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  1. Sav.02

    Things that overweight people dread

    Never being in the photos... I have tons of pics of my hubby and daughter but not so many of me or us together as a family
  2. Sav.02

    Best Investment = Slow Cookers!

    Yeah I cant leave home with it on either... Thats why I do it on a Sunday lol
  3. Sav.02

    How soon to exercise

    I also find it hard not to have a drink while I am eating....
  4. Sav.02

    Best Investment = Slow Cookers!

    Missy I love my slow cooker. Sundays I make soups or stews and just freeze it in small portions. Tastes great and minimal effort.
  5. Sav.02

    anyone else cold?

    Thats awesome Missy! I can wait to fit into 14/16 ... Hopefully soon.
  6. Sav.02

    April 2014

    I finally did it.... 89.7 today 😀😀ðŸ‘👠Best part of all, this is where I usually celebrate and fall off the wagon but thanks to my new BBF (best band forever) this wont happen.
  7. Sav.02

    April 2014

    16 days post op you should beok with a pasta or other soft food dish, chew well. You could say you are on antibiotics so cant drink alcohol....
  8. Sav.02

    Things that overweight people dread

    Or the double/triple chin....😩
  9. Sav.02


    Thanks everyone
  10. Sav.02


    I was just wondering, what causes a pouch and how would you know if you had one? Thanks
  11. Sav.02

    Happy birthday Katjack

    Hope you have an awesome day!
  12. Sav.02

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Thinking of you today Chunky! Dont stress and go rock your band
  13. Well I have completed all the forms but had a query on one of the questions so I called them up only to find out that because I have paid for it (even though I took a personal loan so technically I am paying it off) that its not an outstanding debt so I wont be able to claim!!! This change came about on 1 April.... When I called in March I was told I would be able to claim after the surgery.... I am still putting my claim in though *fingers crossed* 😒
  14. Has anyone here tried to claim the super back after they had the surgery done??
  15. Sav.02

    April 2014

    From the list of symptoms I think I have PMDD too! I just always put the joint pain down to my RA and my anger issues down to the pain from the RA....
  16. Sav.02

    Gym & Exercise: Gym, Personal Training or Classes

    I have been on my exercise bike once (for 15 mins) post op.... I just dont like exercise ðŸ˜
  17. Last night I think I came very close to vomiting.... I registered my daughter and myself in a girl power seminar at one of the local schools, the seminar started at 6pm, I usually get off the train at 4:50 so I figured I would have enough time to get my daughter, pop home for her to change, get a bite to eat and head out... Well, I decided to park at a different station, when going home I forget that part and get off at the wrong station... Then I had to wait 15mins for the nxt train. So to make a long story short, after a lot of rushing we decide to do kfc drive through and I just got myself one of those $3.95 mini wraps... I clearly ate it too fast and by the time I got to the seminar I could feel I had not only eaten too fast but also too much. I had terrible cramps on my stomach for about 20mins but fortunately it settled and there was no vomiting.... Note to self NEVER RUSH THROUGH A MEAL...
  18. Sav.02

    Feeling weak - Optifast phase

    I dont think diet coke is allowed but the low cal cordial might be ok? I only drank water and coffee. I have never managed to like the taste of diet drinks so I stick with water and coffee. You are fine, dont stress about adding a bit of tuna. Think about how you use to eat.... The optifast diet pre-op (as explained by my surgeon) is about getting your liver to shrink so that its not in the way during surgery...
  19. Sav.02

    Psych evaluation

    I was fortunate/unfortunate (not sure which one) but managed to skip the psych app. The doctor gave me a surgery date 2 weeks after my consult and the psych was fully booked, he told me I should make an appointment post op but I never did....
  20. Sav.02

    Time on liquids/mushies?

    I had 10 days liquid, 1 week mushies and was then able to slowly introduce other foods- starting with softer options, but by week 4 I was eating everything - just smaller quantities.... From what I have read this will change as I get more fills, there might be less tolerance for certain foods (bread, rice, pasta etc)
  21. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Still not there..... Do any of you ladies find that your monthly's affect your weight?
  22. Sav.02

    Recovery from Band surgery

    Hi Nisey Are you drinking lots of fluids? Keep water handy and just keep sipping it. What types of food are you eating! I found home made soup with lots of veggies and either beef or chicken kept me fuller longer. Also, if you are eating slowly you should be feeling full. My struggle is head hunger vs real hunger. I also had coffee to keep me full - could only manage 1/2 cup in the first two weeks 😀
  23. Sav.02

    May Challenge (2014)

    Started May at 93.7 - currently on 90.8 so 2.9kgs down for May.... While any loss is good. I was mentally hoping to do 4-5kgs a month. But there are still 9 days left in May so possibly could end with 3.5kgs for the month
  24. Sav.02

    June 2014

    Bridgey there are a few members who enjoy wine. Once your surgeon gives you the all clear you should be ok to have some - in moderation of course as alcohol does have quite a few calories... Lucky for me, I dont drink and prefer eating my calories lol
  25. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    90.8kg this morning. 2.3kg down since last Wednesday but only 200g down from my actual weigh in on a Friday so will have to buckle down...