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  1. tannypopples

    May 2014

    Hi Snuddy, How are you? How is your journey going?
  2. tannypopples

    May 2014

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I was banded on 16th May and so far so good, I have just been really tired and have just gotten over the shoulder tip pain, managing to keep down all the fluids (even though I am really not hungry or thirsty) and moving around ok now without much pain. Sorry to hear that you had issues with vomiting Jerry, that must have been pretty scary. I had a different problem with the anaesthetic, the anaesthetist spent quite a lot of time finding my veins and was having a real good dig around and I spent a couple of hours after being in recovery on oxygen in my room which was kind of scary and a first for me and I was pretty much connected to the flo-trons & iv fluid until I was discharged so I really didn't have the freedom to walk & move around much. I have a little bit of bloating still and a little bit of pain where the port is but to be honest, it is not as painful as I thought. Nathan, all the very best with your surgery today
  3. tannypopples

    May 2014

    All the best Jerry, I might see you there on Friday!!
  4. tannypopples

    May 2014

    Hi AngelButterfly, I thought Jess was absolutely lovely, she was very approachable & easy going & really willing to listen to what you have to say. Not once did she make me feel bad about being overweight or feel that she was judging me which such a nice change. She also gives you her email address too to contact her with any questions that you have. I saw Dr Cheong too, gosh she is such a lovely Dr too! Good luck with Jess, I feel that she genuinely cares for the people that she sees and really wants to help
  5. tannypopples

    May 2014

    I hope everyone is doing well. I had my pre-op & dietician appointments today, getting very excited about getting banded next Friday, but a bit overwhelmed at the same time - reality is finally setting in & the excitement and positive changes it will bring to my future.Tomorrow is my first full proper day of optifast tomorrow (the last week have only been having a shake a day to get used to it), hopefully it won't be as bad as I think. Have a great night everyone
  6. tannypopples

    May 2014

    All the very best Portia
  7. tannypopples

    May 2014

    Hi Jerry, I am booked in for 11am I think, also starting optifast tomorrow too - I was a bit concerned because I am only seeing the dietician and have my pre-op appointment on Thursday the 8th t a week before and haven't had any instructions but thought there was no harm in starting to take the optifast myself beforehand, couldn't do any harm. Thank you,l wish you all the best too, might see you there!! Thanks AngelButterfly
  8. tannypopples

    May 2014

    Hi everyone, I am a shy newbie here getting banded on 16 May by Dr Dolan at Glengarry - I am getting really nervous and anxious about the surgery but excited at the same time. To those who have just had their surgery, all the very best with your recovery and for those bout about to have their surgery, good luck!! I would love to keep in contact with you all hear about your progress