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  1. Purplemosh

    Butterfly Bandit Alive

    That's beautiful! And so so true! Good luck with your journey!
  2. Purplemosh

    Whooo hooo

    OMG I'm so excited! After being unemployed for the past 4 weeks I finally have a new job but wait that's not the best bit, I actually had to go but some new clothes for the job what a task that was got a size I thought I was and extcitedly able to go down another top size!! I can't be more happier right now and to think I wasn't doing well enough with my band!!
  3. Purplemosh


    I have just realised that the post I done during the wee hours of this morning (12:45am) did not post oh well I'm learning still. My dog and I have just returned home from what I was planning to be a relitavely chilled out not overly long walk, due to a long sustained injury. (Trying to ease myself into it again) How wrong I was! Silly me got lost in the bush land and ended up walking for an hour and a half! Go me so happy that I actually done it though, I say this now while I'm still on a high of a huge completion but I guarantee later when my body is aching it will be a different tune. ; )
  4. Purplemosh


    Well that's done finally over the pain of dry socket after the tooth extraction!! Happy that Easter is over! I have always been a sweet tooth but so glad I can and am happy to say 'no thanks' to loads of sweets yes I treat myself but don't feel the need to over indulge!! What a damn releif that is anyways happy to report my four legged child and I are off for a walk tomorrow to burn off skmd of the indulgence! Hope everyone had a great Easter : )
  5. Purplemosh


    * some
  6. Purplemosh

    Feeling overwhelmed

    Hi there, sorry to see you've been a little overwhelmed, I too recently went through a similar thing having A LOT on my plate, loss of job study load and preparing to move house and like yourself had trouble drinking and eating, for me once the stress levels reduced I was able to drink and eat again. Don't panic too much it does settle eventually! But sucks majorly during the time. Anyways just wanted you to know your not alone hope you feel better soon : )
  7. Purplemosh

    Day 4

    Well done you!! Just remember to take it easy! And keep on top of the pain! Congrats!! : )
  8. Purplemosh

    Love this!

    Hello, well why isn't this amazing! not only am i enjoying having come across this website but i am equally excited that i can have my own little section and post things. so here's to more sharing band related and otherwise!
  9. Purplemosh

    Almost 12 months post up and 20kg gone

    Hi there, well done on your loss so far! I have just reached the 12 month mark and have only lost 15. I understand how your feeling that's for sure! I honestly thought it was only me losing so slow and i thought I'd be losing quicker too! My surgeon hasn't complained at all, he says 'oh that's just numbers as long as your body shape is changing' but I still feel constantly dissapointed in myself! Don't give up I'm sure as hell not! Feel free to pm me any time for a chat I'm happy to be here for you.
  10. Purplemosh

    Telling your younger Kids?

    Wow caugtbetween that's amazing!! Good on you!! I wouldn't be to worried about the pelvic floor mines kinda shot to after one, lol I still have a lot to go before I can join my girl on the tramp!! I've been loosing very slowly so far, I've recently had a fill and changed my exercise regime so fingers crossed it starts melting away!!
  11. Purplemosh

    Telling your younger Kids?

    Oh wow!! I am feeling so much better massive thanks to you all. I felt a tad silly at first starting this post but you have all help to put my mind at ease! I can't wait to loose more so I can jump on the tramp with my girl! ; )
  12. Purplemosh

    Telling your younger Kids?

    Thanks to you both, I'm loving being a part of this website more and more I have been worried for the past six months that I'd done the wrong thing but as you said Rlar kids are way to observant, it was only a matter of time before she asked questions.
  13. Purplemosh


    All the best for tomorrow. I also stayed overnight, it's so great not having to stay long! I totally agree with Rlar loose comfy clothes and no Bra! You will be fine and well looked after I'm sure. Everyone's pain is different and I'm not trying to scare you in any way but from my experience the best thing I learnt is that you can get adults liquid panadol (Panamax) from chemist warehouse for around $5 and pain stop. (It's a bit stronger and it's liquid) you have to ask a pharmacist for that one but it works a treat! so grab yourself some for just in case. And again best of luck.
  14. Purplemosh

    Telling your younger Kids?

    I'm wondering if any one else has had to tell a younger child about there band? i was in two minds about explaining it to my 7yo at first but as time has gone by i felt like i needed to explain it. she was noticing my smaller meals, eating slower and not to mention the 'stuck' times. i am really lucky that she is a smart kid and with a proper explanation she has a genuinely understood, she even attended my last fill with me and was genuinely interested in what my surgeon was doing and asked to have a look after. i always ask myself if i shouldn't of explained things to her but then think i would feel bad if i didnt. sooooo im wondering if anyone else has had to go through anything similar??
  15. Purplemosh

    Baked egg yummy!

    This is so so easy and delicious great for a couple of stages of the band and great post op! Baked egg/s In a Ramekin place a couple baby spinach leaves, crack in your egg/s top with crumbled feta and bake until desired. This is so simple, tasty and can be added to with a little bit of ham, adding sliced roast capsicum or some mushrooms the possibilities are endless. Anyways thought I'd share this with you all hope you like it. 😄