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  1. I don't think most surgeons give much of a crap if you can diet yourself to a reasonable BMI, if you have the money and the PHI, they'll do the op. Besides which, you absolutely do "qualify" - you're overweight, you have dieted and tried many things, and you gain the weight back. I've seen on this forum (years ago now) where people who only needed to lose 15 kgs got a sleeve. I thought that was strange, but to those people, that 15kgs was an insurmountable amount without the assistance of WLS. It should be cheaper though, what we save health wise in future costs is a lot of money.
  2. Does the out of pocket cost include allied health professionals? As in, if they require you to speak to a psychologist, dietician and nutritionist, are those part of the lump sum advertised (usually not). What is the wait time - some surgeons are booked up months ahead. Depending on the procedure, if it goes wrong, what is covered and what would I have to pay?
  3. rumplebear

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    The other thing they told me about alcohol and the bypass was that since alcohol is usually processed in your stomach, and you're now bypassing your stomach, you will blow higher on an RBT than before. So the old "1 standard drink per hour" rule goes out the window. They prefer and recommend no alcohol, but if you must - social occasions and the like - absolutely don't drive.
  4. rumplebear

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    You have to be very careful with alcohol afterwards, and they actually mostly recommend that you drink none. And yes, you have to chew your food very thoroughly. Not sure about chilli. My out pf pocket is more like $7k, with all the gaps for the appointments and the anaesthetist. and more to come after the surgery. That would be a little less if I had extras cover. My friends with the sleeve can drink alcohol, but slowly and not with food for at least 6 months afterwards. You can drink alcohol with the band, but it's good to remember it's largely empty calories.
  5. rumplebear

    Gastric bypass HELP NEEDED

    The out of pockets with Wakefield are a lot higher, have you factored in anaesthetist, dietician, exercise physiologist, psychologist if they're required? You need to do Optifast for up to 5 weeks beforehand, depending on what the surgeon advises. You need multivitamins and iron tablets afterwards, and good quality protein powder to add to liquids until you can eat properly again. Liquid for 2 weeks after, then thicker liquids, then mushy food. They say about 6 weeks until actual solid food. Off work for up to 6 weeks if you do manual labour/lifting type work.
  6. rumplebear

    Band to bypass

    I'm a band to bypass, booked in for a month or so's time. But my band was monstrous, then it slipped. I don't agree with you that it's "for 7 kgs", it's for the ability to eat normal, healthy food in small amounts without the fear of stuck moments, being able to eat normally in public, being able to eat in the morning etc. But it's another general anaesthetic, another major surgery, another $6 or $7 k in out of pocket costs, another recovery period. The bypass means a lifetime of supplements - iron tablets, vitamins, balancing small amounts of sugar and fat so you don't get diarrhoea, the risk of malnutrition etc. It's not a simple fix. Can you remove some fluid and regain the ability to eat a wider range of food, and just go slowly from now on? If you can maintain what you've already achieved, I personally don't think it's worth it. But you're the only one who can make the decision.
  7. rumplebear

    Early superannuation release

    Is buying into PHI a possibility rather than using super?
  8. rumplebear

    Bad stories on the band???

    Ex bander here, mine ws great for the first 6 - 9 months or so then it just went bad. I battled mine for a year or so afterwards - fluid in, fluid out, some days I could eat anything, some days I couldn't eat yoghurt. Would I do it again? No. I'd get the sleeve or the bypass. I don't know why you only "qualify" for the band, (public health system?) but with the rates of band removals out there, I would have thought the sleeve would have been the better option.
  9. rumplebear

    Roux en y bypass

    I'm considering a bypass, which one will be up to the surgeon because I'm an ex-bander. I do perceive the bypass as fairly drastic, but they're finding high rates of stomach stretching with the sleeve and of course reflux. I guess I have a bit more reading to do.
  10. rumplebear

    Sore after vomiting

    I'd stay on fluids for a few days as you may have inflamed the area around your band. I used to use diet softdrink to "clean" the band area, might be worth a try. The fizzier the better.Try ice cold water as well for a bit of soothing. If you have no joys, a complete unfill for a week or so might help, but it can be a slippery slope.
  11. rumplebear

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    I'd really like to see less duplication of posts, and the ability to hide or block other users would be good. Also people who haven't posted for 2 or 3 years could maybe culled, and really old threads archived.
  12. Can anyone here with a bypass describe the reality of the diet to me? As in how much fat/sugar causes an issue. As in can you sneak in an occasional full fat, full sugar yoghurt, or a couple of hot chips, or jam on toast etc? Or a chunk of cheese...?
  13. Some of you may remember me if you really try hard! It's probably been 2 years since I graced the pages here after having my band removed. I'm now considering whether to go for a sleeve, just doing some browsing through band to sleeve posts. It's nice to see some familiar names and read up on how people have been travelling.
  14. rumplebear

    Liver Shrink Diet for 4 Weeks???

    I think 10 kgs is amazing, don't sell yourself short.