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  1. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Gastric Bypass day to day life   

    Can anyone here with a bypass describe the reality of the diet to me? As in how much fat/sugar causes an issue. As in can you sneak in an occasional full fat, full sugar yoghurt, or a couple of hot chips, or jam on toast etc? Or a chunk of cheese...?
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  2. rumplebear added a post in a topic: It's been a long time between forum visits   

    Some of you may remember me if you really try hard! It's probably been 2 years since I graced the pages here after having my band removed. I'm now considering whether to go for a sleeve, just doing some browsing through band to sleeve posts. It's nice to see some familiar names and read up on how people have been travelling.
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  3. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Liver Shrink Diet for 4 Weeks???   

    I think 10 kgs is amazing, don't sell yourself short.
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  4. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Hunger, will a Sleeve/Band help   

    Unless you can get that hunger sensation under control, a band or sleeve probably won't work lobg term. Have you considered hypnosis and counselling? Men's health plans allow for psychologist visits free, just need to speak to your GP. You can still over eat with a band and a sleeve, even if just out of habit.
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  5. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.   

    Hi Jewel, you are me. Try not eating until after 11am or so, I found if I got stuck at breakfast, it set up a cycle for the day. Also, measure strictly half a cup and no more.
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  6. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Help! Affording lap band   

    I wouldn't self fund. Take out top PHI, and wait out the year. My bad ended up slipping very badly and had to be removed, which could have been very costly. Keep up the PHI after banding in case anything goes wrong.
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  7. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Self funding   

    Don't do it. Wait the year and get top hospital, making sure the item numbers are covered.. That way if there are complications etc down the track, you're covered. What David says is also true - no weight loss surgery will work if you have no will power.
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  8. rumplebear added a post in a topic: When bands go bad   

    Most of what ou say is true, but even with no fill I had too much restriction a lot of the time. The food I ate on Saturday was crackers with a thin slice of cheese, I'd eaten it a million times before, with no dramas. There shouldn't have been a drama with it this time!
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  9. rumplebear added a post in a topic: When bands go bad   

    For the first 6 months or so I think I had a good relationship with my band. I lost weight, was exercising well, and was eating fairly healthily. But I never found the green zone, and I always had problems with food getting stuck. Yoghurt would get stuck one day, and I could eat steak the next with no dramas. For many months I couldn't eat anything before 11am, which is fine unless you're a shift worker who often gets meals late, if at all. I had so many fills and unfills, and 2 long periods of no fill, where I put on weight again. 2 months ago I had what I thought was a complete unfill due to persistent problems. The GP's at the clinic I used just never really seemed to listen to what I had to say. They seem to just always assume you're doing the wrong thing, and sometimes i did - too much food on the fork, not enough chewing, the next mouthfull too quickly etc.My eating was quite disordered, and I wasn't cooking proper, nutritious meals anymore, and I know I was eating too much. I also had trouble detecting when food was stuck, as I never, ever had the sensation of  food passing through, unless I forcefully washed it through with a drink. Because I could never guarantee what the band would be like, I'd often resort to a thickshake, or a chocolate bar when out instead of risking a bad day. It's annoying to pay for a nice meal and have to go and purge most of it up half way through. I got so sick of cold food.

    Then on Saturday I was eating lunch, it was the exact same food I'd eaten a few days earlier and should have been fine, but it got stuck, I regurgitated some but had that annoying dull ache that says you still have food in your pouch for the next few hours. I tried soda water, which seemed to half go down but there still felt like a blockage. By Saturday night I was completely blocked, couldn't even get water down. I had also been vomiting quite forcefully at times. I had pain in the middle of my chest and bad reflux. I left it overnight, went to work Sunday thinking that it would eventually settle down and I'd just stay on liquids for a few days, but i couldn't get anything down. The pain was constant, and I had an aching right jaw. I ended up going to a local private hospital, and told them that I thought my band had slipped. It felt so different to a usual; food blockage and residual swollen, tightness around the band. CT confirmed a bad slip, where the band was very low with a large pouch of stomach over hanging it, and a collapsed stomach below. The clinic Dr came and tyook out 2 mls (despite me thinking I was mostly unfilled) Then my insurance company said no. Apparently I didn't upgrade in time and so was 3 months away from being covered for anything band related, despite them paying for it to be put in. I have a vague memory of missing the fine print and reading on here that HCF was only covering the band on their ultra top level super dooper insurance in the future. My bad. So I was transferred to a public hospital an the band came out early Monday morning. And that's it. No band. Instant relief of jaw pain, no reflux, can eat small meals already. I'm not hungry though. After 4 days of nil by mouth, I suppose my tummy has shrunk a little! I won't have another one, nor will I have a sleeve. While they see a lot of band problems in the system, they also see a lot of sleeve problems and sleeve to bypass operations.

    The band didn't really work for me, mostly because of me, if I'm really brutally honest, so why would the sleeve? I never feel full. I never have "satiety",  I never had a green zone. I just have to do it with diet and exercise. My advice to anyone thinking about the band - don't do it! And if you do, don't expect it to be the solution to all your problems, and don't let your insurance lapse! I went into this eyes wide open, and I left this forum for ages partly because of all the posts written by people who obviously had done little or no reading before they decided the band was the magic bullet. The same questions, over and over, and they should have already been informed of the answers, either by their own reading, or by their clinic providing some education. But despite my reading up on it, it still turned to shit!
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  10. rumplebear added a post in a topic: How do you weigh yourself?   

    Morning, naked, pre-shower and preferably post poo!
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  11. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Condemned for a piece of fruit   

    Complain to the Dr. That's not ok at all, she's meant to be professional, not a judgemental bitch. If all else fails, go to a different clinic. Or at least threaten to!
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  12. rumplebear added a post in a topic: optiyuk   

    The chocolate is nice, maybe I'm weird! Freeze some strawberries, add a couple of frozen strawberries to a nutribullet with the powder and water.
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  13. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Pain at night 15 yr old band   

    Jachut, please be careful with GTN sprays or anginine tablets as they drop your blood pressure. Go easy the first few times and make sure you're somewhere you can lie down quickly if you need to.
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  14. rumplebear added a post in a topic: Vlcd 500cal good or bad idea.   

    Green tea drinks? Do you mean green tea or supplements full of green tea? Supplements have been strongly linked to Liver failure:

    You can't do what you're doing for long. It's not ideal, you need energy intake to run your body.
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