and enjoy my food.
  4. Secret Bandit

    Band pain - 7 months post surgery.

    I see Dr Chan. He doesn't provide any information.
  5. Secret Bandit

    Band pain - 7 months post surgery.

    Thanks guys, your words of kindness are really lovely. I'm based in Latrobe Valley - Gippsland in Victoria. My gp is just as bad as my surgeon I'm currently looking for a new gp. I do try not to be hard on myself but I really feel like I'm failing. Very sick of the constant band pain especially while driving.
  6. Got my band put in in March and had problems since day one. I lost 10kg but since August have put 8kg back on, in August I had a major asthma episode resulting in a hospital admission and my respiartry specialist getting a surgeon to remove ALL my fill as they thought it could have been causing the asthma. Slowly been getting the fill out back in but have found that I've needed more fill this time to get me to have any form of restriction now sitting at 6ml in a 10ml band. BUT now I get constant band site pain, worse when I'm lying down or in a chair where im hunched over. The pain is like a dull cramp type pain and it's where my band is not my port - I have no trouble eating almost anything and get hungry frequently. So what is this pain? Painkillers don't help and neither does a heat pack or hot drink but straightening up or walking around can somtimes help, also tight clothes make it worse. What should I do? I really regret my band and wish I got a sleeve. My surgeon is useless and gives no advice. I have never seen a dietitian or physcologist. I'm sorry for the long rant but I am beyond over it. I'm ready to drink blended butter just so then I know I deserve to be fat. I'm at the breaking point and ready to cry. All I do is think about food - eating it- cooking it- buying it- what I'm going to eat next- what will taste good- feeling guilty- eating because I think "I'm fat anyway". Depression is an understatement to describe how I feel. I don't want to leave the house or see my family or friends because of how ashamed I feel. I don't want to meet new people and going food shopping gives me anxiety because I feel people are judging the fatty by what's in my trolley.
  7. Just curious, where does Dr Dolan work from? I'm very interested in going from band to sleeve. Also anyone have ideas on costs and waiting times? Do you have to have a very large BMI to be considered?
  8. Secret Bandit

    DR CHan - Mary Vale Private ( Taralgon)

    I'm talking about the reception staff at the clinic in Traralgon not the hospital. Either way they are very rude. I never had a barium swallow or saw a dietitian or physcologist. Had a pre op blood test a week before and that was it. No optifast either.
  9. Secret Bandit

    DR CHan - Mary Vale Private ( Taralgon)

    Dr Chan is my doctor and I got banded in March, I do feel very rushed - I wait three times longer than what I see him for. I also find the reception staff incredibly rude! It also sucks that if you need an appointment your looking at a minimum 3 week wait time and sometimes you NEED to see them. Dr Chan will answer my questions but I have to ask them (he dosnt volunteer information) and I find they are always very short answers. I am only about 3kg lighter from my surgery date so that's pretty upsetting and his latest thing is to constantly tell me that less fill is better and I need to learn to deal with my hunger..... If I could deal with my hunger tho would I need surgery for being obese? NO!!!! Lee is much nicer and asks more questions but also rushes me a lot and dosnt give me any useful advice.
  10. Secret Bandit

    Items for Cupboard/Fridge Post Op?

    Biggest thing for me post banding was wanting to use my teeth! I missed biting and chewing so much! So plain lemonade iceypoles would be number one on my list. Just the bite and chew it up made me so much happier. Also cups of tea helped make me full and a heat pack for the pain - I know it's not a pantry item but it's useful to know.
  11. Secret Bandit

    Choosing your weight loss goal

    How I choose my goal weight was by dropping the 1 off my hight- I'm 169cm tall and want to get down to 69kgs. Yes I know won't work for everyone for me it was just the middle of what the surgeon wanted (73kg) and what my doctor wanted (65-63kg) being 69kg will bring me to the high healthy end of the BMI scale. I'm just going to be happy to under 80kg tho.
  12. Secret Bandit

    I'm back

    For me it takes upto a week for a fill to setltle down with mornings being the tightest. I start to notice an improvement on day 3-4. Stick to your fluids for 24hrs then mushies then back to normal. Goodluck
  13. Secret Bandit

    Fill frustration.

    Hey all you bandits! Yes it's the wingy steroid bandit again..... FINALY finished a whole month of steroids on Monday but while I was in the hospital a few weeks ago they removed ALL my fill so of course I had no restriction. Saw the surgeon 2 weeks ago and he put 4.5ml back in my 10ml band but it did nothing what so ever so today I got another .5ml put in to bring me up to 5ml in my 10ml band. BUT- last time I sat around 5ml I actually had restriction and this time I really don't. I can eat anything and everything in any amount. So my question is why? Why did 5ml 3 months ago actually give me restriction and I had foods I couldn't eat but now at 5ml I have no restriction? So confused! I just want to loose this dam weight! Feeling very frustrated and my surgeon just keeps telling me I need to deal with hunger and learn to ignore it.... Well sure because that has clearly worked for me in the past?! Um no!!! I got a band to help with hunger and meal size to make me loose weight not to be hungry and just "deal with it". Rant over. Thanks for reading.
  14. Secret Bandit

    Now what?! Less fill then when I got my band put in.

    Angel butterfly - your crunchy spud was delicious! Salt gravy and roast lamb! Mmm corn on the cob an broccoli!!! All so good!
  15. Secret Bandit

    4 days post op and OW!!!

    I had this with my largest incision - it was ok when I was laying in bed nice and still tho but horrible pain when moving around or sitting, also found it painful when drinking my fluids or when on the purée foods it also hurt - like it was being stretched to the point of a Chinese burn. ( the kind kids give) I ended up finding some relief with heat packs and gas tablets from the pharmacy. Panadol really were just like lollies tho and I did need something stronger. Hope you find something that helps.