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  1. Reeney

    Dr Patiniotis hobart

    Hi I am seeing Dr Patiniotis in Hobart on the 3 Arpril just wondering who else had him as their doctor and what they thought of him and his service. Thanks
  2. Reeney

    First appointment

    Thanks Kazawaki, yer hope its quick lol I just want to get started, cannot keep doing the yo yo dieting any more, so fingers crossed it won't take long after first visit lol
  3. Hi I am having my first appointment on the 3rd of April to discuss having a lap band has taken me 20 yrs of dieting to come to the realisation I need help, and cannot go on another diet again I'm over it. I was wondering how long it normally takes after your first visit to the having surgery, I'm in PHI with bupa so curious do you have wait long to get banded, thanks
  4. Reeney

    Waiting for lapband

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and was after some info, I have my first consult ion with Dr Patiniotis in hobart tasmania next month and was wondering how long you waited for surgery after your first visit. Has anyone had this Dr and thoughts on him, and was also wondering how soon after surgery do the put liquid in the lap band is it straight away or do you have to wait a while, thanks
  5. Reeney

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Hi, I'm seeing Dr P next month for my first consultation yay, can anyone tell me how long it's takes after the first consultation till actually having surgery thanks