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  1. Well I have now lost over 30kg and have about 14kg to go to the weight I would like to be. I am now no longer in the "obese" category but am now just "overweight". The weight loss is a lot less now and a lot harder to lose and Christmas is coming so hopefully I don't put weight back on!

    1. duckie


      Congrats, keep focused

    2. Neat


      Congrats! Thats a great milestone to be proud of. Good on you :)

  2. Klara

    Has other family members lost weight?

    My hubby has lost about 5kg. (He's now 77kg so didn't have much to lose!) I think it's because I am cooking better and not serving either of us large meals.
  3. 20kg down...30 to go. Feeling great and have so much more energy. I have picked up some new clothes in the sales and ordered some new bras and a swimsuit for summer, but the rest of my clothes I have got to with the sewing machine. I am now an size 18-20 (normal size not plus size). Also my blood sugar level is now around 6.0 :).

  4. I am now 6 weeks post op. Feeling great with no pain and have lost 14.5kg. It's definitely been worth it.

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      Angel Butterfly

      Nice Klara wow! Good job :)

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      great result and good that you are pleased

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    The NICE guidelines in the UK say over 40 or over 35 with co-morbidities. The problem is each NHS Trust (each trust covers and manages a certain area, normally around a big town or city) has their own limits which further restricts by age, upper or lower BMIs. For example Bristol says you have to be under 35 years of age and Gwent says you have to be over 50 BMI, yet these trusts are right next to each other. That's why health in the UK is called a postcode lottery. Your postcode will even determine what cancer drugs a person can get. To top it off private health companies still call it "cosmetic" and won't cover it. I am so pleased I moved back to Australia, which has enabled me to have the bypass. I couldn't afford to pay the whole cost myself in the UK.
  6. Klara

    Post-Op Update

    Well it is now 17 days since the operation. There have been ups and downs but hopefully things will get better. I came out of hospital on Day 4, having been told my hospital stay would be 5-7 days but I was doing so well and taking enough fluids that I could go home. I still had a fair bit of pain on my left side where the major incision was and where there were stiches to reconnect muscles together not just skin. (The surgery was done laparoscopically with six incisions including the drainage hole) This means I have to lay on my right side and be very careful when rolling as I get shooting pain on my left. The fluid diet was in place until the end of week 1, when I was able to start on puréed food. The good thing was that I had lost a stone (about 7-8kg) in weight from my pre-optifast weight by the end of this first week. However after 1 day on puréed food, I was in incredible pain and after a call to the surgeon, hubby rushed me to the emergency of Knox Private. The put me on some morphine to dull the pain and sent me off for a ct scan, unfortunately in trying to get from the trolley bed to the ct scan platform I hurt my left side incision, which even the morphine didn't dull. After the scan I then had to get back onto the trolley bed. The tried to roll me but (obviously not knowing the pain that would cause me). The noise I emitted was loud enough for my husband to come running. I'm sure they heard me in the next suburb! Fortunately hubby was allowed to help and managed to get me up without me rolling and hurting myself more. The outcome of the ct scan was that I had a bowel obstruction at the point where the bypass tube enters the upper intestine. Apparently maximum inflammation occurs between day 7-10 post-op so there was not enough room for puréed food to pass, hence the obstruction. (My comment on this is perhaps it would be advisable for patients to stay on fluids until day 10 rather than day 7!) They admitted me to hospital and put me on fluids and hydrocortisone to relieve the inflammation for 3 days until the obstruction had passed. I came home and found out I had put on half a stone! (From the hydrocortisone I guess). I was also back on fluids for another couple of days. I restarted on puréed foods 3 days after leaving hospital for the second time (day 13 post-op). Since then I have had no problems with food and when I saw the dietician she said I could go onto solids...ie edible food rather they purée mush! Yay. I was very happy. Also eating real food means I can eat some prunes to help with no 2s as I really dislike Actlax that I was taking before. However, not all was good. My left side was healing nicely and was much less painful, until yesterday when the pain came back. I'm not sure why, maybe I have pulled something, maybe I bent over to pick something up. Anyway what it means I am again having to hold my side when I stand up and be very careful what I do. (This is a word of warning to everyone else: be very careful what you do, no lifting anything and be careful about bending over) I have also found my back is a bit sore because I struggle to stand straight and am a bit hunched over because of the pain in my left side. I am now onto Day 17 and am really pleased that I have now lost 1.5 stone (about 11kgs) and more importantly my blood sugar levels are between 4.9 and 7.8 without any medication!
  7. Klara

    Post-Op Update

    Thank you and yes it feels great to have lost the weight, but I can't wait to feel a bit better.
  8. Day 17 and I have lost 11kg but not without problems and lots of pain. It better be worth it!

    1. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      Are you feeling better today?

  9. Klara


    Well I have made the decision to have a gastric bypass. The surgeon recommended this procedure because of my type 2 diabetes. It was getting uncontrollable and I didn't really fancy injecting insulin daily...so here I am! The operation is scheduled for the 19th June, and the butterflies are starting to set in. I am now on my 4th day of the Optifast diet...yuk. I must say I did have my last hurrah the night before I started the diet. My husband and I had a KFC, but now I am down to optifast shakes, soups, bars and desserts none of which are particularly appetising. I have found I like the banana and vanilla shakes, berry crunch bars and the chicken soup the most. All the rest that I have got will end up in the bin because I really don't like them! The Strawberry shake, chocolate bar, lemon and chocolate dessert were a real waste of money. I have also tried the diet jelly...which to me is a bit of nothing as it doesn't taste nice or fill me up. I have taken to snacking on raw carrots and cherry tomatoes as these are within my vegetable daily allowance and fortunately I love carrots and tomatoes! I just wish I could have a few nuts as well. The one benefit of the diet is that I have now lost 7lb (down from 18st 3lb to 17st 10lb) in just 3 days. (I think that is about 3.5 kgs) so well on the way to losing the goal of 5-10% pre-op. However the really good news is my blood sugar has dropped to 5.9 (I had been getting readings of 13-15). As advised I will have to come off my diabetes medication if my blood sugars go below 3 but a non diabetic blood sugar is normally around 4-5.9 so I am very pleased as mine has now reached the "normal" range. The other thing I have had to think about is feeding my husband. He is not a good cook and I don't want him living on takeaways so have been cooking lots of different meals, portioning them up and freezing them. I now have 21 meals for him in the freezer and am aiming to cooking a few more, so I don't have to worry about cooking when I get out of hospital. (And I will be on a liquid then a purée diet for the first few weeks.) I have been told that I will be in hospital for a week and while they hope to be able to do it laparoscopally there is no guarantee as I have had a number of operations and may have considerable scar tissue, which means it may have to be open surgery. That is really a wait and see. I won't know until I come around after the general anaesthetic! Here's hoping, as the latter will have a longer recovery time and I need to be able to get back to work and earn money! This is already costing a lot as medicare and private health only pay a very small portion of the surgeons, anaesthetist and pathology fees, although it will cover all the hospital fees apart from my excess. I think I am going to be out of pocket of around $7000 all up so it had better work!
  10. Klara


    Well I am home now. It is a week since the op and have just moved on to purée foods. Still a little sore especially on my left side and having trouble sleeping but am losing weight. I have lost a further 6lbs (or 3kgs) plus the 8lbs I lost on the optifast diet so a total of 1 stone (7kg). Only about 7 more to go! The really good news is that I am off my diabetes medication and my blood sugars range from 4.9-7.7.
  11. Well I am day 3 since my bypass op and all going well should be home tomorrow

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    Thank you, I will get him to give them a try. Might buy some cream and whip it up and serve the chocolate dessert with the whipped cream. I'm sure I could get him to eat it.
  13. Klara

    A funny surgery day story. :)

    Lol. I too had a similar experience. I had to go for my pre admission appointment the other day for my bypass op on the 19th June and the nurse asked me if I had any incontinence problems. I told her I had three children, previous kidney stones, bladder infections, diabetes and I was fat so of course I had incontinence problems. She too went on to say..."you are not fat"... I then gave her the look...... And asked her if she knew what operation I was having. We did have a bit of a giggle together after that. She was lovely and just being nice. I think most people are genuinely nice and struggle when people seem to put themselves down. However as you say the reality is you are just being truthful and I much prefer to call myself fat than obese. I dislike that word intensely. Klara
  14. I am now on day 5 and had the same problems with diarrhoea, gurgling tummy, gas and the headaches. But from what I read here this sounds relatively normal as the body is detoxing. I have been naughty and had a few almonds as a snack after tea...well after an optifast soup I also like snacking on cherry tomatoes and carrots and read a great post on here with a Jamie Oliver tomato soup recipe, so I am going to try that as well. Klara
  15. Klara

    Tomato Soup

    That sounds fantastic, thank you. I am so over the shakes, soup and bars. I just want real food! Klara
  16. Operation booked, now on the optifast diet and I have already lost 7lb!

  17. Klara

    Mr MacHenry

    Thanks. This is all quite new to me. I have done a bit of reading and have thought about the op for a while so getting the appointment was a big step. I have type 2 diabetes and know I need to do something and dieting (or trying to) sure isn't working. Not sure though what questions I need to be asking. The first step was to find a surgeon and I was referred to Mr McHenry by my local GP.
  18. Klara

    Mr MacHenry

    Has anyone had the sleeve/band done by Mr MacHenry at Lap Surgery Australia? I have an appointment next week, so would love to hear people's comments before I go. Thanks in advance Klara
  19. Klara

    Mr MacHenry

    Yes that's him, although I am seeing him in Berwick. Your first...you mean you have had more than one? Did something go wrong with the first one?