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  1. Hi Raven, I'm currently having thoughts about band removal and going for sleeve. I too am in Tas, may I ask who does the sleeve in Tas? As I was banded in Vic and wasn't sure if I should just return there.
  2. Mummy of Three

    Keeping it secret.

    I know how you feel! I'm a secret bander and only a few people know and I am happy keeping like that and it's been 3 or so months and I haven't had an issue with it still being a secret at all. Good luck all the best x
  3. Mummy of Three

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around, hope you are well. I have been very slack, I can happily so no gain, but no loss really for a while now. I have become lazy and probably not eating as well as I should be! I haven't been exercising which I know would be my biggest downfall! (Bloody hayfever makes it very difficult to get out there and exercise)!!!!! Anyway I have had a few fills now, and I am def getting restriction, but safely say no stucks! I'm petrified of that happening! Because I live a distance from my surgeon he is a little sneaky with fills, so I have had a few big ones in the beginning and I am up to 8.5ml already! Anyway enough of me! I would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a fabulous 2015 & lets say we will have a fab, fit & healthy 2015!!!! Take care xx thank you for all your support and just being there x see you soon x
  4. Mummy of Three

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Well done ladies! You have done so well! Me, I've not done so well in the last few weeks! Oh well I'm not putting on, so that's a good thing! And now that day light savings has began I should be much better at exercising!
  5. Mummy of Three

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Great news Floss! I had my first fill on Thursday, I was so nervous but geez it went so quick I didn't feel a thing. Get my 2 fill in 2 weeks!
  6. Mummy of Three

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Oh Nermbat, thanks for your honesty, it must be a tough time for sure for you. I certainly found I can't wait for my first fill, especially after the last couple of weeks. My first fill has had to be cancelled this week so def bring on tomorrow. Have you lost any cm's at all?
  7. Mummy of Three

    I'm on the sleeved side!

    Yay Satellites! Glad you are on the way to feeling better! Have Been thinking about how you went with your surgery! I don't blame you for not liking opti, I just couldn't stomach it all! Take care and look forward to hearing how you go
  8. Mummy of Three

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Oh my goodness!! I can't wait for my first fill, Friday week!! 12/9 bring it on, with TTOM my appetite has increased massively!! The first fill can't come soon enough! Plus to get through this week, so I can be back on track!! Hope everyone is going well
  9. Mummy of Three

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Still the same 95.2 (ttom)
  10. Mummy of Three

    New here, plus super question

    Hi and welcome, in regards to super, I was fortunate enough to make my application just with my super group, because if the type of fund. But most supers you have to complete the form by DHS. My understanding is if you have savings, but there are for a particular thing, like deposit for house etc... You may be ok, but if they are just for a rainy day then maybe not. Good luck all the forms you need are on DHS web page
  11. Mummy of Three

    Weigh In Wednesday

    With the very sad news that my bestest friend, more like my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I have definitely realised I am an emotional eater! Although I ate not great choices, my quantity was well and truly down! And happy to report a loss, now weighing in at 95.2!
  12. Mummy of Three

    August Challenge!

    Happy to report 95.2 today! Years since I've been that!
  13. Mummy of Three

    What I took for operation & what I actually used

    Satellite I'm so excited for you!! Everything good with your super?
  14. Mummy of Three

    *August 2014*

    Thanks duckie & Jaydee. Duckie, you have put it right, not harsh, I do have to be there for support. I am going to see her tomorrow for the first time since finding out. It's going to be tough, be it will spell it out for me that I have to be the best I can be and that is not to give up & go to the wrong foods! Tomorrow is a new day! Xox
  15. Mummy of Three

    *August 2014*

    This week has been shit, sorry for the bluntness, but on Wednesday I found out that my best friend, all of the young age of 42 & a mum of three young children was diagnosed with bowel cancer & it's spread to liver. I now know that I eat shit when stressed!! I have been good but yesterday evening it hit me and I couldn't of given a damm! I ate, although not the size of a meal pre op, but it was bad! Today I ate 1 naughty item, but it has made me realise my triggers! And with the big battle ahead, I have to be there for her, the children & husband I must keep myself healthy to be the best support I can. Sorry to be a downer but I just needed to get it out xx