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  1. Hi there, sorry to see you've been a little overwhelmed, I too recently went through a similar thing having A LOT on my plate, loss of job study load and preparing to move house and like yourself had trouble drinking and eating, for me once the stress levels reduced I was able to drink and eat again. Don't panic too much it does settle eventually! But sucks majorly during the time. Anyways just wanted you to know your not alone hope you feel better soon : )

  2. All the best for tomorrow. I also stayed overnight, it's so great not having to stay long! I totally agree with Rlar loose comfy clothes and no Bra! You will be fine and well looked after I'm sure. Everyone's pain is different and I'm not trying to scare you in any way but from my experience the best thing I learnt is that you can get adults liquid panadol (Panamax) from chemist warehouse for around $5 and pain stop. (It's a bit stronger and it's liquid) you have to ask a pharmacist for that one but it works a treat! so grab yourself some for just in case. And again best of luck.