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  1. Danielle

    Support Group Meeting

    Hi all... The BMI clinic in Joondalup is holding another support group meeting next week, hosted by myself. Everyone is welcome, banders, sleevers, or people considering the surgery. It is a great opportunity to share successes, struggles, tips and hints. Tuesday March 11 5.30pm BMI Clinic If you are interested in attending, please call the clinic on 9301 0070 to bok a seat.
  2. Danielle

    Next Support Group meeting

    Wonderful, I look forward to meeting you all on Saturday!!
  3. Hey Guys The next support group meeting will be held at the BMI Clinic in Joondalup at 2.30pm on Saturday July 6th. Anyone at any stage of the journey is welcome, even those just considering a band or sleeve. You don't have to be a patient of the clinic to be able to attend. Come along and ask any questions you may have, or if there is anything you would like to discuss, feel free to bring it up. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Bandits, to discuss issues, and to share successes!! Please call the clinic on 9301 0070 to reserve your seat.
  4. Danielle

    New FB page for BMI Clinic

    I adjusted the link, maybe try it again?
  5. Hey guys The BMI Clinic has a new Facebook page to keep you up to date on specials, support group meetings, and other happenings. They are also now open on one Saturday of the month from the 6th of July, from 9am to 1pm!! The new page can be found here... http://www.facebook.com/bariatric.integrated?hc_location=timeline There is another support meeting coming up next month, hosted by yours truly, at a date yet to be determined. Hope to see some of you there!! D x
  6. Danielle

    In big trouble - getting bigger!

    I did the panic as well, having a "last meal" and mourning all the yummy stuff I would no longer be able to enjoy. The good news is, I still enjoy all those things after losing weight, just in much smaller amounts. And BECAUSE they are smaller amounts, I do not feel guilty for indulging. The band does not mean you have to deny yourself the things you love to eat. It just means that your tastes may change, you may find yourself enjoying healthier alternatives as a result, and you will also feel better about it
  7. Danielle

    April Support Group Meeting

    Hi guys The meetings have been suspended over the colder months due to lack of attendance. The interest was there for the last one, but not many people actually attended. One of the ladies at BMI has to stay back for this meeting after a full day at the clinic, and I feel it is not fair to her if the numbers are not there. I am more than happy to meet up with you guys somewhere one evening if you would like some support, I am sure there will be at least a couple of others that will show if this is what you would like to do. I believe there is going to be a newsletter that will circulate while the formal meetings have been suspended, and I am also contactable through private message on here any time you would like to contact me. Just let me know!! D x
  8. Had fill removed 2 weeks ago because I went on a holiday last week. Ate and drank whatever I liked, fully expecting to have to atone for my sins when I got back. Went for a fill today, and have lost just over 2kg in that time. I love my band lol

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    2. shelleyintas


      Great news. Have mine out in a few weeks for surgery. Hopefully with the same results as you :)

    3. Danielle


      Hi Mookie, I love my band because it gives me the freedom of choice. I was able to loosen it up so as to avoid difficulties while away. Even though I was naughty and overindulged by my standards I have now (which might be just a usual holiday intake for some), I am able to have it readjusted when I get back from holiday mode.

    4. Maxie


      I'm thinking about having some fill out in a few months for an overseas trip, a little less restriction and hopefully no complications while in Europe. Now I feel a little more confident that its not a completely stupid :)

  9. Danielle

    April Support Group Meeting

    Hi Em There is still room available for you, please call the clinic today on 9301 0070 to let them know you are coming. See you there
  10. Danielle

    April Support Group Meeting

    Hi Sleaty Firstly, congrats on your decision to become a Bandit!! Of course you are welcome to join the support group, no matter the stage of your journey. In fact, it may be a wonderful opportunity for you to get a little insight into life with the band before you start your own story. You do not have to be a patient of the clinic at all, Dr Dolan was my surgeon and I can fully recommend his work. I look forward to meeting you
  11. Hi all The next support group meeting will be held on Tuesday April 16th, at 7pm. At this stage it wil be held at the BMI Clinic unless otherwise notified. Please book your spot by calling 9301 0070. The last meeting was a full house, so I will confirm the venue on here for those that have not joined the clinic's emailing list, because if numbers increase we will host the meeting at a larger venue. There will be sampling of shakes and soups at the meeting. As always, people with sleeves, people thinking about having bariatric surgery, and those that have been banded for years or don't even attend the surgery are very welcome. We have a variety of people now, at all stages of the journey, which is wonderful to see and learn from. Hope to see you there!!
  12. Danielle

    Next Support Meeting

    Hey guys, there are still a couple of spots available, would love to see you there!!!
  13. Danielle

    Next Support Meeting

    Come one, come all... There will be sampling of shakes, sharing of stories, and tips to help you on your journey
  14. Danielle

    My 2nd Bandiversary

    I cannot believe it was 2 years ago today that I lay in the hospital bed thinking "What have I done?!?!?"... In hindsight, what I had just done was change my life in many ways not yet revealed to me. There was a high school reunion, a photo shoot for a women's magazine, seminars to talk at, a video shoot for a bariatric centre, and now I run a banding support group. I NEVER thought I would be an ambassador of sorts for anything positive. All this has come about over a personal decision to change my health. it was never about anyone else. Now it encompasses a LOT of people, as well as it taking a whole community, all of YOU, to get me there. I have felt the commaraderie, the encouragement, the support and the understanding on this forum since the day I joined. It has all been instrumental to my success, which is why I try to do the "pay it forward" thing as much as I can. Sometimes I am very hesitant to post an achievement or a photo, for fear of looking like I am boasting, or looking for attention or praise. What I am actually trying to do is let people know that it CAN be done, because truly... If *I* can do it, then anyone else can definitely do it. I am no more disciplined, no smarter, no more knowledgeable than the next person, I fight the same mental and physical battles as anyone else who has had a weight problem. I never profess to have the answers, or a magic solution, but what I hope I DO offer is encouragement that it can be done. I have learned very recently that it only takes a few sentences to make or break someone, in any area. Weight is such a sensitive subject, so I am very mindful how I treat people in this regard. I HAVE walked a mile in their shoes, I DO know the struggles associated with getting healthy, I KNOW it isn't as easy as "putting down the cake and going for a jog"... So, I just want to offer a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to every one of you on this forum. It has been, and will continue to be, an absolute pleasure and a privilege to hang out with you, to share with you, and to be inspired and amazed by all of your stories, both the good and the bad. D xxx
  15. Danielle

    using a banding card at resturaunts.

    After today I can definitely recommend the Kingsley Tavern. I asked for extra sauce, explained why, and not only was it complimentary, but they were also happy to doggy bag my left overs for me. Perhaps we should start a thread of "Band Friendly Eateries"? I can also recommend Hogs Breath, they also bagged my left overs, something that is getting harder to have done for you.