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    Food Porn :)

    Shall we start a "Food Porn" thread for images (not just words) of what we have to eat? Healthy meals, snacks or drink images, with a description of what it is, perhaps to inspire or show others some creativity and ideas. Today for lunch I had 1 beef rissole, spoonful of cottage cheese, 2 Vita-Weat crackers, carrot stick, coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, beetroot relish, tomato and onion) and a piece of roast pumpkin.
  2. Angel Butterfly

    Coffee affect?

    I think someone wrote something above but I just can't seem to make it out. Imma put the kettle on until it loads...
  3. Another hot weekend for Perth coming up! Going to the Japanese Festival in Forrest Chase. Should be fun :ph34r::P

  4. Angel Butterfly

    Coffee affect?

    It is safer for everyone that I drink coffee
  5. Angel Butterfly

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I've noticed how seats everywhere are hurting my butt!
  6. Angel Butterfly

    CPR and Defibrillators

    I've had CPR but not since having my band put in. I did have a Tonic Clonic seizure about 10 weeks ago, the first since my band was put in. It did affect my band by making it very tight. I had planned an adjustment two weeks after it (booked before seizure) but have not had an adjustment since as it is still tight. I have had more fill in my band than this and yet not felt it this tight. I had expected it to settle but it has not. My health is better too Trish and I had hoped not to need it, however with my Epilepsy I have had my husband perform CPR on me post seizure before and it saved my life.
  7. Angel Butterfly

    Plus size clothes

    Nope I didn't go to Debenhams. I've not been to KL either.
  8. Angel Butterfly

    Plus size clothes

    I love M & S! I couldn't believe that in London there is a whole floor devoted to pants! I was in there for hours and hours. Easily could've burned 1000's of bucks. Oh for a M & S in Perth.
  9. Triple threat workout completed yesterday. Walk, Bike and Boxing and it felt great. Today I feel triple pain lol :blink:

  10. Angel Butterfly

    Plus size clothes

    So many places seem to have constant sales lately. Myer is one of them, as is Autograph. Good deals too. City Chic is a case of right place right time I think. I just got a new gorgeous bra there...was $59.95 down to $15. Every now and then Millers or Crossroads have something nice and feminine and they go to a size 20. Millers = cheap. Crossroads = good discount racks.
  11. Angel Butterfly

    Still getting stuck

    Hi goody Reasons I can think of for experiencing that are food choices (heavy carbs like pasta bread or rice), large mouthfuls of food that aren't chewed enough, eating too quickly (take your time between mouthfuls more) and perhaps posture when you eat (this can mess me up!). Conscious eating is something I struggled with initially and occasionally I still get a bit excited and swept up in moments eg. out with friends and talk and eat and oops! it's like someone has smacked me right on the shoulder blade and knocked the wind out of me. There are alot of variables with stuck moments or that post eating back pain that are well documented... anxiety, stress, depression, weather just to name a few and of course what I mentioned above. If you suspect anything serious consult your GP and/or Surgeon for advice. I have Nexium ocassionally too since acquiring my band and that helps.
  12. Angel Butterfly

    URGENT - please help

    I found my dietician fantastic for the first 3 months post surgery. After that well, I kinda figured out what I could and couldn't eat (physically). As for the mental part of what to and what not to eat... my Psychologist has helped me with that battle.
  13. Angel Butterfly

    Who's had a Band Anniversary

    My 2nd Bandiversary is coming up! I do special things for myself all the time. I don't believe in celebrating only once a year ha!
  14. Angel Butterfly

    Bariatric Eating Website

    That plate looks very pretty.
  15. Angel Butterfly

    Tummy Tucks now done by my Band surgeon

    Good plan Specialized!
  16. Angel Butterfly

    The Hot Weather

    I have been enjoying cold soups... but if tricky to get down, I have a hot cuppa tea before I tackle it.
  17. Angel Butterfly

    Food Porn :)

  18. Angel Butterfly

    Food Porn :)

    This is one of the Burrito Bowls at SALSA's. I choose the Chicken one with a drizzle of sour cream. It comes with Chicken pieces, lettuce, salsa, avocado (or guacamole), cheese (extra) and home made corn chips on the side. Nicer to have it in the bowl instead of wrapped in a tortilla or wrap if you struggle to get them down.
  19. Angel Butterfly

    Vlcd 500cal good or bad idea.

    I agree with Carislb and Boganlicious. As bold as this may sound... what good is skinny if your head is too messed up to be around to enjoy it. Duromine has a really bad rep and for good reason.
  20. Angel Butterfly

    Food Porn :)

    I love the look of that but I would struggle with it!
  21. Some beautiful cool weather here in Perth meant I could do the bigger walk on my plan yay! Done and dusted.... go me! Feeling good :D


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      OMG!!! Well done!!!   And that, safety wise, is not a good road to walk along.  Can you get hold of some fluro vests or whatever? 

      I hope that the coffee was good!  Ferk! you'd be mighty peeved if it wasn't lol! xxx

    4. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      It is so that's a plus. And yes I wear my Under Armour shirt and my glowing shoe laces :D 

  22. Angel Butterfly


    Hi leigh Lots to read on here and lots of people to talk too! Pre-op yes you will be hungry, no point in lying about it lol you are going from (usually) a high fat and big portion meal lifestyle with snacking to a liquid based meal supplement program...so what you reckon? lol yep! But what I can say it IS worth it. Your body will hate you for a few weeks but it will love you sooner than you realise, as will your confidence, your lifestyle and most of all your health, both physical and mental. My profile has a full documentation of my banding experience from day one to day hmm what am I now? day 600 and somethin! Pain varies so hard to say. Mine was very minimal but I had myself up and moving as soon as my eyes were open post-op. And I have a low tolerance of pain too! My journey has not finished. I am still a work in progress but so far I have lost 40 kgs, reversed my Type 2 Diabetes, I'm off my Cholesterol medication as that now sits at 3.0, I walk 5 kms a day, I was the Ambassador for Diabetes WA last year, partook in the HBF Run for a Reason last year representing Diabetes WA, I've been in The West Australian newspaper Mind and Body section, various online magazines and photoshoots in the city and at the end of the year I was filmed in a video for World Diabetes Day promoting "make a change" which went world wide. For me this has been life changing. And I got to enjoy holidays last year to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Bali...places I'd never been too and never would of coped going too had I not been healthier and this fit. Oh and I had my dream of swimming with dolphins fulfilled with a fellow bandit I met in this forum who flew over from QLD so we could share it together. If I can do this... you can too!
  23. Angel Butterfly

    Sleep issues - not band related

    Gotcha. For me, sleep has been a long fought demon. I was clinically diagnosed with Insomnia over 15 years ago. I had sleep studies done 10 years ago and it was found I was a 58 out of 60 waker. So every 58 minutes out of 60 my mind was active. I was classed as having Chronic Sleep Apnea. Needless to say, add on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... I was forever feeling I was hit by a truck. For one of the sleep studies I had to be given a sedative to sleep, even after being sleep deprived for the test for 24 hours, I wasn't even close to a nap! (Must of been all my younger nightclubbing years ) So for me, not sleeping was the norm so I feel your pain on a deep level. I was fitted with a CPAP machine. I couldn't have the other options as I am Epileptic and fearing of choking could be an issue. BUT... I was scheduled for weight loss surgery (band) two weeks later. That was April 2014. My sleep disorders are now gone, as mine were weight related. I also had uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes which is now reversed, which too can disrupt sleep. My antidepressant at a high dose can cause something called Hypnagogic Hallucinations. My Neurologist informed me of this prior to my surgery. Upon laying down to sleep, some ppl experience heightened hearing and visualise traumas and bad things happening to ppl they care about. Thus making it VERY hard to sleep obviously. It's a loop that is played over and over, almost feels like a paranoia. Anyways...I don't have a quick fix for you sorry. But by explaining my problems perhaps you can identify with some of them and know they can go away. Or even that others too are experiencing it and had success beating it. DavidR's points are very worthwhile trying. Sleep Technicians recommended everything on that list. And don't forget...sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture. Governments used it for years and it's still part of the Military's current boot camp training!! Good luck AB x
  24. Angel Butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Come on ladies and gents... the new year has started. It's time to show our bands and sleeves who is Boss. I'm giving myself a kick in the pants. If anyone else needs one the line starts here KICK......