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    OMG I'm so excited! After being unemployed for the past 4 weeks I finally have a new job but wait that's not the best bit, I actually had to go but some new clothes for the job what a task that was got a size I thought I was and extcitedly able to go down another top size!! I can't be more happier right now and to think I wasn't doing well enough with my band!!
  2. Purplemosh
    I have just realised that the post I done during the wee hours of this morning (12:45am) did not post oh well I'm learning still.

    My dog and I have just returned home from what I was planning to be a relitavely chilled out not overly long walk, due to a long sustained injury. (Trying to ease myself into it again)
    How wrong I was! Silly me got lost in the bush land and ended up walking for an hour and a half! Go me so happy that I actually done it though, I say this now while I'm still on a high of a huge completion but I guarantee later when my body is aching it will be a different tune. ; )
  3. Purplemosh
    Well that's done finally over the pain of dry socket after the tooth extraction!! Happy that Easter is over! I have always been a sweet tooth but so glad I can and am happy to say 'no thanks' to loads of sweets yes I treat myself but don't feel the need to over indulge!! What a damn releif that is anyways happy to report my four legged child and I are off for a walk tomorrow to burn off skmd of the indulgence! Hope everyone had a great Easter : )
  4. Purplemosh
    Hello, well why isn't this amazing! not only am i enjoying having come across this website but i am equally excited that i can have my own little section and post things.
    so here's to more sharing band related and otherwise!