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  1. Sav.02

    May Challenge (2014)

    Weighed in at 89.9! So made the May challenge - total loss of 3.8kg down for May. Bring on the June challenge
  2. Sav.02


    Thanks everyone... I just feel weird because I have never had to deal with bad skin before...
  3. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Damn, talk about adding insult to injury - diarrhea smell
  4. Sav.02

    I'll give you the tip - Benefiber it up!!

    I have had no issues with the Senna tablets, they are small enough I think
  5. Sav.02

    June 2014

    Lissey steak is one small part of protein, there is mince, chicken, beef stews, beans... And if you really like steak, try it, not all of us experience the same level of restriction. Golden rule is chew chew chew chew and small bites
  6. Sav.02

    I'll give you the tip - Benefiber it up!!

    Kazawaki I was also told to use Coloxyl but it didnt work so I use the Senna one, was there a reason why the Senna should not be used? I just chose Senna as its natural...
  7. Sav.02

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    10cm's down on my stomach! Woohoooo
  8. Amani I have only been banded 7 weeks and never had anything get stuck but from what I have read if the band is tightened or if you dont chew properly food gets stuck and then you have a PB (productive burp - vomit) moment when your stomach clears the blockage. I have read it can be painful and unpleasant. Moral of the story chew chew chew and when you think you have chewed enough, chew some more lol
  9. Sav.02

    I'll give you the tip - Benefiber it up!!

    I know all dietician are different but mine told me that benefibre was best post op
  10. Sav.02

    Best Investment = Slow Cookers!

    No idea Rlar, I bought my slow cooker while living in Thailand, at $5 what a bargain...
  11. Sav.02

    May 2014

    Changeforgood rest up this weekend and if you go back Monday just take it easy.
  12. Sav.02

    March 2014

    Where in Qld are you Bella and congrats on the weight loss
  13. Sav.02

    Any bandits from melbournes west?

    Brisvegas 😉
  14. Sav.02

    March 2014

    Well why mess around, my dietician said my dr was being ver conservative and he would expect me to end up with 4-5.5mls in my band to be in the zone...
  15. Sav.02

    May 2014

    Jayali the scale is scary for the first few days while your body adjusts, dont stress, you will see a change in 2 or 3 days I love potato in any form except potato salad... Give me chips, mash or a nice big spud with butter and sour cream and I am in heaven lol
  16. Sav.02

    April 2014

    I will keep that in mind, I need 1.5ml to take me to 4mls I have 4/5 cups of coffee a day... *eek* I hear you - too much right? But considering it use to be more like 10 cups a day, I would say I am doing well(ish) Some of the 4/5 cups will only be 2/3 as it gets cold before I can finish it...
  17. Sav.02

    Any bandits from melbournes west?

    Jayali my cousin lives in Caroline Springs, I was there last November for a wedding but it was terribly cold
  18. Sav.02

    March 2014

    Geez thats a big fill. I think thats what I need, 2.5ml in a 10ml band is not enough...
  19. Sav.02

    June Challenge 2014

    Righteo, managed 3.something for May so I'm in with a modest 4kg loss for June... And perhaps try to get on the bike more than once for the month....ðŸ˜
  20. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Angel I go on Wednesday and I cant wait! I am a bit over the 89/90 war going on and need to get some sort of restriction to force me to kick it up a bit.... I know its not fat weight but its deflating going up and down between 89.7 and 90.4 - seriously... Am I drinking too much water, not enough water, too much coffee... Not the right combination of foods... I just want to crack on. I know I should avoid getting on the scale every morning but I just cant help myself lol
  21. Sav.02

    March 2014

    I agree Angel, I sabotage myself by buying the wrong stuff so now I am very careful with what I put in the trolley.
  22. Sav.02

    May 2014

    Congrats Jayali, in a weeks time you will be good as new. Dont be shy to ask for pain meds and the best thing for the shoulder (gas) pain is to walk.
  23. Sav.02

    Doey pip

    Click on your name in the top right corner, the drop down menu has My Profile then click on edit profile and you will see there is a space to upload your pic. Hope that helps
  24. Sav.02

    March 2014

    Jellybelly how did you appointment go? Hope you got the fill and have a bit more restriction to curb the hunger/cravings
  25. Sav.02

    May 2014

    Congrats on becoming a bandit Jayali, hope you are not in too much pain