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  1. newb_rach_2015

    Feb 2016 sleevers

    Hey elliemay I am recovering really well, everything has gone smoothly and I can't believe how well I have bounced back. I am obviously very lucky You must be going for your op soon - tomorrow?
  2. newb_rach_2015


    I have only just gone band to sleeve and I don't regret it for one second, not at all. I have found a little bit of dumping if I have too much dairy but mostly I seem to be ok, yet it is still early days for me... Like you Kazbo I wanted to go the bypass, I have had lots of people say no it's too extreme blah, blah, blah but I think it is a good option. However, my surgeon doesn't do bypass because he thinks it is too extreme, and he did my band removal and sleeve at no excess, I only had to pay the anesthetist which is amazing. I figure if I feel it necessary down the track I can enquire about the bypass somewhere else and I am already half way there. Regardless I don't regret getting the sleeve, I found the band to be a pain in the ass, I had problems eating and couldn't get the right spot despite a lot of adjustments and I was so restricted in food. At 29 I have a long time left to live so I want something that not only works, but still lets me enjoy food. And I was miserable with the band. I would recommend the sleeve over the band 100% I know some people love their band but if it isn't working for you, and you still feel you need weight loss surgery then a sleeve is the way to go for sure. My only regret is that I didn't go the sleeve in the first place, and I let other peoples opinions sway me in that regard, which I wont do again. Good luck with your decision
  3. newb_rach_2015

    Feb 2016 sleevers

    Hey I'm not quite in February but I got sleeved 27th Jan. 1 week post op. not long for you now. Are you on the shake diet?
  4. newb_rach_2015

    band vs sleeve

    I am a band to sleever, albeit a very new sleever so I c an't offer a lot of feedback on how the sleeve it irl. I hear a lot of people call the sleeve 'drastic' which helped me lean toward the band initially, however the more I have thought about WLS is noo small thing and no exactly something many of us go and do on a whim. So if we are willing to take that step then do we really want it to be reversible. All the nest whatever you choose, It works if you work it!
  5. newb_rach_2015

    Band to sleeve

    I am in the band to sleeve boat, I didn't have a lot of success with the band, and most of all I just found that it wasn't going to be right for me...I am actually sitting in hospital one day post op. My surgeon said to wait the 3 months, I ended up convincing him to do it in 2 1/2 because of uni commitments etc, plus I only had the band in for around 9 months so not too much damage done in that time. I agree with Nejnifer that waiting it out is best. I can tell you I desperately wanted to do both in one go because I was scared, and financial reason, and I was just so sick and tired of being overweight and feeling depressed about it. But the time passes quickly, and it will come around before you know it. Good luck with it
  6. newb_rach_2015

    January 2016 Sleever

    Hey! I am getting sleeved on the 27th too I am being done by Dr Khalelal at Nepean Private in Penrith. Only 1 week 6 days
  7. newb_rach_2015

    Band is out! Holy S@#! this is real :/

    Hey How did you go getting your band out? I am going to be at Nepean Private Hospital in Penrith. I am wishing away the time, I can't wait to get the sleeve done. How long did you have your band in? I am definitely enjoying eating fairly freely, it's so nice being able to eat stuff that I missed out on for so long. Plus eating has been able to be a pleasant experience!!! Unbelievable. Hope you're going well
  8. Ok so I am 3 days post op and feeling pretty decent pain wise - my dr was right this is nothing like having the band placed I am feeling pretty fine already. Except for the weight gain. I have been all drugged up and sleeping erratically so I have been eating erratically too but I don't know where I am at. The scales have clearly gone up a couple of kgs - part of that would be attributed to my binge eating leading up to the surgery. I am totally unsure what eating normal looks like now. I mean I do realistically but I haven't been eating regaulary breakfast, lunch and dinner so I don't know how much I am over eating or what. I am still craving sweets and junk which has been my biggest failure. I am booked in for the sleeve 27th Jan, and I sort of told myself it was ok if I put on some weight but as long as I don't go over 100kg which I have gone up to already. I am terrified of what I am capable of between now and then. It's like all my willpower has completely evaporated. I imagine just by having e band out and eating more I am likely to gain. Even if I am eating what is considered a normal amount...us WLS people are different I guess. I will talk more to my dr when I see him for a follow up in weeks, I obviously did not ask enough questions. I am thinking of trying to do lite n easy for some of the time to manage my eating a little. I only want to get 5 days breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am hoping this will help. I can't really afford it but if it is going to help me have a better control on what I am putting in my mouth then it is going to be worth it.
  9. I posted awhile ago now about making the decision to go from a band to a sleeve. I only had the band placed at the beginning of May, but I am so ready to have it out. When it was working well it felt too tight and even with the tiniest amount out I am hungry all the time. I don't feel I made the right choice. I am so pro weight loss surgery though. I know most people feel as though a bypass is extreme and everyone says don't do it but honestly if I could that is what I want. But my surgeon is going to do the sleeve for me. I am getting the band out 18th Nov, so only a couple of weeks to go. I am really hoping that I have more success with the sleeve - I am really looking forward to eating certain things again - mostly healthy things too. I am absolutely shit scared about the time in between band removal and the sleeve surgery which I am going to push for early Feb. I had lost 18kg (93kg) but I seem to be bouncing back up as I am at 96kg now (15kg lost). And I haven't even had the band removed yet! My whole health at the moment has been really shit. I have basically stopped exercising and have been eating a lot of shit foods (why is it so easy to eat junk?!). So I know exactly why I have put weight back on. It's like I can even get the motivation to try at the moment. I keep trying to work myself up to it but I haven't succeeded, yet! However, I have recurrent major depression and that has been spiraling the last month or so...I know the impact that has...but I keep trying to push through, and the psychiatrist and I are swapping and adding different medications so we will get there eventually. I remain hopeful, and I probably depend to much on the idea that weight loss surgery is going to be it for me. But inside I know that it is a tool to utilise and you only get out what you put in. As the sleeve surgery gets closer I will need to get as much support as I can to make the most of this opportunity. It works if you work it.
  10. newb_rach_2015

    Big decision from band to sleeve! Eek

    Im going ok - I'll be glad to get the band out, though I'm pretty worried about the wait in between. I'm not at all worried about the sleeve, I think it'll be great I'm really excited ☺ I'm booked in for the removal the 18th Nov and I'm hoping once he sees inside he might cut back the waiting to maybe 2 months or 2 1/2. Have you thought about seeing him face to face? Maybe you could try get a second opinion, force him to reconsider?
  11. I had the band placed at the start of May, it took me what felt like forever to find my sweet spot but I believe I am there, actually I am definitely there. For the past month or so I have started contemplating living with the band long term, essentially forever. And I can't say I have been feeling all that positive about it. All up so far I have lost about 17kg, which I am stoked about, truly I am, I have gained some confidence back & after what feels like a long time I have been loving shopping and clothes & feeling really good about it (except for my bank balance, which is always depressing after I visit the shops, I may have a bit of a problem). Anyway, I know that down the track, even if it isn't for another 10 years, chances are I will need to replace the band for one reason or another, & thinking along that track I have being limited on the types of foods I can eat. Particularly because I eat a LOT of chicken breast, which is now very hard for me to tolerate. But it is so easy to resort to sliders like ice cream & chocolate which are foods I have always struggled with, binged on, they are my go to foods for sure. After seeing my surgeon I had really already decided that I wanted to change to the sleeve but I gave it time to think it over, question the differences etc. What I would like is the bypass, I realise what seems to be the majority of people consider that this is to extreme when you take into account the long term ramifications and the battle it can be to get optimum nutrition, but my surgeon doesn't do bypass anyway as he also believes they are too extreme or some other such rubbish. So for me to go the bypass I would need to go with another surgeon, which would be fine, but all together I would be out of pocket around 6K, after refund, rebates etc. And my surgeon is willing to remove my band, and go back and do the sleeve for free. He is even going to see if the anaesthetist will do it for no out of pocket. At the most I will pay one hospital excess of $650 because I can't get the sleeve done until 2016 which may class as a new year with Bupa, but I wont know for sure until I check with them. So at the nd of the day, for me, there is really no question. I have booked in to have the band removed on Nov 18th, one day before my sons birthday, he is happy for me to go in then, he said it is a birthday present because having a health mum is a present. He is 11, and not always that sweet but I thought it was lovely. Obviously I have to wait out the 3 month period until I can have the sleeve done. I am shit scared about the 3 month wait. I realise I need to have a lot of willpower over this period because I do not want to regain a bunch of weight. It will likely bring on my depression & zap a bunch of my confidence. But it will be worth it. I understand people getting worried & stressed about surgery but to me it doesn't really worry me at all. I get a little anxious a couple days before, but I don't worry to much about the surgery. I know there are risks but I just hope they don't happen to me, but it's out of my hands no way I can see into the future & check the outcome - what will be will be. I don't know if this makes me brave or stupid. Well this post have been a bit of a ramble because I am tired and just bumbling along so I'll leave it there. Goodnight sweet dreams xx
  12. newb_rach_2015

    Bikini in public

    Looking fabulous!!!
  13. newb_rach_2015

    Sleeve or Band?

    I had the band placed in June this year and I am starting to have second thoughts. I wish I had chosen the sleeve, I went to band after lots of research and advice but the ultimate deciding factor being that my dad had the band, and then the sleeve and he preferred the band because of the amount of weight he lost. My advice is to do as much research and decide what is right for you. Good Luck
  14. newb_rach_2015


    I have been wondering to myself where I might blog about my depression and I know it's not directly related to WLS I figure this is a good a place as any. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and it's something I've suffered with most of my life, I became aware of it about 13 years old when I tried to take my own life. However, it took me a long time before I started to understand is. I mostly have it under control now, I see a psychiatrist, take medication & try to keep doing things that I know can work such as exercise & letting people know when I am struggling. It has taken lot of adjustments & changes to try & get my medication right, & even when we have it right we have regularly had to up the dose because after being on something that works for awhile the effectiveness starts to lessen & my depression starts to rear it's ugly head. One of the things I really struggle with is the lack of understanding of what it's really like. So many people think they know but I think what people often don't understand is even when they think they know what it's like, they don't, not really. People seem to have a lot of misconceptions & others don't even believe it's a 'real' illness. I have found that even though some people in my life have either experienced depression themselves or have seen others go through it - they think they know what it's like for me. What I know is that EVERYONE is different, & everyone experiences depression differently. I hate to make it sound as though my depression is worse than others, I know my own dad was experiencing depression and he has said that the doctor put him on anti depressants for awhile, and after that he was able to come off them & he is fine. I appreciate that no matter what level depression affects a person it is a horrible disease to deal with & I would never try to minimise what someone else has been though or is going though. For me, what I experience is repetitive thoughts wishing for, and fantasising about suicide & self harm. My outlook is bleak and all I want is to isolate & hide away, all the while knowing that I am making myself worse. I question whether I really am experiencing depression and blame myself for being lazy & incompetent. These are just some of the things I experience. I know there are many others out there who go through this but it truly feels as though I am completely alone. There was a time where the other way I dealt with my feeling was to use drugs or food to mask the problem. And drugs were a problem for a long time, it took me a lot to dig myself out of the hole I had created, and where I am today is unbelievable when you consider my past. I have fought tooth & nail to come back from the edge, & I know it is still something I have to fight against. I hope this post isn't too dark for anyone who reads this. I know it is sort of off topic to what this website is about but I really need someone to voice my feelings about my experience & reality. And maybe, just maybe there is someone else out there going through something similar & they will know they are not alone. Back to my uni work.. Blah!