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  1. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Hang in there Ks, but I definitely can feel the difference with the 2nd fill.
  2. Sav.02

    June 2014

    Jayali just take it slow and chew chew chew and when you think you have chewed enough, chew some more... For those on Opti pre-op it really does get easier after day 3 when ketosis kicks in - then you wont feel hungry. Hang in there.
  3. Sav.02

    Social life

    I dont have the alcohol problem as my friends know I have RA so I dont drink. As for food, have an entre and just say you had a big lunch or a tummy bug or you just watching portion control..
  4. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Ks how many fills have you had? I didnt feel anything on my first fill, but this second one I can feel for sure.
  5. Sav.02

    April 2014

    First stuck moment today... I thought I had felt this before but I was wrong. Went for brunch with the family and ordered mince on toast. The toast was very thick and not crispy. My first bite was too big and it got stuck!! Worst feeling ever... A kept sitting hoping it would go away but no such luck, had to go to the loo and PB... What a relief when it came out. Went back and thought I would be able to just eat the mince but no such luck... It just felt stuck so I gave up on trying to eat... I hope I wont have to experience that too often. Glad that the restriction is there though... Since my fill on Wednesday I can feel just about every bite working through the band... Weird but also nice as it reminds me to take small bites and chew well. Hopefully my band will be more forgiving at lunch time....
  6. Sav.02

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Pre-surgery I wore a size 18/22 - I have lost 15kgs and still wearing the same clothes. A lady at work was very surprised when she asked me if I had dropped 2 sizes because I have lost 15kgs and 10cms on my stomach and I said no not really. But, my clothes are a lot looser. I dont like wearing tight clothes, but at what point do you stop buying (or wearing) baggy clothes?? LOL
  7. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    You are doing great Chunky! Keep up the good work.
  8. Sav.02

    Weightloss and excess skin

    Happy birthday CJay
  9. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Angel my ultimate goal would be 70, but 75 would be great. My surgeon said 75-80 is what he feels is realistic and maintainable... So hopefully I smash all the goals
  10. Sav.02

    June 2014

    Jesse hope the nausea passes. Glad to hear everyone went so well.
  11. Sav.02

    Band or Sleeve?

    It was always the band for me. I know you can develop a pouch with the band but I know two ppl who have stretched their stomachs after being sleeved so its me and my BBF (best band forever) Good luck making your choice and go with whats comfortable for you. Weigh up the pros and cons and listen to your surgeons advice
  12. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Angelbutterfly I understand your frustration... My scale yo-yo's so much I feel seasick lol. I worry that my body has now adjusted to the small portions and doesn't want to drop any more weight. My cousin who has been banded since 2004 tells me to just be patient but I am struggling. I cant help but feel that the small weight loss (eg. 100g for a week) is not worth the effort... BUT then overall I have lost almost 15kgs in 2.5 months and if I didn't have the band I would probably be 5-10kgs heavier. Hang in there, it will come. Our bodies are stubborn and with you doing exercise you will be increasing your muscle weight and decreasing fat weight. I wish I could be disciplined/inclined to exercise.. Go April bandits!!
  13. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Bandejules dont you hate it when you hit a good loss but cant sustain it for weigh in day? LOL Between 89.7 and 90.5 the whole time and its driving me nuts
  14. Sav.02

    Green zone?

    Jenjen when I went for my first appointment post op my surgeon didn't want to give me a fill and said he prefers to do it 6 - 8 weeks post op and I also told him that my will power to stop eating could not be trusted otherwise I wouldn't be in this situation lol I got 1.2ml fill after that comment lol
  15. Sav.02

    lap band tube snapped

    Good luck for today sweetaz, hope they get your port & tube sorted.
  16. Sav.02

    June 2014

    All the best Jesse, chat to you when you are able.
  17. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Michael Hatzifotis is an awesome doctor. 2nd fill done and he is happy with my weight loss for the month. Again no problem locating the port and I didnt feel a thing. I now have 4mls. Hope I will not get hungry, didnt eat tonight just had a cup of coffee. My nxt appointment is only 16/07 as he is going away...
  18. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    90.5 😩 100g up for the week and also the first time in 10 weeks the scale has gone up instead of down... Bring on the fill today!
  19. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Hey how are all the April bandits doing? I have had a day straight out of hell.... But thats just work related (month end) crap.. I am really looking forward to my second dr appointment (hopefully fill) tomorrow after work. Anyhoooo hope you all had a better day
  20. Sav.02


    Enjoy your day!
  21. Sav.02

    Mental battles harder than weight battles?

    SecretYoungMiss what an awesome achievement, 56.3kgs!!! But I do understand what you are saying, our thoughts are our own worst enemy... Are you considering surgery to remove the excess skin? If not, what about perhaps seeing a psychologist to help you work through your feelings? Never forget what an amazing battle you have overcome to be able to lose all that weight, nobody can ever take that away from you. Just like drug addicts and alcoholics battle their vices, so too do we battle the food/weight war. I think it was Missy who mentioned in one of her posts how its even harder for us because where alcoholics and drug addicts simply abstain from their drug of choice, we have to eat to live and its the battle of eating healthy, eating the right amounts vs pigging out or making the wrong choices that is always happening in our heads. Stand proud on your achievement and I hope you see how amazing you are.
  22. Sav.02

    Choosing your weight loss goal

    I took 70 which is the top of the healthy BMI for me. I do not want to be too skinny and I feel that 70 is reachable and maintainable
  23. Sav.02


    I just started taking a daily vitamin, quite a big pill but I have had no issues swallowing it.
  24. Sav.02

    Ticker Factory

    www.tickerfactory.com just register and put in your details. Then you copy and paste the link into your signature. Hope this helps.
  25. Sav.02

    Wow what an experience

    Nisey some doctors do put fill in at surgery, I think its never too soon to learn to take small bites and chew really well.