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  1. Rlar

    March 2014

    Hello everyone, It's been a while... I've been busy with work and like Jelly have been struggling with my (lack of) progress lately. Went and got another fill last week and found out that when my surgeon replaced the port he hadn't actually put anymore fill in, only replaced what was there, he had said he was going to put more in. Having said that I do look back to where I've come from and realise that although it is slow it's still happening. One thing the surgeon asked me the other day is where I'm aiming for. I replied that when I first visited he had a goal and that I've checked out my BMI, but I'm still not sure and I'll wait and see how it goes. Not because I don't have a goal but because I know that for my build I may well be higher than what is considered healthy by the BMI scale.
  2. Rlar

    Tasty Dessert

    I also like my strawberries with a little balsamic vinegar and then heated in a frypan (or in the oven), or just left to sit for a bit to do its magic.
  3. Rlar

    March 2014

    I hope that your recovery gets back on track
  4. Rlar

    March 2014

    How'd it go today Bella?
  5. I just googled my username (just the username) and the only thing that came up (on the first page at least) was an old Pinterest page, all the other results were, I think, in Russian.
  6. Rlar

    August Challenge!

    It seems to be the trend, I'm up a little too. Oh well, just have to get in and get on with it.
  7. Rlar

    Wedding Chatter

    It'll be 10 years this year. Hubby and I eloped, we invited a couple of friends (as witnesses) and that was it, we got married and then rang our families to tell them. It saved a lot of hassle for me as it meant I didn't have to worry about offending anyone in my large, extended family.
  8. Rlar

    Self image

    For me, the size thing wasn't real until I started buying new clothes. I would always go to the 16+ section to buy things and now I hardly ever have to go there (some items are very small makes). This really hit home when I went into a store and tried on a lovely leather jacket in my sister's size (she was always much smaller than me), which it turns out is now my size (again some things are small makes).
  9. Rlar

    Lite n Easy

    Sorry Little Birdie, they (Eat fit food) don't deliver Australia wide. I just tried a few postcodes from NSW (as well as my own current Tassie postcode) and there is no delivery for any of them. As for LnE it has been a while since I was using them but I did like the menu choices and that I could have it delivered to my door. I always found that there was enough to eat (this was pre-banding).
  10. Rlar

    A busy week coming up

    I'm all good at the moment. Had a restless night and woke up with a sore area around my port (felt like maybe I had pulled something) but I took it easy and am pleased that the pain went away. I'm back to myself and just have to remember not to do something silly like lifting something I shouldn't (yet).
  11. Rlar

    March 2014

    Good grief Bella. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes well Monday.
  12. Rlar

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    That's great news Newbie. I haven't returned to liquids after a fill yet as my surgeon gave me the same advise about going back to liquids if things were a bit tight. He also gets you to have a drink of water before you leave to make sure things are ok.
  13. Rlar

    Surgery to fix a slipped band?

    I have had a second surgery recently for a flipped port (I was only banded in March). The surgeon went in in the same place as the original surgery. I don't think anyone can say that the recovery for one surgery was the same as for another (even the same surgery done twice). I think your questions are definitely best aimed at your surgeon.
  14. Hehehe (sorry eggzy for modifying your quote) but butter things to do. Also for those of us who don't know about calories But seriously at the end of the day we've all gotta do what is right for ourselves.
  15. Rlar

    Leaking port...or not.

    Sounds a bit strange, I wonder what is going on. Good luck with everything.