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    2016 will have a lot to live up too! Last year was London, Paris, Amsterdam and Bali... Ambassador for Diabetes WA, HBF Run for a Reason and the reversal of my Type 2 Diabetes. I didn't get to complete my Barista course but it's on this years To Do List! Fitness is going to be a bigger focus this year for me and a strong return to natural eating. The vegie garden is nearly ready for planting, weather is cooling down and 2016 is well on it's way. ღ AB
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  1. Holiday been and gone and it was fabulous! Ahhh what a shame I couldn't stay for hmmm another six months? Amsterdam needs to adopt me lol! Soon to be weigh in day *dum dum* ;)

    1. denzel


      We NEED and appreciate you than I am sure that Amsterdam does! I LOVED all the photos, my FB and real friend.  *Snigger*!  you didn't bring home for me that *special* chocolate (carbs...what carbs?...I'll worry about that...manyana...hey, it has greens in it = fibre, anti-oxidants etc...gotta be good..) from Amsterdam lol!  Soooo disappointed... Y'know? I'd skip weigh-in day 'cos I'd be too scared...(but I guess that it WOULD be good to get a new 'base-line' and post = accountability)... be diligent for a week, and then do your weight then...!

    2. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      I like your way of thinking girl! oh and LOL @ antioxidants in the happy chocolate!! If I ate all that chocolate I wouldn't have a care in the world for a year! ha